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  1. Yikes, I'm NEXT!! We leave on Wednesday. Trying to pack all of the OOT bag stuff and clothes tonight. I am losing sleep over transporting my dress!
  2. Ticia-- your ring is beautiful. Ladies, my FI found strands of Christmas Lights online for like $7 a strand. DO NOT pay the high resort prices! I leave 3 weeks from today! We paid our final payment, but now I feel like I want to include more things... I guess I can do it when I get there? Thanks for the reminder about the CASH only for the set up fee, I wasn't planning to bring much with me, but now I will. I'm still in search of laterns (any ideas where to look?)
  3. I was really excited to find this dress, and wanted to pass it along! Victoria's Secret maxi dress. I can't wait to wear this to a luau in Maui for our honeymoon!
  4. One more post, I'm paying for everything on Monday!!! We leave one month from tomorrow. Time is flying by!
  5. I really like this idea! I have been stressing about weight and transporting everything to Mexico, so for our guest book, we decided to purchased a colored photo coffee table book of Riviera Maya. We'll have each guest sign their favorite picture, and we'll be able to have the book out all of the time-- so it's not a "traditional" guest book. gom4good, I am bringing in my photographer from the states. The reviews are great. I would definitely take a look at his website and the reviews on here: Chris Schmitt http://www.chrisschmittphotography.com. He has been great to work with so far
  6. My shower was so nice! My mom and sister really out-did themselves! My FI and I spend hours yesterday and today going through gifts! SO FUN! Thank you ladies for the well wishes. I hope your showers are as much fun as mine was! Quick question-- For those of you who have done OOT bags.. and hangover kits with bag tops, where did you find the clear (without writing) ziplock bags? Everywhere I look all of the bags have writing on them, like freezer storage bags. I've even tried the cheap ones.
  7. Tris, you look gorgeous in your dress!! I had my first dress fitting this week. I'll have to post some pictures when my mom is able to upload them. So, last night, my friend brought over a dress she had purchased, but did not wear for her wedding. She bought it for $200 at Filene's running of the brides, but retail is around $1200. She said I can HAVE it! I was going to wear it in my TTD session, but not sure I want to lug TWO dresses to Mexico. The other problem is that I think I might like that dress better than the one my bought for me. I think my mom would be hurt if I didn't w
  8. I found travel aloe at The Christmas Tree Shop if that helps anyone as well!
  9. Brandy-- I LOVE your gifts! Everytime I feel like I've accomplish something, I see your posts and I want to go back to the drawing board. I might check out the bikini bags. I purchased a robe and matching cosmetic bags for my sister (MOH) and mom and of course a white one for me. I've seen a few pictures with girls in robes while they get ready on the wedding day, so I thought this would be cute. A gift and a picture opportunity! I also got them monogramed. I think I am going to have everyone over before the trip for our wedding and give them their gifts then. I already have a ton to carry w
  10. I just ordered mine yesterday from Kustom Koozies and the date they should arrive is March 15th. You still have plenty of time!
  11. Teira, I bought the same Guess flip flops from Nordstrom this weekend, I love them!! I also have bright pink heels that I will wear for pictures only. So many fun things to look forward to this month. Bridal shower this weekend, my Bachelorette party in 2 weeks and of course shopping for my weddingmoon in Mexico and honeymoon in Maui!!
  12. Just booked massage appointments at Red Door Spa for my bachelorette party in Atlantic City! Gosh, do I need a massage!! Yippe, can't wait!
  13. Less is More-- So great to hear everything was more than what you dreamed... after reading your experience, I'm almost wishing to be bumped myself I can't wait to see pictures soon.
  14. I am running into a situation where the resort is sold out. I remember a couple (ok, a lot of) pages back someone mentioned a work around. Can someone let me know what they have done? Was it another travel agency outside of the Karisma GI approved agency?
  15. Brandy, I love your koozies! I think I am going to place an order with Kustom Koozies this week. Perfect to top off the OOT bags. The Christmas Tree shop was a god send for my OOT, almost finished!
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