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  1. I can't believe it! you're pre wedding flight party sounds fun! We've got champagne in the limo to the airport tomorrow morning at 5am - it's never too early to start celebrating! :) I will be seeing you soon! You won't be able to miss us in all white Thursday night when you get in! Whooo hooo, just got SO excited!!! We had to pack an extra 2 bags so $25 each on Virgin = $50 = totally worth it! My parents have a few things in their bags as well
  2. What a crazy few weeks! I can't believe I leave for Mexico on Wednesday morning!! The wedding is days away, it's all so surreal. We're doing our legal ceremony tomorrow with both sets of parents, my sister and grandma who can't fly to Mexico. Chris (FI) is really excited, calling me his wife and can't wait to wear his ring for a few days. I'm a little more casual about it, really, our wedding is on the 22nd!!!! It is part of the process though so I am happy about it . I will report back to all of you about how everything goes, I know it will be amazing! Our week at a glance: Wednesday - arri
  3. I can't believe I'm next!!!! I remember being at the bottom of the list not too long ago. Wild. I don't have too much time at home before we head to Mexico (since I'll be in LA for work for 8 days). I'm really working hard at managing my stress nowadays (most of it is from work, so annoying). I keep getting thrown curveballs though...The latest: My photographer had to cancel (high risk pregnancy, dr.'s ordered her to take it easy), got the news on Friday. Ouch. I booked her back in December and second to the location, the photographer is my MOST IMPORTANT element. Thank goodness the company
  4. Great to know, Paul, thanks. By the way, do you want fish or filet? I'm sorry you're feeling the pressure as well. Just keep plugging away and start letting go of things that aren't critical (I should take my own advice, I know). I get daily updates with the countdown "39 days to go!" and "next month!" and as excited as I am, I'm stressed. I blame work b/c I promised myself I wouldn't let this process get the best of me. But there's of course still a lot to do and I'm out of town for work a lot in the next month. I leave for LA on October 4th for work so I've set that as o
  5. Great questions. I'm buying my photographers dinner but I don't have anywhere to seat them. BTW, How many tables did you end up with? We have exactly 50 guests (and we're doing 7 tables of 7 or 8)
  6. Melissa - I LOVED your video!!!! I booked Paul too and I can't wait to see him work his magic . I usually hate myself on video, hopefully he will change that. I had my 2nd dress fitting appointment today and thank goodness it went better than the first fitting (I left NOT excited about the dress, but I'm a perfectionist and sometimes that's a curse). My sister and one of my BMs was there and they convinced me to buy a veil, they were obsessed with one I tried on. I never imagined wearing a veil (I'm wearing my hair mostly down) but it looks like I will be! I can't believe I'm ne
  7. Super cute blog! Have such an amazing time, I think I might be the next wedding after you??? Insane!!! And we just got our FINAL number, 49, so about the same size group as you. You'll have to tell me how perfect it is . Did you end up buying your organza sheers for the sky deck gazebo? I was going to do that today. Let me know if you found a good deal. HAPPY WEDDING TO YOU!!!
  8. Wow! Interesting, no charge for setting ANYTHING up? Good to know! Thank you!!
  9. Congrats Michelle on a beautiful wedding! I imagine I'll be crying like a baby before walking down the aisle as well! Can I ask why they didn't upgrade you to a honeymoon suite right away? I'm secretly hoping we get that (we booked an oceanview room). Also, glad to see your bridesmaid centerpieces worked (that's what I'm doing). Did they supply the pink stones? They are charging me $10 per vase with water. THANKS!! justiner57 - you're making me miss my Vegas bachelorette! I want another! Glad you lived it up!
  10. Such a blast. I love the tanks too, we wore them for all of 10 minutes, ha! Glad your Chris survived his Bach party. My Chris had his memorial day weekend (the boys were too excited to wait) in Lake Tahoe, took him like a week to recover. Did you already have yours? I have 2 showers at home (bay area) coming up this weekend and then 1 in SD labor day weekend. This is all so wild...
  11. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO fun! I've never loved Vegas so much. We did Marquee Friday night and the lazy river at the MGM Saturday day (we were literally in the water for 7 hours til they kicked us out) and then we saw an awesome show called "Absinthe" Saturday night. Enjoy your weekend!!!!
  12. Thanks!! The time has never flown by this fast, it's incredible. I'm trying to enjoy all the moments (meanwhile wishing my job didn't have me working 60+ hour weeks!)
  13. Sorry can't help myself so I have to share: I had the best birthday/bachelorette party weekend ever!!! It went by way too fast!!! We met a bachelor party with exactly 11 guys like we had 11 girls, too fun! I've been in a funk all week, boo . I hope the wedding doesn't go so fast!
  14. THANK YOU! This is how I remember it looking too...so guests enter from the bottom right, yes? We're doing a cocktail hour before the reception there as well so I'm hoping there's enough space in that bottom right corner. I might need to move the bar closer to that area. We're not doing a head table either, just 7 rounds of 7 or 8 people each. That would be awesome - thank you!!! Let's see how hers work and then we can figure out how much I owe you We're doing the cake for 30-40 (with about 50 guests) but thinking of reducing it...I pretty much just like th
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