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  1. Hi Kelsey, The photos should be on the previous page... if you can't find them, pass on your email and I can send them your way. We had 4 songs- wouldn't hurt to have 5 I'm sure.
  2. I used Keltee at Vision 2000 Travel. Great girl. I had been through a travel agent nightmare and lost a couple wedding dates because of a badd agent..... then Keltee was recommended to me and I'm so glad I switched over to her. She did a great job. My Mexico wedding was fabulous, and Keltee, herself, was just married in Vegas, so she knows what she's doing!
  3. And apparently they made it up! Photos courtesy of Slate Photographics. www.slatephoto.ca
  4. Ok, so I uploaded my photos last night.... but a message popped up saying that my post was going to go through monitoring before posting.. so hopefully they will show up!!
  5. Alright, I just tried posting photos with no success..... Let's try again with "Trash the Dress" photos:
  6. MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! Will post pictures soon! Alejandra was the coordinator. She was tough to get ahold of in the months before, but when I titles my emails as URGENT, she responded. Once there, she was very accommodating. I changed my flowers a few days before the wedding and changed the cake the morning of- and although the cake was pushing the limits and we were lucky to get it changed, we were very thankful. I brought my own photographer from Slate Photographics based out of Edmonton www.slatephoto.ca BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!!!! I got my hair done at the resort and it turned out better than what I could have done myself, so I was happy. I did my own makeup- 2 keys to that were a good primer makeup base and then a fix spray to set it for the day- and boy did it last perfectly! We met all of our guests- 27 of us in total and did family, guest pics @ 2, then the guest went down to the beach for 4pm and the ceremony started at 4:30. Awesome! We had the male minister and he spoke very clear and the vows they had prepared for us were perfect!! We had initially wanted to write our own vows, but this was almost as good! The new gazebo area they have set up was perfect! I loved it more than the original gazebo. Our CD for our ceremony music was a CD-RW, and it wouldn't work... so be sure your cd is just a CD-R.... Luckily, that was the biggest problem of the day, but they had back up music which suited our style just great- nobody knew that it wasn't our music until we told them. We hung out at the beach so everyone could get their photos of us, then our guests had an hour or so to go back to their rooms- change into long pants for dinner, etc. We used the time for photos of the 2 of us. I made the mistake of thinking our dinner was at 6:30..... but it was really at 6.. So luckily we got everyone together and the restaurant was really accommodating (they say they will cancel the reservation if you are more than 10 mins late) so luckily we had some guest who showed up early- my mom, to make sure everything was set up as I wanted it! Our dinner was at La Fondue. EVERYONE raved about the dinner- and we heard numerous times that it was the favorite dinner of the whole time at the resort. We had the Princess salad, onion soup, chicken fondue and petit fours for dessert- yum!!! The portions were very large and the waiting staff was awesome! We timed it so we cut the cake and it was served right before the dessert which was really a bunch of little chocolates and cream puffs. We got the chocolate cake and it was so moist and delicious! Not at all like the cakes they served at the buffets which we often found dry. We were more than impressed with La Fondue and so were our guests! I think the timing really depends on the restaurant- we had our own private area and didn't feel rushed at all. We didn't get out of La Fondue until 9:30 and at that point met our guests at the sports bar. We went to the bar in the courtyard for a few mins where we had a first dance with the live band, then took a couple night photos on the middle boardwalk in the centre courtyard. For the crowd that's more into clubbing, the disco would be the place to go, but we were more about chilling and visiting. We had one guest that wasn't staying at the resort- he had no trouble getting in that day, and they didn't even charge him for a day pass- they gave him a wristband and he got all inclusive for the day. The next morning, we did a "trash the dress" session with the photographer and those are some of my favorite photos! Again, those will be posted soon! Our overall stay at the resort was very good. We were more than happy with the service, we felt safe and secure, and the November explosion definitely did not impact our stay one bit! My husband got his open water SCUBA certification while we were down there (we stayed an extra week after our guests left) and the resort instructors were awesome. The beach was great and there were more than enough pools to accommodate the a full resort- along with the lounge chairs too! We went to 5th ave in Playa Del Carmen a few times- if you're looking to buy anything there, be up on your bartering skills!!! Shop around, and walk out if you don't get the lowest price possible! We stayed in in a swim-out suite and couldn't have been happier with our choice. The size of the resort made it tough for some of the older guests, but not too many complaints there... I enjoyed all the walking because it helped me justify resort eating. LOL. No one got sick- we drank bottled and unbottled water at the resort and of course yummy drinks, too! Hope this info can help a few of you. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Congrats and good luck to all!!!!
  7. Just returned from the Mayan. We got our legal ceremony done here by Brian Napier in St. Albert-best idea ever! Our destination wedding was at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort and it was spectacular. We got the most basic package- added in a few dollars for extra guests and for our cake, but all in all awesome. I took a photographer with me from Slate Photographics here in Edmonton- they are AMAZING!!!!!! www.slatephoto.ca The photographer was the most worthwhile investment I made for the wedding and worth every single penny! My dress was from Bridal Debut- it was a perfect fit from off the rack, so I really got lucky there! Those are the basic details.... hope it helps someone out! Good luck to all!!!!
  8. Gujarwala, Thanks so much for the review... Congratulations on your wedding-glad to hear it was a good experience overall! I'm thankful you were willing to report back to us. I'm also wondering how the resort was in regard to the explosion. Did this affect your stay or the stay of any of your guests and did it affect your wedding at all? Thanks!!
  9. Agirolamo, Sounds like you're going to have an awesome wedding! I am a professional photographer myself so probably even more picky when it comes to photos I'm sooo lucky to have business partners, one of which is able to join me and photograph my wedding- thank goodness because I don't really trust anyone else. I might just have to spy on your wedding... hahaha. We should meet for a drink or something. Cheers! ChristaMichelle, I don't have any of the info you're requesting, but I do have a suggestion for getting a response from the new coordinators. I was having the most frustrating time emailing with no responses for weeks... so finally I titled my email "URGENT" and got a response within 12 hours. Hope that helps!
  10. Hey Agirolamo, My fiance and I will be at the GSP from Feb. 2-18 with our ceremony on the 7th. What are you doing for photos? We are getting married in the gazebo and just doing an a la carte for dinner. 25ish people- low key wedding, so not really too worried about a reception. We're going to be pretty laid back. Talk soon!
  11. I got the following email response from Alejandra, my new wedding coordinator at the Sunset: "Regarding the unfortunate accident, I am happy to inform you on Monday, November 29 in the afternoon was signed together with the competent authorities certifying that the record after several days of complete and exhaustive review and verification of facilities, all hotel areas are safe, and there was nothing wrong with them. " Out of about 30 people, 4 have cancelled, but everyone else seems fine to be going to the GSP for our February wedding... VERY happy to be heading towards sunshine!!
  12. Lynsie, My email is carriecaruk@hotmail.com. I would love the sunwing info and letter... Thanks so much!
  13. Hi Lynfar, Were you originally booked on the Riviera side or the Sunset side? I'm booked on the Sunset side for Feb 2 and my travel agent said they weren't able to do much because the disaster happenned on the Riviera side...
  14. Thanks for sharing! I would love it if you could email me.... carriecaruk@hotmail.com.
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