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  1. I would love to see your pics as I too am getting married at the Melia Cayo Guillermo this year in June. You can e-mail me at hferreira73@gmail.com. Any information that you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Helen
  2. Hi there, Helen and Anthony getting married on June 8th, 2011 at Iberostar laguna Azul. We'll be there from June 4th-11th.
  3. Hello Ladies, I'm just confirmed my date with Yahimara and I will be getting married on June 8th, 2011 at 4:00. After doing A LOT of research I finally decided that ILA was the right choice. Here's my dillema. I'm on a really tight budget and I'm not sure how good the hotel photographer is. I'm wondering if there will be any other brides there that week that may want to share a photographer. I will be there from June 4th - 11th. Â Thanks, Helen
  4. Hi Chela, can I get the name or e-mail address for the photographer that you mentioned goes to cuba frequently to shoot weddings. My e-mail address is: hferreira73@gmail.com  Thanks
  5. Hi Chela, I would be very interested in knowing how I can contact the photographer that you booked from Calgary who travels to Cuba. Curious to know how much their fees are. Â Thanks, Helen
  6. RonNMel, thank yo so much for your repsonse. Yes, that information is very helpful! I will e-mail Yahimara and see what information she can send me. I'm having a diffcult time locating an e-mail address for her. Do you by any chance have it? Again, thank you. This forum is fantastic! I'm so nervous about this hotel because there are a few reviews on trip advisor that are negative. I'm hoping that this forum with ease my nerves about it. It would be great to see some pics of people who've already gotten married there. Anyone have any suggestions on where I can see some? Thanks!
  7. Helen73


    Hello eveyone, I am new to this site also. What a great forum to share information. I am planning on doing a symbolic ceremony next year (May 2011) and want to make it look as authentic as possible. Does anyone have any information on symbolic ceremonies at ILA? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what the wedding co-ordinators name is or her e-mail address. If someone can share that info also that would be great! Helen
  8. Hi RonNMel, I think I read that you were going to have a symbolic ceremony? Any information on that would be really appreciated. I want the symbolic ceremony to look as authentic as poosible.
  9. Hi, loved your review. Very informative. How can I see your pics? I m really new at this and I'm not sure where to start? I'am thinking of doing a symbolic ceremony next year in June and will be e-mailing the wedding co-ordinator soon.
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