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  1. Our AHR will be on March 12th of 2011. My email is alm_04_11@yahoo.com
  2. ambeto, That is the same exact problem I am having. I started with Julissa who I did have a few problems with but we worked them out very quick. Now I am having a hard time getting what Julissa has promised me. My problem was since we are having the "Free" wedding package (which if not free at all, in fact far from it) but anyway it allows for 10 guests. I have 12 and for two more people they Ada says I have to upgrade to the next package for another $1,000. For two more freaking seats I thought you gotta be kidding me right? I told them they could keep the cake and wine all I wanted is two more chairs for the ceremony which is all of 10 min since we are also only doing a symbolic ceremony. Julissa had told me since I only had two more quests she could work it out that we would only pay $15 more per person. I thought that was fair since I am not doing a private dinner or anything. We are coming home and having a reception with the whole dinner, cake and drinks. Ada says no and wants more money. I am just going to have two of my guests who already said they would walk up and just stand and watch since it is only 10 min. I feel like when they put the cake and wine out I just want to walk away and say NO THANK YOU!!!!! Since they can't just give me a simple request and want to make it difficult. I just hope whoever takes over is better than this. Good luck with your planning. Let me know if you come across any good news.
  3. Looking for anyone selling or who will be selling satin table runners in either a blue, green or tan color. If you have any for sale please let me know. I am looking to buy them for our AHR in March of 2011. Thank you.
  4. I booked our January 2011 wedding there back in May of this year and since booking I have had to work with 3 different WC's. It is really frustrating, since not all of them are even on the same page. I was promised one thing by one and told by another if I have it in writing they will honor it. Since I am already booked there I have no other choice but to continue to deal with this, but if I had a choice I would choose another location. The resort may be beautiful and the food may be great but the wedding services are not great. Too after you add in all the extras that they will charge for what you may want you will probably pay around the same at another resort that just gives you the big price right up front. That has just been my experience. I am truly trying to stay positive and I am hoping that when we get there all goes well. However since you asked I thought I would give you my honest opinion. Good luck.
  5. OMG! You have to be kidding me. Another WC, this will now be the third one I have worked with since I have booked my wedding there. This is frustraiting.
  6. Yes, I am just hoping at least Ada will be back by January for my wedding. I would hate to start with Julissa, then work with Ada and then another person. Oh well not much of an option.
  7. It is not a legal requirement to be there 3 days prior. I talked with a couple different resorts and they all said somthing different. We also are getting married at Ocean Blue and the WC there said each hotel puts their own requirements on it and that they don't have a preference only as long as you get your paper work there ahead of time like SonyaR says. I would call the resort and talk to the WC personally and ask her, then have her send it to you in email.
  8. You are welcome. Glad you got to see my post before you called your TA. I know it drove me nuts every day until we finally picked our resort. Does your TA go through Apple Vacations? That is where my TA went through and I spent a lot of time on Apple Vacations website, looking at all the resorts and what they have to offer. It made my TA's job a little easier, but I didn't want to leave it in just her hands. That way if there was something I didn't like I wouldn't regret not looking into things more. Good luck picking your resort.
  9. It looks like you may have already called your TA, but I thought I would respond anyway. I feel you on this, I did the same thing. I called many travel agents and asked a ton of questions. I just wanted to be sure to find the best resort for us. The problem is that there are so many nice resorts and so many destinations. We did decide to go with the Dominican Republic vs Mexico. For one big reason, if you are looking to do the legal wedding in Mexico, they require you to get a blood test once you get there that the hotel will set up for you. Not sure about you but I did not want anyone in another country taking my blood. Maybe I am just crazy, but I guess they come right to your room and do it and to me that is crazy. Also there seemed to be a lot of extra costs in Mexico, like the Judge's transportation fee of $75, translation fees of $50 and so on. So it came down to they were both nice places but DR was a little less money and somewhere we have never been. Then my next problem was finding a resort that had availability. This was crazy to me since when I started the process of picking a resort the wedding was still going to be at least 9 months out and no resorts had their 2011 prices out yet for rooms or wedding packages. I was surprised that people were booking not knowing the price, but they do. I do know if you go in December it will be cheaper, like right after Thanksgiving. As far as the payment with your TA, I think they all operate different. Ours, we had to put down a deposit of about 20% and the remainder we can pay anytime but it has to be paid off by 30 days before our trip. Same went for all of our guests, which was a nice option for some. I would just suggest asking your resort the most questions. Don't leave any room for them to wiggle in extra costs and book your wedding with the resort before you book your trip. Just keep an eye on the prices as for us they seemed to be cheaper at the beginning of a week. Good luck.
  10. We are getting married on January 27th. I am sure she is great, I am hoping she is better than Julissa who I was working with before. Glad to hear she has been great for you. I am looking forward to our trip and wedding. It will be here before I know it.
