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  1. Hello Girls!  I just got back from a trip to EDR  had a site visit at El Dorado Maroma- which we almost cancelled bc we originally went down there to see AS and EDR but our TA said we MUST see Maroma  and thank god we did!  ladies the place is absolutely gorgeous!!!! the staff there treated us like king and queen! they showed us around the entire property... saw 3 types of rooms, including honeymoon suite which is to die for!  fed us appetizers, drinks, champagne. so so so nice and helpful.  the hotel is just perfect for a wedding, small and intimate with super attentive staff. they only hold one wedding a day and they seem like they will be very accommodating to your needs/wants for the wedding day. I feel like AS and EDR are so big that we might get lost in the shuffle, if you know what i mean? I felt like we would just be another wedding to them, they were nowhere near as accommodating or helpful as Maroma. To be honest EDR didnt really even want to be bothered with showing us around the property for wedding locations, I had to begggg the lady to just show me reception options! meanwhile there were 3 women in the office sitting around doing nothing.  at Maroma, the hotel itself is small enough that I felt like your wedding would really stand out and it would be impossible for the staff to not be super attentive.  FH & I are still deciding if we want to jump in on the destination wedding idea, but if we do, it will definitely be at Maroma...I have pics too but will need some time to upload them.  any questions, just ask!
  2. Hey! Â I was just there 2 days ago( just got back from EDR today) I felt it was stuffy and hot at the Zavaz Plaza and we were there around 730 pm. I knew immediately I could not have a reception there as I would be too hot in a wedding dress, dancing. The beach was definitely cooler in my opinion, not by that much tho. Â Hope that helps! Â Â
  3. Hello girls!  I haven't been on in awhile.  I am leaving tomorrow morning for the El Dorado Royale!  I will be doing a site visit to Azul Sensatori with dinner and El Dorado Maroma also.  let me know if theres any info you want/need or pics of anything you want me to take  I plan on taking tonsssss of pics!  I'm sooooo excited! Hoping to come home with a wedding date and location!
  4. ladies...  FH is having a meltdown and we havent even gone down there yet to see the place (for those that havent seen my prev posts...we are going to see AS on labor day weekend, staying at EDR but prob going with AS for wedding)  i have been researching like crazy and looking at all your posts etc and researching photographers  FH thought wed be able to pull this off for 10k  I thought about 20k  FH doesnt think its worth 20k   and I dont think we can do it for 10k!  we are thinking 35-50 ppl we will have to pay for us and for my grandparents room  plus 50 pp for the cocktail hour and reception we want from the banquet menu on the site  plus photo, video, flowers, gown  all the photogs ive looked at are around 5k!!!! thats almost the same price as a NY photographer, actually its MORE!  do you girls mind sharing any insight? it would also be superrrrr helpful if you wouldnt mind sharing what you spent, you can send me a private message if you want  or give me a breakdown of costs  does AS include flowers in any of the pkgs?  thanks so so so so so much!  im so worried we will be back to square one and stuck paying 40k for a NY wedding :-(
  5. Â Â Â Thanks so much...I will do that. I really want elizabeth medina...i will settle for claudia (their pricing is almost the same) When I go in Sept, I will make sure I make this known!
  6. Hi Girlies...  I took someones advice and I have been reading old posts...started at 400 and Im at like 550 now  its taking me foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr! but im learning a lot!  quick question about photogs  are we allowed to use a mexico photographer(not on their list) if we pay the 500?? i read somewhere that the outside photog cannot be mexico based? but then i saw weddings with mexico photogs, like elizabeth medina   also, who are their photogs? caribe, matias and claudia? some ppl are saying shes on, others say she's not.   Thanks a bunch!  Â
  7. thanks! love your pics!  i actually spoke to him yesterday...seems really nice  in the process of deciding between a few photographers  but need a date first! Â
  8. you ladies are wonderful! Â At what point should I get a TA? Â we are going down Sept 4th to decide btwn AS and EDR Â I was hoping to pick a place and date while down there...is this possible? I was reading that a lot of girls had to "wait for confirmation" Â should I book the TA after I have a date? Â or should I contact someone before we go?
  9. i thought i commented on this last night but dont see it  anyway, I love love love them! love the little stamps with your dates!! Â
  10. another question or questionssss for you gals  is it true what Ive been reading that there is an outside vendor fee of $500? if so what does this apply to?  also did any past brides have their hair/makeup done at the salon at Azul?  The thing that worries me most about a DW, is not being able to have a hair/makeup trial...my hair sucksssssssssss and I dont think I can trust anyone to get it right and get it to stay without having a trial first.  any thoughts?
  11. thanks for the help  Ill poke around!  the company I found apparently works directly with Karisma.  do TAs charge you a fee? Â
  12. Hi Girls...Im from Long Island  any NYers out there?
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