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  1. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing w/ me
  2. Congrats!!! I'm planning for beaches T&C...Good luck in your planning!
  3. OK so it sounds like I just need to get over myself and book my wedding I know my immediate family members and close friends will definetly show.  What is STDs? Lol sorry i'm clueless. Once I book, I guess I need to start working on the invitations..I'm guessing that is what you're trying to tell me  Did you find that w/ this early advance notice, it has helped people?  Thanks guys!
  4. HELP! haha So i had my meeting w/ TA Jennifer and it went really well but I guess i'm not prepared for all that I have going through my mind.  I'm scared about booking too early but Jennifer stated that I'm able to lower the price twice... Could guys give me some feedback about once you booked did you watch the prices daily? With a family a five, i'm already budgeting 10k for the vacation/hotel alone. I"m afraid that once I book...am I doing it to prematurely for a Dec 2011 wedding. OR do i need to get over myself and just book it  I at least have the date and my heart set on the room w/ the separate kids room in the Italian village.  So much to decide. Did you find out guest having a hard time paying for the trip? A lot of my bridesmaid are in college and I know money is a concern for them. Thanks again guys, just need to vent b/c sometimes i get overwhelmed!
  5. Brandy...Really that fun stuff is daunting too! haha, I have my first ph consultation w/ Jennifer on the 10th...Hopefully that will alleviate some worries. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info!! Do you have a picture of your dress?
  7. TLG - How did running of the brides go? Â I'm not getting married till Dec 2011..when do I start shopping for dresses? Â Brandy - Is everything already booked for your wedding? Are you leaving out of BWI? I'm hoping to head out of dulles but regan or bwi would do
  8. So tell me why I didn't get the notifications that people replied...Sorry for the delayed response. With school starting and my oldest ALREADY having homework, its been CRAZY!  Brandy & Michelle: Yes, I'm not looking forward to the flight prices at all. Jennifer (The TA from here) just messaged me so i'm excited to start talking to her about flights. My guess is that I will just do the beautiful beginnings and a private cocktail hour. I'll then do like you said, try and have everyone go eat dinner together afterward. It feels soo OVERWHELMING!  HockeyMom: I definetly feel you about our situations. Since I have started Forking over money yet, I hope that I can stay commited to getting married. Since we want to do it on our same anniversary, i've at least got a date set. Congrats on pushing forward and taking the final step  Iv1044: Congrats on your marriage!! I can't wait till u do your review Â
  9. I live in the Dulles area and will be traveling with 3 kids...HELP ME haha. Hopefully I will be able to get your good luck and get 500/pp b/c even that is an arm/leg. Â Out of curiousity, I know a week there, with 3 kids, in a room with a seperate kids room is going to run me about 6-7k without air fare. So when you add air fare..we're looking at 9-10k. How much does the wedding cost outside of that (typically)...I was hoping to stay under 10k total but I guess i'm looking at just under 15k now!
  10. Thanks Misitbuard I started my work document too late. I read all the forums and was like "i'm not going to remember all this". Did you find the flights to be expensive? GOSH...soo much anticipation! You must be soo excited for next year!
  11. Thanks Trimalusta! I just wish we could already start booking everything and get the ball rolling. You'll have to let me know how your wedding turned out next year!
  12. Thanks guys. I can't wait to see what you think about it (once you have your wedding). I wish I was closer to Dec 2011 so I can already book it!
  13. You are amazing, I wouldn't even know where to start to create something like that! How did you find your travel agent?
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