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  1. Good luck, Nina! Answers to your questions... Just a few questions for you if you don't mind -- could you do a cake testing? You can't do cake tasting, but I assume you it was great!!! We got vanilla cake with vanilla filling, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. It tasted really great! Did you like the flowers and everything you had selected when you saw it? Any disappointments? I am very nervous about basing everything off of a photo... Flowers were great, exactly what I chose. Based on what I saw and other brides' feedback, you have no worries here. So glad to hear your review of the hair/makeup people - I am really nervous about that! Did you bring your own makeup, or did they use yours? Did you bring a photo or anything for them to copy? I had a picture of the hair and make-up I wanted. I brought my own make up (because I like it), but they also have some as well. I would recommend bringing yours just in case, but they have everything there too. They did a really great job, REALLY! I was stressing out at first, but by the time she was done it looked perfect. Did you use the microphone for the wedding? Do you think that will be necessary? I'd rather not have to hold something if I don't have to... I imagine I'll be clutching plenty of tissues! Yes, we used a microphone. Actually, when we were saying vows, our friend (who married us) held it for us. You will NEED a mic, bc of the sea and/or fountain sounds all around you. I was also planning the beach location for the ceremony - I'll chat with Yamina about maybe making a switch... Make the switch, Yamina can do all this for you GOOD LUCK!
  2. Ok ladies... back to reality The wedding was AMAZING!!!! We made a lot of decisions once we got there, so be flexible! Originally, we wanted to have the wedding on the beach and the dinner at the Lobster House, but then ended up having the wedding ceremony in the gazebo and the dinner at the event terrace. Reasons to choose gazebo over beach: Protection from wind, sun, sand. The acoustics were MUCH better than on the beach, people's hair stayed in place, no one was affected by the heat of the sun, sand did not get stuck in everywhere. You can take pictures at the beach immediately after the ceremony if you really want the pictures, that is what we did. Better photo ops! The sun sets directly behind the gazebo giving the entire ceremony a warm, romantic glow. Very private and romantic- it's just you and your wedding group, very intimate! Probably the cheaper version, because the gazebo needs minimal decoration. They put up sheer curtains that look beautiful, and Yamina was able to decorate the pedestal with our dinner centerpieces that we reused. We ended up going with the dinner at the event terrace, because it is A LOT more private!!! MUCH better for a large wedding. We were able to make as much noise as we wanted without any complaints from other guests. Plus, it was a very intimate setting as well: fountains all around, and we had tea lights around the entire wedding area. We also had cocktail tables and a bar set up that people could hang out around as they were breaking from all the dancing! Some pointers: I would recommend doing the tasting menu of your wedding dinner (I believe this is $20/pp.) While most people are very happy with their selections, I would have changed some of mine up had I tasted them ahead of time. By no means was anything bad, it's just that a couple of the courses were just ok. I am picky, so I should have just known better. Per the comment above, about me being SUPER picky.... I think I (along with the 3 friends, sister and mother) drove the hair and make-up artist CRAZY. We were very specific. Having said that, she did an absolutely AMAZING job! I don't know how she put up with us, but my face and hair looked great. Another hair stylist did my friend's hair which looked really nice. I think people can by-pass the trial hair and make-up, because they are really great at what they do. Overall, the spa is really amazing. Take your last day there so you can be relaxed going home, this is what we did and it was perfect. Yamina is AMAZING! She will do everything in her power to make your day perfect. Be patient with her- it will take her 1-3 days to respond to your e-mails. She has tons of weddings going on and is currently the only one doing this. Just as an example, she had 8 weddings last week! The videographer that came with the gold package was a real professional, he was great. The photographers were just OK. This is another thing that I am picky about, and it was honestly not up to my standards. Luckily, we had our own photographer that we brought with us from the states. We will be posting our pictures by next week, hopefully. I can give you guys the link then. Meanwhile, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Don't worry!!! The weather is BEAUTIFUL here My wedding is tonight, and luckily the forecast doesn't show any rain on the horizon (just 20-30% through the entire weekend!) And even if it does rain, it will be just a quick shower which is good luck. I met Yamina yesterday, and she is awesome. SUPER accomodating. We also changed quite a bit around... originally I wanted to do the ceremony on the beach and the dinner at the Lobster House but not we are doing the wedding in the gazebo and at the event terrace. Why? The Gazebo has better acoustics, beautiful views of the ocean, shield from sun and wind, great photo ops. You can always go straight to the beach (just 10 steps away) after the ceremony and take pics there as well. Oh! And guests don't have to change their shoes at all. We are then having cocktail hour at X-Lounge and dinner at the event terrace. The event terrace is completely secluded and your wedding dinner will be private. Honestly, the other thing that really made us choose it over the Lobster House is, because it would be a lot more intimate and WE CAN BE LOUD!!! At the Lobster House, they ask that the party music be turned down at 11 for the comfort of other hotel guests (completely understandable), but for my party, even if the music were to be turned down, the volume of the guests would be very loud, so now we can make as much noise as we want on the event terrace til midnight!!! I definitely went for the extension option and added extra time to the dinner so we can really party it up. More updates to come later after our wedding tonight- yaaaaaayyyy!!
  4. That's really great, congratulations! Â What cake option did you choose and how was it?! Also, what venue did you have your reception at (I am wondering, because I am choosing the restaurant location and decorations now)? Â Thanks! Â If you have any pictures, please send them over to anyakroupnik@gmail.com. For some reason on this site I can view pictures, but I am unable to download any of them!
  5. Ladies- Â I have 1 month and 1 week left until the wedding!!! VERY excited! Â For those who already had their wedding- any feedback on the cake? Since we are not able to taste them ahead of time I am having a hard time choosing. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  6. A question that I haven't seen answered on this entire blog... and I have spent 3 days going through the entire thing! Â Can anyone tell me about this romantic dinner cruise you get with the gold package?
  7. I haven't written on this blog yet too, but my wedding is booked for October 22nd