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  1. lesa860- yes my flowers were from the resort florist. I sent Ana a picture of what i wanted and they did a great job recreating it!
  2. also, we had 51 people and utilized the buffet. It is the same price as a seated dinner
  3. Hey ladies! I was married on July 3rd. Ana did an awesome job on everything. We didn't bring any decorations and Ana turned it into something beautiful! I hope to write a full review as soon as I have some free time! But here is a link to my pro pics (we hired an outside photographer - Lincoln from Moments that Matter- and he was really great!) http://www.pictage.com/1077677
  4. I leave on Wednesday AM for our wedding which is on July 3rd!! I can't believe its almost here!
  5. yes i requested Doremixx when another bride at NOW Jade bride that used him and gave a good review
  6. Thanks for the info Erin- Glad to hear DJ Doremixx was good as we are using him too!
  7. sorry i have so many questions! Who was the DJ, did you send him a rundown of events? Or meet with him before the wedding?
  8. Erin- thanks for sharing pics! It looks like you guys had a blast! Couple questions: how many guests did you have? what buffet did you choose? Any feedback on the food? Did you have the DJ MC the wedding?
  9. how much did you recent brides tip your resort wedding coordinator?
  10. also, lisa, did you extend the video that came with the package?
  11. Congrats Lisa! Did you guys have a private bar at the reception- do you think its necessary? Also, did you give the DJ a list of events to follow throughout the night?
  12. does anyone have suggestions for where to get men's linen pants in a natural/khaki color? That aren't too pricey- thanks!
  13. Hey ladies that have just gotten married. Did you find it necessary to book a private bar for the wedding reception? I"ve heard the service was slow from some and that people suggested doing that
  14. Yes Lindzee- I am getting married on July 3rd! What time did you book for your appointments and what time is your wedding? Also, do you know how much a trial run costs for hair/makeup?
  15. does anyone have hair and makeup recommendations @ the resort (i want to utilize this since its part of the wedding package)
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