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  1. Yay! omg im so delayed I havent been on here since we came back from the wedding ! How long did you stay ? We were there for two weeks how did you handle so many guests (you had about 70 ish right)?? We had 41 guests and spent the first two-three days greeting people and getting last minute plans together. What option did you guys use for after the reception? We had our guests change and meet us at 11 at the disco and took over the whole place so fun! It was our first time with the family there in jamaica but our second time at that hotel, everyones still obsessing with the whole trip and I totally miss it !! Can our weddings happen again LOL and this damn commercial about jamaica keeps appearing haahha HAPPY 4 Months of MARRiage !!
  2. Congrats!! I was there that same week, my wedding was june 10 th ,not sure if your husband was the one with the game over tee shirt? lol chandalyn also mentioned to us the size of your party.
  3. Thank you so much ! We weren't able to do a first dance at the restaurant because it's still open to the hotel guests you are not allowed to play music only speeches are possible, We knew we weren't getting the restaurant we wanted like 3-4 days before the wedding and thats because I emailed her about it. The week before call her for an final questions ! We used micheal Saab as our photographer he works alongside his wife, great people to collaborate with
  4. Thank you!! Yes it's micheal Saab they are absolutely amazing to work with, they truly work well with the lighting and know what look they wish to portray of course with what photos you wish you have as well
  5. Hello Ladies !!! I just had my wedding Friday june 10th and I am now back from vacation. Everything was absolutely amazing and stress free. I had a guest list of 40 people. We met with Chandlyn the very first day in the afternoon and planned the whole wedding in 10 minutes. We informed her of all our outside vendors which was fine, no fee. However it does not get discounted off the package if you decide to use your own photographer and florist. Even though we had our own photographer, the resort photographer was also there because it was included in our package. We gave her our things (chair sashes, fans, petals, table runners) for the weddings the day before to be set up in the morning. When she finds out your outside vendors, she contacts them for the rest of your stay, we only called them one time to settle a balance. THE WEDDING DAY- husband hung out at the pool, I, at the beach until two hours before the wedding lol so crazy. When I got to my room, Chandlyn delivered flowers to decorate my room which i later found out was planned for me by my husband. Love him . When I was ready, i met with her in the lobby at the set time with my girls,( actually we were late but shes so relaxed about everything. everythings "no problem") then we rode off to the beach in a golf cart type of car, very spacious. We had our reception at the Garden Grill, not our first choice. But the Dolce Vita was closed on that day :/ Everything still turned out great because at 630 no one is really at the restaurant that early. However, be aware it is a lil hot in there, it has AC but its so big that the air does not circulate well. To add very few people complained though, that I know of. Also, no music is allowed to be played there, but the option to do speeches (with no mic) is doable. The time between the ceremony and the reception worked out well as most of the guests went to their room to shower and change because the beach ceremony became a little hot with the sun. The reception was followed by a later after party, we advised our guests to meet with us at 11pm at the disco. We had a blast ! took over that place, the music they played was kind of old reggae and hip hop which was kool but we tipped the DJ for song requests helped. Anyway when you're with family and friends you always have the best time. After much thought we decided renting the gazebo for two hours was not worth it for us. (Don't know if this helps but we are in our twentys but we had a mix of young and old at the disco) The next day, we all went on the catamaran excursion, Where we went snorkeling, Climbed Dunn Rivers Falls and partied on the boat with drinks on the way back, the boat speeds up so that you get wet on the way back. What an amazing adventure!! Strongly advise everyone to do it. For the rest of the stay, we met with different groups of our guests spending quality time here and there. We spent the last 4 days of our 2 wk vacation relaxing alone (everyone left on sunday after the wedding.) We didnt expect spending so much time greeting our guests (because we chose to receive them upon arrival with Welcome Bags) , the first two days we were so busy that we only spent 5 min at the pool before we have to do something else. Here is a photo from our special day enjoy ! Any questions plz feel free.
  6. Hi ladies ! I haven't been on here in a while, congrats to all the new brides on here ! 43 days to my wedding, around 32 officially booked I get more and more anxiety everyday just praying it all goes well
  7. grr i tried calling three times today and after they transferred me it would ring for a really long time and then make a weird noise then busy tone....called back for beverly to see what they say and they acted as if she were there and transferred me again. BAh i emailed her right now to see whats going on
  8. I have to reply to this as well That is not true I visited before and it was beautiful, no seaweed. Yes by the gazebo there is rocks but it wasnt bad at all because the real beach is all the way on the other end of the resort. It is a beautiful resort no worries !
  9. Hello, thank you for this post! I was wondering what package did you go with? I ask because i thought minister fees were included, At least thats what Bev told me when I chose the Blissful package.. I am so freaking out about this whole thing about Bev now, not so much about the wedding details but because i was in the middle of asking her when is my deposit going to go through? We sent her our credit card information a month-two months ago and although she confirmed she received this information, she never processed it for the 25% down... My last two emails I have CC'd the assistant and nothing yet :/ What if because of this our wedding date isnt truly on hold .... Did you ever leave your deposit?
  10. Is anyone on here getting married June 10th like I am ? Have we decided that yes they two weddings on one day ? lol
  11. Thats strange I've been back and forth with them for two weeks now they are very attentive via email, and they quoted two of my requests already.
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