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  1. I spoke to a travel agent the other day and she told me it may have been a glitch in the system...the average nightly rate was $283....that's just crazy since it's all inclusive!!! I'm glad we booked when we did, I just feel bad for my friends and family who were so excited about this deal that no longer exists. =( I'll keep looking just incase a miracle happens BUT I doubt it will!!! Thank you everyone!!
  2. Hello everyone. My fiance and I are planning a wedding for September 8th, 2011 at Beaches TC. I am SOOOOO frustrated right now and would LOVE advice!!!!! Up until now, everything was going pretty smoothly. We booked our trip about 3 weeks ago through Travelocity.com.(We already booked our wedding date separately through beaches so that all worked out...) Anyway, we were lucky and got a great deal!!! 7 nights, $3,300 with airfare. My parents, along with 6 of our close friends planned to join us once we told them about this great rate!! They all planned to book within the next few weeks. NOW the stress comes...I got online yesterday to check the rates again AND it's jumped up to a grand total of $4,900.(OUCH)...I don't know what to do!!!!! I'm so very disappointed, because we were exicted to think that we'd have our closest friends and family there. Now it looks like they won't be able to afford it at all. Do the rates typically jump back and forth?? OR can I just expect it will stay at this price from here until September??? Any advice or experience with this would be great!!!! Thank you!!!
  3. kwebb28

    September 2011 Brides!

    We are September 8th Beache Turks and Caicos!!!! =)
  4. Thank you ladies!!!! I think #1 IS the winner!!! Can't pass it up, I feel like a destination bride in it for sure!!! =) Gonna go pick it up on Monday!!! EXCITED!! Good luck to everyone else planning their wedding!
  5. It's a tough decision! I agree though,that 1st one was the reason I even went to that boutique, to specifically try that one on! The pics don't do it justice, it's such a nice dress!! Gonna think about it a few more days before I decide! Thank you. =)
  6. Sorry about that! Those 3 images are actually from the 1st dress. I tried to upload the pictures of the other one but since I am a newbie, I got a message that said my post was "under review.". Here are the pics of the 2nd dress!
  7. Hey everyone!! I am thinking of buying this Maggie Sottero Destination dress(rd1086)! I LOVE it!!!! But there is another dress by Alfred Angelo that I also adore! They are 2 different dresses...I'd love to have anyone's opinion about which one I should chose! My family hasn't been much help with deciding because they love them both too!! lol
  8. Hi Brandy! How much was the Seaside Serenade theme for your wedding? I see the price on the Beaches site, but I'm not sure if that's up to date. Thank you!!!! Your pictures were gorgeous and make me THAT much more confident that a DW in Turks and Caicos is the best choice!!! =)
  9. Thanks for the invite to the thread!! I'm looking forward to reading everyones experiences!! I am going with the Beautiful Beginnings package, because we are really trying to make this as affordable as possible. However, I am going to have a group of 10 or so, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to another theme!! Any suggestions or opinions would be great!
  10. Thank you for the information! I went to your website a few days ago, and clicked on the email contact for weddings. I'm not sure if it was right, because I never got a response. I also emailed lleana yesterday, so I'm just waiting ot hear back fromr her. =) Thanks again and I look forward to meeting the team!! Kristi
  11. Hello everyone!!! My fiance and I have decided that we need to get the ball rollin' and start the wedding planning! I have decided on Beaches in Turks and Caicos, and since we are working with a limited budget, we are really liking the Beautiful Beginnings package. If anyone has experience with Beaches and have ANY helpful tips, I would greatly appreciate it! I'm lost!!!! LOL. Also, I haven't been very impressed with the photos by Beaches. I would really love to have Brilliant do our photography. The pictures are amazing!!! However, how much would it set us back? If anyone could give me a ball park range of pricing, that would be wonderful. Right now, we are planning on having a very small group attend our wedding. Maybe 6-8 people. I am really trying to make this affordable as possible, yet still have the wedding of my dreams! Hopefully I can make it happen!!! We don't have much more than 5K to spend... =/ Thanks again! Kristi, WV
  12. Your "trash the dress" photos are wonderful! How much did B Brilliant charge for a package?
  13. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    Book with Photos in Cancun!!!

    Pros: Creativity, Professionalism, Friendly, Quick response time, Outstanding teamwork, Dedicated to their work
    Cons: I honestly can't think of one!
    A I am so pleased with my decision to choose Photos in Cancun for my wedding photography. I spent countless nights searching online for the best deal all around, because my pictures were the MOST important to me!! I contacted many other vendors in the Cancun area, but after checking out Photos in Cancun, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for!!   First of all, they are the most prompt of all other vendors I was in contact with. I always had a response to my questions within a day.  Communication was completely painless with Derek and Lorena, because they both speak fluent English and answer questions very clearly! This is so important when trying to plan a destination wedding.   I must admit after checking out the pictures on the website, I was a little in shock of the prices! They are much more affordable than any other photographer in the area! Don't let the  good price fool you, because their pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!! It seemed too good to be true to get my "dream pictures" without paying a fortune, but I recieved outstanding, unique and high quality photos that my husband and I will cherish a lifetime!!!! Not to mention, we were able to look at our wedding pictures the night of our wedding!! That surely beats waiting 4-8 weeks!! We recieved every picture that was taken that day on a DVD approximately 45 mins after our shoot was over. Once you chose your favorites, Photos in Cancun will gladly edit them for you at no extra charge!!   When it comes to photography, you have to possess a positive attitude. From the moment I met Derek and Lorena, I could tell immediately that they LOVE what they do! No doubt about that. During the shoot, Derek's face would light up if he got a great shot that he was proud of. He would even run over to share it with me! It seemed as if they were old friends and I felt like they were having just as much fun as we were!  Even after things ran later than planned, Derek and Lorena continued to work hard to be sure that we had wonderful pictures at the end of the night. =) We were very impressed!   My husband and I are so proud of our  pictures and if you choose to go with Photos In Cancun, you will NOT be disappointed!!!! I promise!!!!  If anyone has any questions or would like to see more of our photos, please don't hesitate to ask!!!   Thanks again Derek and Lorena!!!