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  1. Hi everyone! Ok, so I am getting married at Moon Palace next week already and I want to do the trash the dress session at Cancun Palace since it is a nicer beach. My question is, since the beach is public - can I just have the person that is taking the pictures meet me there (since they will not be staying at Palace Resorts) so I don't have to purchase an additional day pass at $86 a piece? What my plan was - and maybe it might not work - was to get on the shuttle from MP to CP and then quickly change into my wedding dress (which is very simple) and then meet my friend up to do the photography.. Let me know what you think and how you did yours Thanks ladies! I've gotten so much great ideas from this site - I would be soooo lost without it!
  2. Hi Ladies, So I am doing a TTD also - I absolutely love the pictures I have been seeing.. Well, my dress is Elastic Woven Satin - my question is- is my dress going to be see through? I dont know what color under garments I should be wearing so those pics wont be so X rated LOL
  3. Hi Matt! Thank you so much for all the information you provided! I am in love with your photos! Can you please email me (Feb22011@gmail.com) or PM me the pricing details for Del Sol and La Luna? I am new to shopping around for photography and I have heard nothing but the best about your company! Thanks!
  4. Hi Ladies! I need your opinions please I am absolutely in LOVE with the Mantilla Veil! My dress is a plain white strapless mermaid/trumpet made with elastic woven satin. Since it is so plain, I thought that the Mantilla Veil will add some detail to my look. My dress has a very small train too.. but I still gotta get it altered soo i can change that if anything. I am looking at this veil and going for this type of look where my dress is form fitting and my veil is longer than the dress.. Now, is this appropriate for a wedding on a beach? My MOH and her husband are saying that a veil as a train is not appropriate for a beach wedding...I am getting married at MP and I haven't chosen the location yet but I was originally on the beach. Also, how LONG should it be? I found on ebay this veil (image #1) and it is 3 meters= 9.84251969 feet!! I am 5'4" and if i wear heels, i'll be 5'8" the tallest LOL (I dont want to be taller than the groom!) So that means my veil would be 4 ft long from the end of my feet!! I can adjust the length though per the ebay seller..so back to my question - how long? One more question (ahhahah i know, i dont have anymore life lines LOL) - if you had your wedding on the beach, did you and your girls wear heels?? Let me know what you guys are thinking with my dilemma pleaseeee
  5. Hi Everyone! I know there are TONS of threads out there regarding MP but I am interested about their beach grounds. I have read so many mixed reviews on this - many say so much seaweed and the water is brown, while others say the beach is so clean.. So I guess this is more for anyone who has BEEN there before - hows the beach? Is it swimable? hows the waves? Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks so much for the advice! Â [Taylorwd] - I am definitely going to take your advice regarding my passport situation. I want to save myself some money so we will be getting married a month or 2 earlier than the actual ceremony so I can get my new passport under my soon to be last name. Â [TropicalImaging] - Yea, We are going to meet with an immigration lawyer this weekend to get some assistance. I have been researching and found so many different responses.. I dont want to mess this type of thing up LOL Â Â Thanks again for the help! and i just realized I misspelled my thread subject LOL
  7. Hi Everyone! Â I have looked through many threads and I can't seem to find what I am looking for - so I apologize ahead of time if in case this has been brought up before. Â Â So here's the situation - Â Prob #1 My Passport has expired. Of course, for me to get married in Feb 2011 (Cancun), I have to renew it. Well, if I do this, it will be under my maiden name. Since I am changing my last name after marriage, would I need to change my passport again for another fee?? Â Prob #2 My hubby-to-be is Mexican and is a citizen through his parents BUT he hasn't applied for the citizenship paperwork himself. On top of that, he doesn't have a passport. From now (Sept 2010) to end of January (travel date Jan 30 2011), planning to get legally married in US on Jan 27, 28 or 29 2011- will there be enough time to get this legal paperwork done? OR should I just get a Mexican Passport for now?? He falls under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. Â Â Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks! Â Â
  8. beautiful pictures and a great review! thank you very much!!