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  1. Hello Jania! are you bringing any external vendor for your wedding?
  2. Hola @@MrsMeis! Congratulations for your wedding; Grand Sunset Princess is a great resort, you are going to love it and May is a good month for a wedding. This forum was created to help you and being a local here in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, i can tell you that you could find some mason jars anywhere and flowers here: http://rockinbride.com/ Let me inspire you with some of my wedding photography work at the Grand Sunset Princess. Don´t forget to visit my web page or my fan page on Facebook. Enjoy!
  3. Hey @@Aumenalse! Are you just starting this journey? Be ready for everything! You are at the right place, we are here to help you with any concern, any doubt or question. You have everything here for your destination wedding; Resorts, hair and make up, photographers, florist, wedding coordinators... everything! Let me show you some of my work, from a Save the Date session to a Trash The Dress, you decide what you want. Just take a look. And remember that there is always more on my web page or my facebook fan page. Save The Date (Cancun) Trash The Dress!
  4. Hey @@Melissakworo You have so many options, the Bahamas is so pretty, but Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are too. It´s a 3:50 minutes straight flight away from NYC. Have you think about it? And is so pretty. There are a lot of Resorts with really good packages for different budgets, some of them have amenities and activities for your guest´s kids, they are really going to love them. The good news are that you are at the right place, we are here to help you, just click at the Resort Reviews, believe me, there are options with really good prices. Let me show you some of my Cancun, Rivier
  5. Hi @@Canadorecc! You are all set up with a great Resort, invitations and all that little details that your Wedding Coordinator is going to have under control for sure! Congratulations for that I just want to show you some of my wedding Photography work, i take care of every single detail at your Big Day so you can treasure it forever. Imagine all your wedding day: getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, some trash the dress, that part is so fun, because you can do it at the beach or taking an underwater session at a Riviera maya cenote. Just enjoy some of my work. You can find more on
  6. Hey @@CristyBates! Tell me more about your Destination Wedding, where are you celebrating the Big Day? You have so many options and destinations. You just have to choose a resort, hire a Wedding Coordinator and enjoy the journey Did you think about treasure your wedding day? Let me show you some of my wedding photography, you can have anything you want, from getting ready, the ceremony, reception and even trash the dress... as i told you, just enjoy the journey. This is a lovely Trash The Dress at Puerto Morelos. This is at Now Sapphire, Riviera Maya.
  7. Hi @@mrsjohnson2017! Moon Palace weddings are awesome, elegant and with exclusive service. You and your guests are going to love everything; the food, drinks and cocktails, the pools and the view. The WC are going to take care of you, don´t worry about anything, they know their job. If have any question about photography, let me know, i could cover every single aspect of your big day, the before, during and after of your destination wedding. Let me show you some of my job right there at The Moon Palace, you are going to love it. Don´t forget to visit my webpage and my fan page on Facebo
  8. Hi @@sarahjayne07 It´s really sweet that a Bride to be is taking care of every single detail, even feeding the photographers. But don´t worry to sit us with your guests, we always find a place to eat quickly and continue with our job. But that´s a really good gesture of you. Let me show you some of my photography job, specially this session taken in Puerto Morelos, you are going to love it! Visit my webpage and my Facebook fan page to have more inspiration for your big day! Enjoy! http://gonzalonunez.com
  9. Hi @@Natty1027! You just made a perfect decision, Now Sapphire is doing a really good job at weddings, Juan Carlos, the WC, is one of the best around here. So, you are in good hands, talk to him or his staff, they are there to help you and make things work. Let me show you some of my photography job, i cover everything, getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, even trash the dress or what about a underwater session at a cenote? Take a look and get some inspiration for your Big Day! If have any question, just let me know, we are here to help you! This is Now Sapphire...
  10. Hi @@SMiles! You have two pretty good options. RIU Playacar is awesome, just renovated, it gives you this luxury hotel, it´s so fun, excellent service, the food is delicious, the huge beach with this light blue water in the front, white sand surrounded by palm trees... just perfect for your BIG DAY. Barcelo Maya, crystal clear water, awesome views. The Resort has a breath taking chappel surrounded by water fountains, perfect for your wedding ceremony. If have any question, just let me know, we are here to help you on this journey. Let me show you some of my photography job, if you want, y
  11. Hi, @@mculleto! Iberoestar is a huge resort, beautiful beaches, you could celebrate your ceremony and the reception right there at the beach, you don´t need to move everybody around. The food, beverages, the pools, the ocean view... you really are going to enjoy them. Let me show you some of my photography job taken right there at The Iberostar. We could have a really good time there taking your wedding pictures, your getting ready pictures or your trashing the dress pictures. Take a look!
  12. Hi Ericanatalie! November is one of the best months to enjoy the Riviera Maya and the pretty beaches, so, weather, check! Hacienda Tres Rios is a really nice Resort. Their beaches are awesome for weddings. They are kind of far from the rest of the people and guests from de Resort. It can give you this "exclusive" feeling, like the beach is only for you and your guests. Imagine the portraits you can get From there. Let me show you some of my wedding photography job. From the getting ready, ceremony, the reception, trash the dress , family and friends... Everything!! Enjoy every single moment fr
  13. gonzaloNunez


    Hey @@jack1980! Welcome to The forum, I hope you find it helpful for your big plans! Let me show you my photography job, it's perfect for your destination wedding. I don't know about your plans, but ins pretty sure that's we can work together from the getting ready thru that reception and a photo shoot with your partner. Just take a look!! Enjoy!!
  14. Hi @@Johnsonspartyof2! Congratulations!! Now Sapphire your best choice The food, the "exclusive" service, the WC staff, everything is awesome there, they really now their job. As a suggestion, ask for the Tequila Terrace for the reception and your ceremony at the beach, your pictures there are going to be lovely. Don´t worry it´s a rainy day, they have some really good back up plans, everything is cover. As i told you, your pictures there are going to be awesome there and you may be want to treasure your BIG DAY, let me show you some of my photography job right there at Now Sapphire, yo
  15. Hi @@Hbinning! Sandos Playacar is a really good Resort, they really know their job at weddings, no regrets. The gazebo is great option for the ceremony and i suggest you may be want to include the lighted dance floor for the reception at the beach. The Resort has some really good amenities for the little ones of your family, so its a win, win for the little ones and grown ups. You and your guests are going to enjoy your time there. Let me show you some of photography job right there at Playa del Carmen. We really have so much fun before, during and even after your BIG DAY. take a look at
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