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  1. Hey Gals..my date is 11/11/11 and I can answer some questions. As for tipping it's up to you, we have been to this resort 4 times and going back Dec 15th..I always tip, for our wedding day I'm going to tip the day before so I don't have to worry about anything..that includes makeup etc..I will have it all pre-arranged. Food..honestly they will do anything you want..and especially for your day! With our wedding date the judge isn't avail but will come the day before, so we will on paperwork be married, that's fine with me. Shoes..we are having our wedding in the gazebo because I am a shoe fanatic no sand in those puppies..lol..I will be wearing super heels..I want to feel glamorous, hell I even wear wedges on the beach lol...but comfort will be key because I want to dance the night away too. The ceremony..pastor vs. judge vs. WC...the ceremony is the fastest thing that happens 15 mins.....I would rather spend the money on extra photography or music..it's important but the moments captured during to me are worth more.. Rooms..excellence rooms are a bit nicer but far away from everything..I love the rooms by the cascade pool..stay away from the lobster house and swim up bar...I wouldn't pay extra for the excellence club.. The place is amazing, don't sweat the small stuff...it's all good. Just remember things are a bit slower there..so go with the flow...and enjoy.
  2. how's everyone doing ----I ordered my amino acids and fat burners today. I am going on major burn for the trip to dominican in december. That's 8 weeks away and my goal is to drop 5-6 pounds, it may not sound alot but I have a small frame so it really looks like a lot on me which totally sucks. Still 112 in weight this week, need to adjust my diet to more low carbs, increase green tea consumption. I'm finding it really hard to eat dinner before 8...I am moving in 2 weeks so alot evening to - do's --although my workouts have been consistant - 5/6 days a week. This week I am going to increase cardio to 1 hour and stay away from the breads. Have a great week everyone.
  3. Hey gals great job. OKAY I am seeing a familair thing here..great expectations..and little time or a lot of time. Let's do it week by week..for those of you getting married 6 months more more from now...Do not try on a dress...first of all it will make you more depressed. It's simple you want a fab dress, if you want to lose more than 10 pounds..then you have to realize what you THINK you will look good in now might be completely different 10 pounds plus later. Best bet..try on the dress 3 months before..your not going to change much.. in actuallity for a body to lose weight to stay off takes 10 weeks..and to gain the same. I get it you want to see your dream dress..it's really easy to plan the entire event and the only thing you want to be perfect is you..you can't do this until you know what you will be. Remember the saying save the best for last. Train, eat clean..changes make all the difference. Now for those who need motivation...if I seem harsh..well you asked... Exercise can be a routine, like brushing your teeth, it only makes you look and feel better..now do you know why they have drive-thrus..so you don't have to walk. so that the fat can just pop right in the car seat beside you and as you get older well it just keeps hanging around..it doesn't make you better, it makes you feel worse. Don't judge that skinny chick when you eat a cheeseburger, you are the same as her, she walked you drove.
  4. I always book a private cab through a company called IBK, they are amazing (Bronyl), mini van pick up and cold drinks for your arrival Best service ever, they will stop in town if you want to stop at a local store, nice and private, they know the smooth roads routes, play music etc. It's about 50 mins and the time flies as your taking in the scenary. As for the food you really can't go wrong, the food is awesome there! If it's something special that you want, just ask for it. They will accomodate you.
  5. Ok gals..tell me what happens on the weekend..seriously I want you to confess..what makes you eat different, or who, or where ? Tell me why you start to eat and what you eat..!! Here's a suggestion - for the chocolate lovers..drink a chocolate protein drink...fills you up and gets rid of the sweet craving..the only reason your craving at 3 o clock is because you didn't eat enough protein during the day..it's all mental. Proteins fill you up. Weekends should be stress free, when your body can accept a workout, when you can show the most control. With me during the week is tougher because I skip meals. Eat for the day, not the week. If you mess up, do more cardio. Let's start from the beginning... Weight Now Target Weight Wedding Date Evil Foods / Problems What I am doing now What I am going to do this week I will start: 112 107 Nov 11/11 Bread bad, skip meals, age 39, stressful job Isolate body parts, eliminate white breads, not weigh myself everyday
  6. I can see why your stressing 40 is alot ! I haven't sent invites, mine is going to be really small maybe 10. I think making a formal invite with a date is a great idea, maybe make it an e-vite ? Put a deadline and then send a reminder email, that may firm things up for you. But cut it off on a certain date and committ to your planning, if you have "last minutes" the WC's will help out, better paying less now and have shows then paying more with no shows
