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  1. Any known wedding planners that do last minute things around teh riviera maya area? thanks and Happy Planning
  2. KevnAnna Quote: Hey Ladies, I added arreciffe on my FB as a like or group, whichever, anyway! point being they posted some photos of a wedding today, and Nestor really did do an AMAZING job... I'm STILL no impressed with the pricing, I found a PHENOMENAL videographer/photographer team, and for under 5000+ travel expenses, what you get is BREATHTAKING! SO I may very well try and see if it's budgetable!  for now here's a link to Studio67, breathtaking! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, did I mention that I love it! lol    So what did you find out about the prices for Arrecife?
  3. Thank you Swankster!! Yay!! I feel much better about that =) I just hope everything else goes ok....like my fiancee not boiling in his suit or my other guests....I've been looking at some Haciendas in Merida, wish i had chosen that!!
  4. Does anyone have a preference of location? I'm leaning towards the beach in Akumal, but like the look of the Gazebo. Don't really want to get my dress adn shoes all sandy!! :S
  5. Well, yeah I guess that is true!! hahah sorry Anywhoo i was sent several things by email, the wedding coordinator Karla sent me information about wedding details and such, then cc'd me to the wedding photography department where they sent me pricing, welcome/intro. Hmm can I send it to your e-mail? Or is there a message thing on this site?
  6. None taken, but for me to be accused of being a vendor because I'm well informed is bogus. I just feel like I can help because I have talked to them on the phone & by e-mail, my parents went and talked to them for me as well. Do any of you know what photographers are available? Prices? Equipment, anything? No. You have only "read" hearsay and rumors in this forum. I know if I do decide on that venue, I will have at least made an informed decision. The reviews from brides recently wed at GBP confirm the information I've gotten, they have said nothing but very good things...
  7. I've been trying to find SLB stuff online, but nothing is in stock either i'm bummed!!!! I missed the sales, so I thought they would have most things restocked by now. I want the hoodie, sweatpants, undies. Bachelorette shirts and short shorts. Maybe I'm looking at last season or something because nothing is in stock. Anyone have any ideas??
  8. Hi,  I'm getting married in December, I have been looking into Bahía Príncipe. However, I would really like some other opinions about different locations on the beach. There is a hotel called pakal, has anyone been married there? I hear its beautiful, with an awesome spa. Thanks
  9. ARRECIFE STUDIO MEXICO Â It has their e-mail and some of the brides as well. Â I'm getting married at GBP in December. I hope everything with your planning goes well. Good luck!
  10. Hi fellow brides!! I'm getting married at GBP in December. I was skeptical about using the photographers at the onsite photo company Arrecife Studio, but I am lucky enough to have family that live in Playa del Carmen. My family members have been beyond nice by going down to their offices and discussing the terms of photography they have WITH them. As far as I have been told and written down (so I don't forget any of the details, its getting a little hectic!!!), at the beginning of the year they fired their old photographers and hired two new ones Juan José and Nestor Meneses. Both photographers are professional with photojournalistic styles. Yes they do some cheesy photos, but more so of the classy and beautiful ones , you can choose the ones you want according to the photography package you decide on. And if you are not happy they will go beyond to try and make your experience really great. They are currently working on their webpage but until then they have a Facebook page: Arrecife Studio Mexico NOT Arrecife Studio. and I have contacted their Wedding Photo&Video Coordinator and manager at the e-mail they have on the facebook page photomexico@arrecifestudio.com I was sent the following information: (I'm just copying and pasting, sry if it looks strange)  *Welcome and general information from Arrecife Studio Photo Company *WEG Photo Schedule for your Wedding day *Arrecife WEG Wedding Packages *Some examples of our professional photographers work You download these files and it gives you ALL THE INFO.  (WEG means Weddings Events & Groups) It specifies that Arrecife Studio has the exclusivity at the resort, which is understandable, the rest of my wedding I have to choose from the decorations, music, AND food from the hotel, why not the photography as well. I'm not at odds with the policy, I know for a fact many of the All-Inclusive hotels have the same policy. For example, at Barceló Maya close by they will NOT let outside photographers inside day pass OR fee.  I'm seeing a lot of photographers posting on these GBP forums about their services which I think is unresponsible. They know the policies, why create problems for the brides?? Even more upsetting to me is how the photographers knowing this will go even further to make the Bride pay for the $800 dollar fee and play stupid?? That fee is for the photographer and the PHOTOGRAPHER only to pay. As brides we have enough stress to deal with.... I am very happy with the services they have given me, even being miles away, even though I've had help from my relatives with gathering information, I feel 100% better about how my pictures are going to turn out on my big day, and my wedding in general.  I will let you guys know how my wedding turns out!! It is only a few months away, but I'm already getting extremely nervous and excited!!  Hope this helps and good luck to everyone elses planning! =)
  11. I think for those brides deciding on whether or no going to Gran Bahia Principe Riviera Maya they should. I´m getting married there in December. Very happy with my decision. I didn't need to look any further than the actual hotel for amazing photographers either! They have awesome pictures on their facebook page, ARRECIFE STUDIO MEXICO. I'm waaaaay excited about my wedding and my pictures!!   I emphasize the photo studio there because no one told me before hand that you can't hire outside photographers to cover your wedding. As is other All-Inclusive Hotels policies in the area. The GBP has made an agreement with photographers from the Riviera Maya that they no longer allowed to come into the hotel. However, I'm fine with that. I know Barceló has the same policy.  Hope this helped. Congrats to all the other brides!!!!!
  12. My only advice is don't hire an outside photographer, they won't let you take them. However, you don't need to the onsite photo company and staff are amazing and have all the professional equipment needed, helpful, talented and kind. I'm gettting married in December. I have checked out their facebook page: Arrecife Studio Mexico, beautiful photos!! Â Good luck and congrats
  13. its ARRECIFE STUDIO MEXICO!! the old page(arrecife studio) is from the previous photographers that were not up to par at all!! good luck!
  14. You can't take outside photographers to gran bahia principe. At that there is no need to. Their company is amazing! Check out their pics on facebook Arrecife Studio Mexico. GOod luck and congrats!
  15. Awesome photographers at their onsite phtography company......these are my friends photos who got married there last week.........http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=18116&id=141628232524938&ref=mf
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