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  1. just wanted to report that I have had my identity stolen and misused here and the moderator has not yet removed associated posts. Be careful.
  2. Astef, I think we came out ahead by not ordering a set menu. We had some people order only appies and some others ordered the lobster. We liked being able to offer such a variety to our guests and this just seemed to work out better for our group. Most of the prices were similar to restaurants in the US or Can. prices ranged from $10-$45 depending on what was ordered. Gail
  3. yeah Mayte is super busy. She has had weddings almost everyday since the 15th of Jan. She will get back to you. I've posted some pics of our wedding there on Jan. 30th.
  4. I just got back from my wedding at Jellyfish! It was awsome. We stayed at Excellence Resort but chose to bring everyone "into town" for the ceremony and dinner. We had originally planned on having our ceremony at 5pm but due to our photo session it didn't start until 6:30. My husband and I arrived via taxi at 3:30 then we dressed together in thier office and went with our photographer to a cigar factory nearby for photos and then over to a neon green housing complex for more photos. We came back to the restaurant and some guests went on the cigar tour while we finished our photos on the beach. They loved it. For those who stayed behind Mayte set up an outdoor lounge for them to hang out in and watch us do our beach photos. The beach is public and was quite busy at the time (5pm) but by 6:30 it was nearly deserted. As the beach is public there was quite a bit of garbage down by the water. Mayte's team did a great job of keeping the upper part of the beach spotless. It's hard to compare the beach to Excellences beach which was immaculate, many miles long and completely private with no other resorts on either side. The guitar trio played at the ceremony and during the cocktail hour, my father in law who is a pastor preformed the ceremony and as it happened at sunset it was soooo romantic. The servers came out and served appies and we hung out, lounged, took photos and drank. We then went upstairs for dinner and speaches. We had Mayte print up thier regular menu with out prices and let people choose thier own meals. This seemed to work out so much better than having a set menu. Some people were more hungry than others, others with allergies, etc.... Mayte came and took everyones orders and she had them all served at the same time and perfectly-she is one awsome lady. We did the $10/hour drink option. I think some people ordered other drinks but she only charged us the 10/hour. We cut cake did more speaches and hung out for a little while longer and then headed back to our resort at 11:30. Overall it was the best wedding! I'm just waiting for pictures then I'll post again. Gail
  5. Congrats on the wedding!! Isuguy and Anna both called me the other day. They were both so wonderful to speak with. They were able to clear up all my concerns regarding the extra's for the wedding. I guess there were a few things that had been lost in translation....however, still keeping my reservation at Jellyfish-I'm too in love with the place. Gail
  6. Hi Kimberly, I am going to be married at the Jellyfish on Jan 30, 2011. Super excited! Any advice for planning? What menu and appies did you choose? Was there music during the ceremony? gail
  7. Jellyfish has a bus that will do round trip transportation, for smaller groups they may use a taxi-I'm not sure. Mayte, the WC there is awsome. I was sooo lucky that my date was still available-though it only gave her about 10 working days to pull it together. So far things sound great! Check out Jellyfish's facebook page, their website, posts on this website as well as debbies dominican travel forum- all which has great advice and pictures. gail
  8. Hey TRose, I am moving my wedding and reception to the Jellyfish restaurant. For the same price as the Gold wedding package I am getting my dream wedding. The WC there is amazing. No paying for services I don't need, no extras for the photographer, no plastic chairs (you can request them though LOL) , DJ and private party. Just a suggestion.
  9. I'm looking for prices for jellyfish prices too please gamcdiarmid@hotmail.com
  10. Isuguyny quoted us $7 per chair plus a $60 delivery fee. Yes I agree the price does seem really high. We would not even pay that here in Canada. I've asked her if we could borrow chairs from somewhere else as I have found a few event planners who rent chairs in the area, but she does not seem willing to contact anyone for me. We have decided to downgrade our package to the love package and spend a day looking for vendors once we get down there to supplement what we want. Looks like though we will be still paying for their photography package as well as hair and makeup (my sister is a hair and makeup artist) even though we don't want it. Grrrrr.
  11. We are having a bit of a problem with our WC. I'm just looking for a place to vent......Our wedding is on the 30th of Jan. We want to have the gold wedding package but do not want some of the services ie: the spa or gold menu. We would like little changes to our package in exchage for these services but they are not being very flexable! We have decided to bring in our own photographer from Canada, and are aware that we have to pay $250. to bring him onto the resort for the day (no problem with that)-but they are saying for him to eat or drink while there (he is there for the entire day 11-11) we also have to pay for a regular day pass for him ($80. if he wants to eat at the wedding reception it is another $50 as we have more than 20 guests. (31 to be exact!) I wanted my bouquet to be red roses with a few orange or pinks mixed in (maybe 5-8 more) and they want to charge me $80. as adding more flowers is not part of their available bouquets. I am bringing all my own decorations (centerpieces, isle decor, table decor, and even long white sheers for the gazebo). We opted for renting chairs as we do not want our guests sitting on plastic chairs with chair covers and we are fine with the price. We are hoping to not have the woven isle runner and instead have petals-but they are charging $5./bag and will not disclose how big the bag is. Throughout these forums, I have noticed that many brides leave/"donate" thier decorations (chair sashes etc) after the wedding to the resort. The WC is saying that they only include green or red sashes for the chairs and that there are other "decorations which we can use for a fee" Am I being unreasonable in asking for petals for the walkway, day pass with reception food for our photographer, and silver menu instead of gold and a few and a few coloured roses added into my bouquet? We are leaving on the 27th and hopefully when we meet the WC in person it will all get figured out. Hopefully it is all just "miscommunications" g
  12. We're going to be married on the 30th. Don't know if you're still going to be around. gail
  13. your resort must be Excellence. Their chairs are not very sophisticated! Most pics have the sashes falling off and the covers wrinkeld. I'm looking for a vendor as well.
  14. I'm having Chris on the 30th! Can't wait-love his website. Thanks for the name. Gail
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