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  1. I did this about three months before my wedding and they hurt so bad I ended up ripping out all my eyelashes. I had a horrible reaction to the glue. My recommendation is that if you are trying this out to make sure that you do this WELL in advance of your wedding so you don't have to show up to your wedding without eyelashes like I did ????
  2. Does anyone happen to have the pakcages outline? I don't want to have to bother Claudia. Â Thank you in advance, Â Heather
  3. Thank you! That is very good advice. I also think once I tip him I will have a little more negotiating power. I apprecaite all the advice. This really helps me make a decision.
  4. Hello fellow brides!! Â I am getting married next saturday 8.28 at Dreams Cancun and I have a question about the photographer. We have the Ultimate package and didn't purchase an additional package. This apparently includes 50 photos and an album. How long is Juan Navarro there with you? Do you get photos when you are getting ready or just of the ceremony? Does he stay throughout the reception? When I meet with Claudia when I arrive, can I request additional photos or get a CD of all the pictures added on? Â That is the only thing that I am really worried about. I was very relaxed with it up front and now I am thinking that maybe I should have asked a few more questions. Â Any advice you have would be very much appreciated!! Â Heather
  5. Hello, I am getting married at Dreams next Saturday and I have a couple questions about the photographer. I am pretty sure that Juan Navarro is the one that comes with the package. Can you please tell me how long he was there and what package you got? I don't know if I should schedule some extra time so he can be there as all the girls are getting ready and stay throughout the reception. Any insight would be great!!
  6. Great notes. Thank you for all the help! I am getting started this week and I have a ton of ideas now.
  7. Hello ladies, I thought I would let you know that I was at Staples this weekend and they have a 2 pack of hand sanitizer on sale for 50 cents which would make each 2 oz bottle 25 cents. That is the best deal that I have seen and I have looked everywhere. I actually just purchased them for $1 at target and am taking those back today. Best of luck!! Heather
  8. Hey Ladies, I just found the zip holders 50/pack for $20.99. Just and FYI http://www.beachaudio.com/Baumgartens/Bau-47840-p-406777.html?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bau-47840&utm_content=atr Heather
  9. This is a review of:

    Juan Navarro Photography

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

    Cons: None
    Let me start by saying that I am incredibly picky and not very easy to please and Juan Navarro far exceeded my expectations.  I was very nervous about going with the "wedding package photographer" because I was thinking the worst case scenario.  During my meeting with the wedding coordinator I found out Juan Navarro was the photographer and I was thrilled.  At that moment we decided to change our package, and doing so at the last minute (I would assume) is not very professional on my part.  In a
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