  11. When are you planning it for? Where are you coming from? We are booked for January 2011 and our guests are going 4 nights 5 days and they paid under $2,000 total for two people. We are going for 8 nights 9 days and we paid $3,300 and we upgraded our room. Plus we got the "Free" wedding. Which I have to warn anyone there is no such thing as a free wedding. It will still cost you a min of $1,000 if you have more than 10 people. Well at least it did for us, but I was trying to work with a small budget since we are coming home and doing the whole formal reception with dinner, drinks, cake, dancing and all the fun stuff. Take a look at Ocean Blue, that is where we are going and I haven't been able to find to many bad reviews on this place. Of course you are always going to have those few who aren't happy with anything. The only other thing I can say is to ask a lot of questions, get it all in email (writing) and don't leave any room for them to squeeze something in. They did to us and while it wasn't huge, it was still an added cost that I wasn't expecting. Live and learn. Good luck planning.
  12. The WC who left there, does anyone know if this was Julissa? I was working with her and haven't gotten an email back from her for sometime and just got one from Ada who I haven't worked with at all to this point. Our wedding is in January and I am trying to finish a few things up before we get there. I hate to start working with someone else at this point. Yikes!
  13. I had the same problem (kind of) with Ocean Blue & Sand. When we booked our wedding and trip I went with the free wedding. Before I picked that resort I emailed and called several resorts and the problem I kept running into was no availability. When I finally got a hold of the WC at Ocean Blue on the phone she told me there was availability for the dates we were looking at and it would be no problem. She had me fill out the Wedding form, pick my three dates that were options, location I wanted it and send it to her. So here I thought we were all done. I ran to my travel agent and booked the trip ( I booked our wedding first, since I wanted to be sure the dates were available.) When booking our trip we upgraded our room to get the "Free Wedding" which turns out still costs about $1,000. Then three days later I get an email from the WC and she says the judge is not available for any of my dates and I had to switch to a symbolic ceremony. As we were already tossing around that idea I went for it. Then last week we found out that we had two more people than we expected booked for our wedding. So I sent an email asking how much extra it was per person, I clearly remember the WC telling the there was a small fee for each person over the 10 allowed. She responds back that there is no fee but now we have to upgrade to a new package which is another $950. I was very upset to hear such a thing. Wow $950 for them to just add two more chairs, so I sent them another email asking why so much, if it was because of the wedding cake and chilled wine, I told them they can keep it. We are having a formal reception when we come home and are having the whole dinner, cake and drinks. I still got a NO! I was so shocked since we upgraded our room, we are staying longer than the minimum night stay for the free wedding and we have six other rooms booked for 5 nights which again was longer than the minimum night stay. So frustrating. I think in my case with Ocean Blue, everything they had in writing when they sent it to me was so vague that they had room to slide these things in. Although I felt like I had done a lot of research, their answer to me is they have the right to change packages and prices when they want. Hope you get yours worked out better than I have. Good luck.
  14. They did give me a list of what was included in our package. Everything that was included worked well for us, as we are only having a small casual type wedding. Nothing fancy and with few guests. The only concern I had was if we had just a few more guests and so I asked and that is when it was said to me that there would be a small fee for any extra guests. I wasn't't too sure how many more we would have so I didn't't question any further. When I called the first time, I was asking about availability (since this was becoming a problem finding a resort that had availability) for the dates we were going she said that the dates were open and I could pick. She then sent me a form and had me pick three dates and my location. I filled it out emailed it back, called my travel agent and booked it. My fault maybe I shouldn't't have but I had been watching prices and they kept going up and I did not want to wait any longer. Then about three days later I received an email from her telling me that the judge was not available on any of the dates and that I had to switch to a symbolic ceremony and in her words "but it will save you money anyway." Which is how I found out that my free wedding wasn't't free after all. I sent her an email back telling her that she said all the dates were open and it would be no problem to get married on any of the dates we would be there and with a little arguing back and forth I learned I was pretty much at her mercy at this point and had to go with the symbolic wedding and okay yes it saved us $650 dollars to do it that way. But now all this. Ughh! Oh well lesson learned, just a warning now to everyone else planning. Good thing I am easy going and can roll with just about anything. I could see a lot more girls freaking out and I would like to but what would be the point. If I said what I really wanted to to them they would probably put a big note in the computer to treat us like crap or would lose our reservations. Hahaha!
  15. So a few moths back we finally booked our resort, after doing a ton of research we decided to go with Ocean Blue & Sand in Punta Cana. Before I booked I bought an international calling card and called the resort to speak with the WC before we booked. I asked a lot of questions and got the answers I was looking for. I had also emailed her but got my answer by phone much quicker. So after we booked I then find out even though we upgraded our room, have seven other rooms booked for a minimum of 4 nights, our free wedding is still going to cost us $750. Okay fine no big deal still very cheap. At that time I was also told that there would be an additional charge per guest for anything over 10 people. I emailed our WC this week to ask again what that cost was and was sent an email back that there is no such charge but now on top of our unexpected $750 we have to upgrade our wedding package and it will cost another $950. I only have 14 guests, that's four more than what is allowed and they want me to upgrade to a package that is set up for 20 people, 14 is closer to 10 than it is to 20. Grrrr! So I emailed the WC and asked why so much more for four chairs. I also said if it was because of the wedding cake and chilled wine (that is included in our package) we can eliminate those and add four more chairs as we are having a big reception when we come home and will have a more formal sit down dinner, cake and drinks. Hope they say yes. Anyone else have a problem with hidden costs? If so were you able to get around any of them? Would love to hear how? At this point we don't have the option but to suck it up and pay for it. However like I said we are having the formal reception when we come home, would hate to add more expenses. Thank you.
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