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    Iberostar Grand Rose Hall

    I had no idea that the other resorts weren't jacking up the prices for the exact same services. That is outrageous! I really hope that they get back to you soon. I am getting married at the Grand April 7th. The beach bon fire price increase is absolutely ridiculous. Keep us posted!
  2. sooo the FI and I have booked our honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse and set a date for the wedding (YAY!). it isnt until april 7th 2012, but we would really like to be able to decide upon an actual wedding spot. We know that we would prefer to have it in Montego Bay or Negril at a resort featuring wedding packages. All-inclusive is a plus for the guests, but we are willing to be flexible if we fall in love with a place. We really want it on a beach, and the reception is very important but we are on a budget. We expect between 20-25 guests and will pay up to 125-150 pp (preferably less if it is all inclusive) because the food/drink is VERY IMPORTANT. So basically i was wondering if anyone could let me know their experience/knowledge of what the big resorts offer in terms of menus and options OR know of any gems that really make the reception extra special but dont charge a ridiculous amount for guests to stay (example... i am in love with moondance villas but my guests cant afford it based on 2 per room)
  3. st lucia was one of our top choices too! we decided on jamaica to lessen costs for the guests. do you receive menu options for the reception? is there plenty to work with? i am all about customization with food/drink. we really want a "traditional jamaican band" but are also considering ipod. decisions decisions
  4. i am seriously considering secrets wild orchid for my wedding in 2012... i would really appreciate it if anyone can give me some information on prices/etc. i emailed them almost a week ago but have not gotten a response yet.
  5. Congratulations! I'm not getting married until april 2012 but i am having the exact same problem! plus we are factoring a few negril resorts in the mix too... please keep me updated as to what you find!
  6. hey we were considering getting married at Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica. I am also trying to figure out the best way to accommodate around 20 people in terms of reception and cocktails. Have you discovered anything since you originally posted? I am very curious to know how much info you have!
  7. Where did you get the luggage tags and bags? Those are so nice!
  8. Does anyone know of any good places to find nice beach or tropical themed postcards online? I was thinking about using them for STDs but I cannot find anything that works.
  9. sthor07

    Money Saving Ideas

    Thanks guys. Good list we have going there! We definitely don't need anything but a standard room and I really only want one bridesmaid so she can pick out her own dress. I was also thinking about having a friend of ours do the photography who wouldnt otherwise be invited. She does good work, and we could pay for her and her fiancee's trip down.
  10. I am very willing to put work into my wedding if it means saving money. Everything seems so overpriced. I have started brainstorming ways to save. I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas aboutgreat money saving tips! This is what I have so far...  1. island friendly wedding attire will be less formal and flashy (less material also) 2. If guest list remains under 60 make homemade wedding invitations and/or save the dates 3. keep wedding ceremony decor at a minimum and use beautiful location 4. Use local floral arrangements for reception 5. use an IPOD for ceremony and reception and a steel band for in between briefly (who is in charge of IPOD?) 6. Swap rehearsal dinner with a brunch or cocktail hour 7. small cake and cupcakes or just cupcakes rather than elaborate wedding cake  Also, if anyone has any experience (bad or good) with related plans please let me know!
  11. sthor07

    location location location

    I'm just recently engaged and starting to look into wedding location. I know for sure that I want a destination wedding, and in an ideal world I would go to jamaica or grand cayman (around there). However, family is being VERY difficult to please and I am trying to come up with a compromise. I need a location that is close enough to please others, but had the feel of a true gettaway. I was thinking the Florida Keys or somewhere around that area. I definitely need away from my New England home. Any recommendations on areas or locations within the Keys that aren't too too pricey?
  12. I recently got engaged and we have always talked about the wedding being destination. The only thing is that we know that his parents want a local wedding and have a lot to say about the idea of the destination wedding (under 50 people). They have a big tight knit family and feel as if everyone needs to be invited. I am planning on a big party afterwards back home for everyone but I fear that won't be enough. To make matters worse, the fiancee is a people pleaser and doesnt want to upset anyone. I even decided on the Keys since it is still just part of Florida and would be easier for everyone to go. We haven't had to talk to the family about our plans YET but it is coming up, so I really need advice. I am terrified of his parents and their reactions, but it is OUR wedding.