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  1. Thanks for all the love Ladies!! We had a fabulous time! The conference room is available for receptions, however, it is a per person plate fee (since there is no menu set). We elected to do a buffet of Jamaican type foods. The Dome Atrium area is used as a backup area for rain I believe. Of note, there is no AC in there, so it did get a little hot. @Daisymable: What a small world! I totally remember meeting your father-in-law! His doctor is my husbands brother:)
  2. Hello Ladies, My husband and I got married last month at the Suites and I thought I would add my experience here. While I have not posted much, I have found tons of useful information from this thread and wanted to return the favor. I had meant to write a full review, but hae not been able to get around to it, so I thought I would give some basics and let you all ask what you want to knowJ . Wedding Dates: July12-14th Wedding Group Size: 152 guests Events and Venues: Mehndi night- Lobby terrace Nigerian Wedding- Steak house restaurant Indian wedding- dome atrium area Christian Wedding- Lazy river Island Reception- conference room Vendors: Florist/Decorator- Jodi Ann with Tai Flora DJ- Kevan Stewart for the reception, Hotel DJ for the wedding Video- Carlos with DigiPix Photographers- The Studio B Photography (based in Atlanta) Regarding Jodi Ann (I have seen a lot of posts about her), the best way to contact her is via phone. Just call the toll free number and ask for her. She goes over things with you on the phone and sends pictures while you are chatting with her. Also, most of the stuff will be handled in the days before the wedding when you meet with her. The same goes for Nicole. While she is not good at replying emails, when we met with her prior to the weddings, she had all the details we needed. And anything you need to change or add last minute is not a problem. I don’t have a lot of pictures yet, but our photographer’s have posted some on their blog. Under the “Categories†heading, look at “Destination Weddings†and you should be able to see our photos (there are 4 posts). Just click on each heading to see the full post. www.thestudiobphotographyblog.com Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding. The venue was perfect and all of you future brides will have fabulous weddings!
  3. Oh, and I asked about table cloths (we are doing purple tablecloths) , and she mentioned they would be $25 each. That seems a bit much, I am going to check out table cloths here as well.
  4. Hi Ladies, The email I received from Jodi-Ann did say the flowers are included, and can be changed if needed! So the $20 includes the whole setup in the photo as I understood it. The best way to get in touch with Tai Flora is to email Jodi-Ann directly since she is the contact person for the Suites. I emailed her this photo and she said they can replicate it just as is. I am having a large group and transporting my own centerpieces is going to be a hassle, so I am going to go with this option. I have emailed her to see if she can send me some photos of centerpieces they have done (since the ones the website are mostly floral arrangements). I will keep you all posted on what I hear:) Sharan
  5. Hi Ladies, I was looking into the vase with water and candle centerpieces as well, and sent this photo to TaiFlora and was quoted $20 plus tax each. I am not sure if this is cheaper and easier than bringing down your own vases. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi Ladies, I was looking into the vase with water and candle centerpieces as well, and sent this photo to TaiFlora and was quoted $20 plus tax each. I am not sure if this is cheaper and easier than bringing down your own vases. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi Ladies, I was looking at the vase with water and candle idea as well, and sent this photo to Tai Flora and they quoted me $20 plus tax for this setup. I don't know if that easier that bringing down all the glass vases. Hope that helps some!
  8. Hello Ladies, I am getting married at the Suites in July 2011, and this site has been a wonderful help! I was wondering if anyone has any photos of the convention center (we are planning on having our reception there). Thanks
  9. Hello Ladies,  I am looking at GPJ for next August. I have emailed the WC, but have not heard back. Can anyone help me with the pricing and wedding info? If it is easier to email, that would be great too. sharansekhon@hotmail.com  Thanks! The info in this section has been super helpful:)
  10. Hello Ladies, I have emailed the WC a couple times and have not heard back. Can someone email me the wedding package information and pricing? sharansekhon@hotmail.com Thanks!
  11. Hi Lisa, Â WOW! Your wedding was amazing (and the cake was hilarious!). Thank you so much for the wonderful information. Â I just joined a couple days ago, and have been struggling with deciding on a resort in Jamaica...I think you have sealed the deal for me! The details you provided are so so helpful. We are also expecting a large group (150) and I was very worried about accommodating such a large group, but you have eased my mind. Â I was wondering about using a TA...I have been looking through some posts here, and it seems like it would be helpful for such a large group. I am also located in Atlanta, and was wondering if that is where the TA you used is located? And is it necesary to have a TA in the same city? I really have never used one so I have no clue how they work:) Â Thanks again for all the great info! I just emailed Nicole and hope to get some information regarding pricing and packages and such soon. I hope you don't mind if I contact you again if I have some more questions:) I really appreciate the help and guidance from everyone here!
  12. Sharan

    Hello BDW!

    Hello everybody, Â I just recently got engaged (last week!) and have always wanted a destination wedding. I just found this great site/forum and WOW! what a great find! I can already tell this will be a great asset to me in helping plan. I was already starting to feel so overwhelmed. Â My fiance and I are in the US, but we have family all over in Canada, UK, Germany so I think a destination wedding will be perfect. I think we are leaning towards Jamaica and want AI, but that is as far as we have gotten. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially a rec for a TA. I have been reading the forums on TA's and it seems that I could really use on, since all our guest are so spread out, and we are expecting 100-150 people! Â Thanks again and I am looking forward to reading and learning more!
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