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  1. Nicole, The cake was amazing. It was absolutely delicious. The icing and everything were really really creamy awesome chocolate. Tami.
  2. We did add the strip photo shoot to our wedding package. You can add one location on the strip or several different locations for more money, but we only added one location at the Bellagio and it was very much worth it. The pictures turned out really amazing. I would definitely recommend adding a photo stop on the strip to your package because it really adds to the beautiful pictures you get and you only get married once
  3. The wedding was great. Scenic Las Vegas Weddings sent the limo to pick up me and groom... however the groom decided to ride out to the VoF on the bus we rented from Canyon Coachlines with the wedding guests. There was 6 of us in the limo with lots of room, there was nice cold bottled water provided. We had booked a cooler with ice on the bus so we could put some water in there for our guests. The drive out to the VoF took about an hour. When I arrived there the driver, Dirk, let me know to wait in the limo so the minister could come talk to me. The minister Michael was a really friendly personable man. He let me know what to expect checked with me that name pronounciations were right and what kind of ceremony religious or civil we wanted. The limo was parked around behind the rock formation so that Bryan would not see me when I got out of the limo. Trey Tomsik the photographer and owner of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings gave me a run through of how the ceremony would proceed where to stand etc. (he had all ready run through it with Bryan). He then got set up with his camera and started our music so my bridesmaid could enter then my Dad walked me up to Bryan to give me away. The minister did a really beautiful civil ceremony. Trey took really amazing pictures. The guests then went back to the reception site which was the L Suite at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay and the wedding party went to the Bellagio fountain to take pictures. It was dark by this time so the pictures in front of the light and water show turned out amazing. We then joined the guests at the reception. The catering was done by Jason's Deli who were super affordable and everyone loved the food. There was plenty of seating and table space in the L Suite. We had bought alcohol at Lee's Discount Liquor so there was plenty to drink. We got our cake from the Retro Bakery and it was gorgeous and delicious, the only problem was it was delivered at the wrong time which I was really clear about when ordering so we had to tip a bellboy to accept delivery of it and deliver it to the suite while we were out in the VoF for the wedding. My flowers were from the Palette and Pam there was great squeezing in my order on 6 days notice. Trey delivered our pictures to us within 2 days so we had them before we came home back to Canada. The VoF was warm but really windy so it wasn't too hot. The wind was a bit difficult at times though. All in all everything turned out great and I'm glad we went with each company that we did. The guests had a fantastic time and Bryan and I have many really great memories and pictures. Tami. The back drop for the ceremony, our first kiss as a married couple. Sunset at the VoF - it was a little hard to get up onto the rocks in my dress... At the VoF At the Bellagio with the light and water display going off behind us. In the garden at the Bellagio with the Paris Hotel in the background. The wedding cake from the Retro Bakery and the bouquets from The Palette. Both turned out awesome and looked great
  4. Hi Nicole, I will make a new thread with pictures and details of how my wedding went. You will love the VoF it was amazing and Scenic Las Vegas Weddings was fantastic! Tami.
  5. Hi Kim, My wedding went great. I'll give you a quick run down of who we used for what and you can check out more of my reviews in the review section once I get it all written. We booked our Valley of Fire wedding through Scenic Las Vegas weddings. Trey Tomsik was our photographer, he was awesome. Very friendly and really good at what he does. Karolynn in the office and Melissa Tomsik were also really friendly and quick to respond to emails, phone calls, questions, etc.Dirk the limo driver and the pastor (whose name I can't recall) were both very friendly and personable. The wedding went fantastic. We used Canyon Coachlines for the bus company to get our guests out to the VoF. I didn't ride on the bus but heard the driver was friendly despite not speaking much in the way of english. The company was good to deal with via phone and email and quite reasonably priced. We got them to put a cooler with ice in it on the bus for an extra $5 so we could supply our guests with some cold water which was nice. I got my bouquets from the Palette and they were gorgeous. I happened to see a picture online of a bouquet that I wanted so with only 6 days until the wedding I messaged Pam at the Palette and she set it all up. The flowers were gorgeous and she was really accomodating. We used Jason's Deli for the food. Everyone loved the food there was way more of it than we were expecting. They suppllied warmers for the pasta and paper plates, napkins, plastic forks etc with the food for no extra fee. We ended up going with the L Suite in THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay for the reception and it was gorgeous. Everyone had a great time partying in the penthouse level suite and there was plenty of seating and tables for roughly 25 people. You could easily fit upto 35 in there. We got a two tiered cake from the Retro Bakery it was delicious and looked fantastic. My only complaint is that we were very specific about what time it had to be delivered as we would be gone out to the VoF and the delivery driver just decided to change the delivery time so we had to pay a bellboy to accept it and deliver it into the suite while we were not there as we were gone to the VoF. It all worked out well and our family and friends were super impressed with everything. We had a great time and all the companies we used worked out really well. PM me if you have more questions. Tami.
  6. Hi, My fiance and I are getting married in the VoF on May 14th 2011. We are planning to get a hotel suite (Vista or Media suite) at Mandalay Bay for the night to hold our reception in. I am just wondering does anyone know if hotels in Vegas allow you to bring in food from other places into a suite you've booked for the night? Mandalay Bay's catering looks pretty pricey so we are looking into other catering companies (suggestions on reasonably priced caterers would be appreciated). I am just worried that the Mandalay Bay staff might have a problem with us bringing outside food into our suite to feed our guests. If anyone knows the hotel policies or has run across this before any information you can provide would be great. Thank, Tami.
  7. Charterbuslimosine.com is where I'm looking at renting a bus from. They gave me a very reasonable quote. We gave up the search for a restaurant and are now planning to rent one of the entertainment suites at Mandalay Bay and bring in some catering to have a reception because we just could not get a quote from any restaurants that was reasonable. Good luck to you Lillys7 and make sure to post if you find any good places, thanks
  8. I'm getting married in the Valley of Fire on May 14, 2011. We've booked with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings for the sunset ceremony. I'm trying to find a good not too expensive company to rent a bus from to get the 40 guests out to the VoF, and am also looking for suggestions on a restaurant to have a reception at either on or close to the strip that would be about $25-30 per person. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I'm super stoked for the trip and the wedding. We also plan to take pictures all over the strip after the wedding when we're all dressed up
  9. Hi, My fiance and I are getting married in the Valley of Fire on May 14th 2011. We've booked with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings and are doing the sunset ceremony. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good cost effective company to rent a bus from to get our 40 wedding guests out to the VoF for the ceremony? Also looking for suggestions on a restaurant to have a reception dinner at that is either on or close to the strip and hopefully around $25-30 a person. Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  10. I'm getting married in the VoF on May 14th 2011. We're using Scenic Las Vegas Weddings and having the sunset ceremony. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a company to rent a bus from to get our 40 wedding guests out to the VoF. And also if anyone has suggestions on a good restaurant to have a reception at that's either on the strip or right close to the strip. Thanks for any advice
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