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  1. Megcoff, Thanks for a great review, we are getting married August 12, 2011 and I was shocked to hear that Yamina was gone. They emailed me to tell me. My fiance and I put together a complete list of everything we told Yamina and wanted for our wedding day, every detail so we can use it when we get there and they have it to work off of before we get there. I am hoping this will help since Yamina is no longer there. Thanks for the advice on the mahi mahi, we did a food choice as well. I didnt know there were options for a get together the night before the wedding (bon fire). Thank you!! I guess they will tell us that info when we get there a few days before, but I will definitely think about that, sounds like fun. I am glad you gave such great detailed information on the gold package, it has helped very much. If you don't mind me asking, I know you have to pay everything when you get there, this might sound like a silly question but do they take US checks. I know they will take a credit card and cash. Also were the vendors on your hotel bill or you paid directly to them (photographer). I am having the same photographer, and getting a DJ and videographer as well. Since you had 37 people booked at the hotel, did they upgrade your room???? I have 56 people booked, about 30 rooms, so I was wondering if we could get an upgrade. Thank you again for your detailed review! Lisa EPM August 12, 2011 "56 people ready to party their maracas off"
  2. Valerie, Thank you so much! Good I am glad one less thing to coordinate and worry about, definitely going to book them soon. Happy Planning!! Lisa
  3. Valerie, One question for you, how far in advance did you book the resorts vendors for your wedding? We didnt book our vendors yet and I am wondering if I should get on top of that and email Yamina. Which is my next question, do you book through Yamina or Juan Navarro and Dj Mannia yourself? Thank you in advance, Lisa 8/12/2011
  4. Valerie, Glad to hear you are using the resorts vendors, I am also going to do the same, its just easier to coordinate, I am getting married August 12, 2011, and I am glad you heard all of those good things about the dj as well. We are going to make a list of songs as well. I check in on these message boards on and off, to see everyones reviews, they are so helpful, when my date gets closer I will def be on here all the time posting my experiences. Good luck planning, it will be here before you know it. Looking forward to your pics and reviews. Lisa 8/12/11 20 guests booked so far!!!! :-)
  5. mcc102310, Wow 36 people thats so exciting!!! Did you get the house dj and photo/videographer through the hotel that Yamina recommended? I heard you have to bring your dress on the plane and you can keep it up front in a closet where the flight attendants keep their things, people say its no problem and they steam your dress at the hotel the night before if you like, I saw that in wedding package.....curious, what are your favors and/or welcome bags for your guests? I am getting married August 12, 2011 and we are expecting the same amount if not more at our wedding. We also wanted to extend the reception for an hour if thats possible. What venues did you pick for your cocktail and reception? Thanks!! Lisa
  6. cls2010, Thank you so much for the feedback, your pics are beautiful!!! I am definitely going with him, and it will be easier because Yamina said he was the hotel photographer they recommended and gave his price packages. Did you do video through him as well? I saw a video camera in one of your pics. Lisa
  7. Erin the above posting was for you lol, I just figured out how to reply back to a specific person....sorry  Hope this helps you!!! Yamina included those websites, the vendors look good to me......Lisa
  8. Hey everyone, I know some of you were looking for info from Yamina about the hotel photographer and videographer, DJ Here is what she sent me: Photos, Juan Navarro: www.juanphotos.com Video, Miguel Cantarell: www.cancunweddingvideo.com DJ Mannia Audiovisual: www.manniacancun.com.mx. I hope this helps everyone one!! We havent booked any of these vendors yet, trying to figure what packages we want etc. Plus we have alot of time to make final decisions. Happy Planning! Lisa & Joe 8/12/2011
  9. Hey, Havent been on in a while was trying to finalize my wedding plans. Â We are confirmed for August 12, 2011 finally after waiting on travel agents and the hotel. Â Now I feel like I can breathe...I have to say Yamina has been great, she responds to emails within a day or two. Â I can confirm all parts of the wedding flowers, photos, menu etc. except for the venues, which she is telling me I can confirm only a month prior to the wedding. This makes us feel a little uneasy but we are trusting that any restaurant or location we choose for our cocktail hour and private dinner reception will be excellent. Anyone else feeling the same??? Â I am hearing all positive things girls about this resort, 2 people I know recently went there and raved about it. Â We are going with the gold package, but we do not know how many guests to expect, we are hoping for 20 to 30. Â Anyone else hear about the services of the hotel photographer and videographer? Yamina sent me links to their websites. Â Happy Planning! Lisa
  10. Sounds awesome! Congratulations!! Cant wait for your review and pics! Thanks for the info about Yamina, looking forward to booking my wedding at EPM.. Lisa
  11. Shanna, Thank you so much!!! You were very helpful!!! Lisa :-)
  12. Hi everyone, We are seriously considering EPM for our destination wedding next August 2011. We are waiting on our travel agent for pricing and then probably going to book it. I called the hotel and emailed them and waiting for them to send me information, it seems that everyone has trouble corresponding with them. Is this what I should expect during the whole process? Please if anyone has any pictures of reception areas, flowers, etc. or menus from the Excellence Playa Mujeres, please send them my way. I am new to this website and still trying to figure out how to navigate it. lol I posted something yesterday but forgot to put my email. lmarsetti@hotmail.com Thank you so much in advance and Happy Planning! Lisa
  13. Hi, we are considering EPM for our wedding in Aug 2011, can anyone send me pics of the reception areas? If anyone has any cocktail options or dinner option menus please send them my way that would be great... We are trying to decide which hotel works best for us...its so stressful...thank you so much, I am new to this site....happy planning everyone!!! Thank you in advance! Lisa