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  1. Hi Ladies, It has been awhile since I have posted. We got married on 12/10 and we stayed at the restort until 12/18. Everything was AMAZING!!!! I wish we could do it all over again. I know how hard it is planning a wedding that you cannot see and sometime comunication is tough with Yamina, but rest assured it all works out. I wish I could tell you girls everything little detail but there are just too many things to mention, so if you have questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them on my expericence. Here is a link to my wedding slideshow that I put toghether and a friend added our wedding music. http://www.vimeo.com/18108777 If you cannot click on the link friend me on facebook so you can see the slideshow/pictures from there, Erin Galvin Muehlhausen. Thanks, Erin
  2. Hi Nicole, Welcome and thank you for the well wishes. We wanted the reception outside it was origionaly going to be at the Lobster House but changed it to the Event Terrence because we hired a DJ and did not want to have a noise restriction. I am told that the Event Terrence is far enough way from the other hotel guets, so we don't have to worry about noise level as much. The cocktail lounge is at the X Lounge on the beach. Yamina did not let me know my choices though until a month be before the date. I am not sure why exaclty. Let me know if you any more questions and I will do my best to answer them for you. Erin
  3. Hi Ladies, We leave for EMP on tuesday, our 21 guests will arrive shortly after and we are getting married on Friday the 10th (next Friday)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. So EXCITED! I am getting goose bumps just thinking about it! I am really excited to meet Yamina too! She said she will be there to greet us when we arrive. I will keep everyone posted as to the ins and out of how everything goes once I am able to. Wish us Luck!!! Erin
  4. Hi, Thank you so much for posting this information! This is all really helpful and your picture were breathtaking! I do have a few questions for you if you don't mind. We are getting married on 12/10 and we are looking to take our guests (25) on a priviate catamaran of yatch. I have found a catamran but have been unable to find a yatch to accomidate our guests and budgets. Can you me where you went to find the yatch? Also we are doing the gold package and Yamina has only showed us the gold and silver menus, what is the Caribbean Ocean Buffet menu? For your reception you had mentioned it was 5 hours long. Our is from 6pm to 9pm with dinner starting at 6pm. We are hiring a DJ and wanted to extend the reception out a little longer. Yamina had mentioned that they would have to charge us an amount per person for every hour over 9pm. Did you have this too? Not sure if there is a different option or package that would accomodate the reception time we are looking for? I really appriciate all of your help and thank you again for your post. Many thanks, Erin
  5. Ohhhh No! I just read it is turning torwards Cuba and should be cleared from Cancun by tonight. GOOD LUCK!!! And Be Safe!! Keep us posted!
  6. Hi Ladies!! Has anyone used or heard any reviews on DJ Disco-Movil?? His prices are considerably lower than the rest of the DJs but I have not neen able to find any reviews on him. Any feed back would be great!! Thanks, Erin
  7. Thank you!! Very helpful! So the the photographer and videographer these are the guys that come with the gold package?? Â Thanks Erin Â
  8. Â Yay!!! I am so glad it is working out. I have been researching different places for this boat thing for 2 weeks now and Allen has been amazing and he does have really great prices. You will be there before me so you have to let me know how it works out!! Â Also how long are you taking the catamaran out for? We are doing a 4 hour trip but not sure if we should have them take us to Isla Mujeres?? Still debating. Let me know. Â Erin Â
  9. We are purchasing the gold wedding package that includes a photo package. However I have not been able to see the work of the photographer that they use, even though I have asked Yamina a few times. Is anyone else using that package for their photos, if so have they seen the work? Or do you have any recommendations of other photographers?? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Many thanks, Â Erin
  10. @nccarolinadaisy  Hi, we are taking our guests out on a private boat cruise on Saturday the day afer our wedding. I emailed the resort and all I got back was the 8 person boat, that doesn;t work for us as we will have around 20 to 25 people that we want to take out. So I found this person on my own http://www.cancuncatamarans.com/. I am working with Allen Mason and he has put together a personlized quote for us that meets our needs and budgets. Email him and info@cancuncatamarans.com and he should be able to take care of you. Also they are docked just a 5 minute walk from EMP!  Good luck.  Erin
  11. Nice, I have to listen to the Celtic version of Canon D that sounds intresting!  We are doing Ingrid Michaelson's verson of Can't help falling in love for the procession  For the recession we are doing Beyonce's verson of Ava Maria. Â
  12. Hi Ladies, Â It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have 3 months till the wedding. If anyone is planning on adding "extras" on to the packages? Like centerpieces or the ceremony arch or chair covers. I am not wanting to add to many extras but I also don't want the ceremony and dinner/reception to look plain. Let me know what you guys are doing or if you think just the resort's ambience is enough. Thanks Ladies!!! Â P.s. @Snikers congrats on the big day coming up so soon, you must be so excited!! It would be great if you keep us in the loop of how everything went down! Â Take care, Â Erin
  13. Hi! Thanks for the heads up. I emailed Yamina this morning about the sound system for the ceremony and it is free to use. They do charge you however to use it for the reception so I will definatly bring a good ipod speaker system with us for the reception. I am also hoping that there is going to be some sort of entertainment with a live band that night so that we can head over there after dinner/reception. I have been reading these posts and I it is making me even more excited!! When is your wedding, is it on 10/31? Thanks! Â Erin
  14. We are getting married on 12/10/10 and I was having the same issue about ceremony music. We don't want to spend too much extra money if we don't have to. I emailed Yamina about if we could provide our own music/playlist. She said that we could bring a pre-mixed CD or ipod and they will provid the sound system for us. The only thing I am still unsure about is who will be manning the sound system during the cermony to que the right songs. I plan on sending her another email to get some more details. I hopes this helps to answer your question.
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