  7. Hey fruit is fine of course. I'm not saying never eat "sweets" again but this forum is about changing your body and hopfully keeping that body forever, everyone knows their evil..mine is bread..I love bread but it sticks to me...get to where you want to be..exercise really helps maintain that for you. Plus helps the stress factor overall. Find your evil, make friends, visit it once in awhile when it needs you, not when you need it
  8. Hey gals..I thought I would pipe in as a support to you all. Wedding stress is massive enough and now we need to fit in that dress...ha..the dress can hide but the bikini doesn't.. I myself train 5-6 days a week, it's a stress reliever for me. I train with weights and my dessert is cardio, for several years and have some great tips. Â I'm 39 years old, 5 foot 3 and 112 pounds, normally 108. I drink alot of red wine. I have learned that you just can't quick fix that spot..I can help with questions but I want to say, please don't look at your wedding day as a goal but a lifestyle change, whatever your doing now should be a permanent part of your new life. Hey who wants to look back and say gawd I looked so good...eekk... Do this for you..and only you...don't weigh yourself...see how close fits...and follow these tips.. Â --cardio in the morning at least 25 plus minutes - low intensity - bike or elliptical - 2 days a week , the rest circut with weights - green tea, fat free yogurt - no fruit, no pop, no sugar - chicken, browns and don't eat after 8 pm - have a cheat day per week - if you screw up, it's ok, have sex LOL.. - tons of water, if you drink....vodka, soda...red wine - massage - gets toxins out - tan - brown skin makes you look leaner - CRUNCHES EVERY DAY!!! 3 sets of 30..you can do it... Â 1 week before the wedding...no carbs...lots of protein, water and cardio only - BELIEVE IN YOU!!
  9. Hey fmichelle How many have you invited ? Seriously this is about you, people who want to come will be there. I have the same concern. When did you send the invites ? Don't stress who doesn't commit..committ who does..
  10. I just saw your pics...wow you look so damm hot..well done...I have to say, you don't even look a lick drunk lol..I could just imagine me with red wine...stained teeth OMG..no red for me..LOL.. I saw you got ready at the spa, was it boiling like everyone says..my wedding is at 3:30 and I'm not good in the heat...I need a breeze or fan sort of thing...or booze..lol..did you do your own makeup ? Â What time was your wedding..how did your schedule go..it looked so organized...how many people ? Â I'm likely having 8 at the most so 10 of us..I want at the gazebo something unique and different than the beach. Â Apparently they have a digital package...but I think I will get the Elite 3 hours with the upgrade to digital book. How much was the boudoir session, I might want to do that when I am there this decemeber...
  11. I couldn't of said it better Dolcenotte12 ! Question for you..what photo package did you choose ? I really want a lot of pics..what's the best package from Photo Souvenir..did you do the digital one ? What's the difference ? Â Â Â
  12. The excellence club, really that's what you get..a club room comes with free internet and top shelf booze, there's no shortage of top shelf booze at this place anywhere, the rooms are the same..the location is a bit secluded on the other side of the property futher walk from the front desk but not too far, I would ask for the top floor as it has a peaked ceiling and lofty very cool. You will love Juan Carlos he is your man, towels, chairs anything you want, need he hangs in that area..the only extra is this club room where they have snacks, more booze like Grey Goose and internet..otherwise it's the same inside the room. Â The only place I don't like is by the swim up bar, I call it the pee up bar, I see people go in and not come out..yuk..there's rooms right by there and it's nosy and loud, I love building 10, 14 and 2, 3, and 4...can't go wrong..You really won't spend alot of time in your room, but for privacy Excellence area and Cascade is the best..
  13. Hi meredithota : Â No I haven't booked it yet, I actually want the outside courtyard by the water fountain if the weather works. Â Rooms ..I have been by the Cascade Pool swim up room first floor, not musty at all, keep the A/C on and the doors closed, it's very humid there so there will be a hint of must but you really don't notice it, bring some bounce sheets to put in the dressers. Hang your dressed and pants.. Sometimes the clothes get damp from the humid weather, they do have a drycleaning service to use if you want too, I only noticed dampness during the last time when it rained alot. Depends on weather not the rooms, first floor is a bit noisy with people and maids going through you can hear them. Â The top floors are great, quiet but still have the small damp smell, not unbearable at all.
  14. fmichelle - Hi! I have been to Excellence 4 times and last time we had a room right beside the cascade pool, swim up room, the moskies are bad as soon as dusk sets in, it's lush. There's hardly any breeze around there, so your best bet would be indoors or on the beach, where at least there is breeze and tiki torches. Just make sure all your guests keep their shoes on in the sand, there's chiggers that lurk in the sand that bite, I have seen a lot of people get bitten at night on their ankles. Â I love the look of the Agave/Chez Isabelle by the fountain at night, that's where I am going to have my reception and have the carribean trio play, my wedding is going to be super small less than 10 so that's perfect for me. Â Any questions about the resort. Just ask.....
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