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  1. 1- Flower girl petal holder- $4 7- waterproof card holders, yellow- $6 for all Bride and Groom Sandals never worn women's 9 and men's 10- $10 for both 10 Mugs- 6 black 4 blue- $8 for all 8- Blue OOT bags- $8 for all 4 Giant Pinwheels- pink- $15 for all 3 small pinwheel boutonnier- $5 for all
  2. 1- Flower Girl Pale 7- waterproof card holders- Yellow 10 mugs- 6 black, 4 blue Bride and Groom flip flops- never worn 4 Giant Pin Wheels- Pink 3 Small pinwheel boutonniers- never used- blue
  3. I only have 2 more days of work,and 5 more sleeps till I leave Tue morning. Today FI and are getting legally married today! I still haven't picked up my dress from the tailor- hopefully today...
  4. Wanted to share- FI finally asked all his groomsmen and we ordered their clothes last night. Yah! Only 3 more weeks till we leave- hopefully everything gets here on time.
  5. I've never done mystic but a friend of mine did before a vacay and when she went in the ocean she turned orange- I guess the salt water and tanning spray reacted (her tech even warned her about it). That being said it was +3yrs ago, and maybe it was just the brand of spary she used i dunno but I thought I throw it out there just incase.
  6. First off I'm so sorry for the pain you are going through, what a rollercoaster of emotions you must be feeling. But that said, if you felt strongly enough about not sharing the title with him, I think you need to figure out why that is, lack of trust? Whatever it is- it might be that you were having the same concerns towards a marriage with him. Just something to think about...
  7. I love love that this site has picked up in the last couple of weeks! It really helps to come on here when I feel like I'm so excited/ or overwhelmed that I can't contain myself- Thanks ladies!
  8. Tisha (TLGnhci) Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 2nd Leave in 27 days!! Nemmerz Secrets Maroma, Rivieria Maya, Mexico May 5th Leaves in 30 days Cabs (Abby) Private villa, Anguilla May 5th Leaves in 21 days! Sunkisseddeams (Lisa) Dreams Riviera Cancun, Riviera May, Mexico May 6th Leave in 29 days!! Deanna(deannamarie85) Coral Cove Resort and Spa little Bay, Jamaica May 7th Leaves in 32 days! hwilley218(Heather) Sados Playacar, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico May 7th Leaves May 3rd- 29days Heidi (hmlicos) Dreams Tulum, Tulum Mexico May 12th Leaves in 35 days Gingerpeach(Bev) Half Moon- Montego Bay-Jamaica May 21st Leaves in 47 days Michele (NurseM) Dreams Cancun, Cancun Mexico May 24th Leaves in 47 days!!!!! Tiffany (kitty25967) The Grand Palladium, Punta Cana, DR May 28th Leaves May 25th Melfaybik Azul Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 28, 2011 Leaves in 52 days!
  9. So get this- FI still hasn't asked his guys to be in the wedding yet, we leave in 4 weeks- We've picked out the clothes but the guys have no clue they are going to be in the wedding. I keep asking him when and he just keeps putting it off. I'm seriously about to call them all myself. I asked my girlfiends about 6 months ago. I really don't get guys sometimes. LOL
  10. Thanks for the advice- I cut out dairy a few months back but I think upping the protein might do the trick- I haven't been getting much protein lately. I'll keep you up dated.
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