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  1. Thank you so much! Its amazing how much support (and answers) there are on this forum. I appreciate you telling me its going to be ok!
  2. I'm in the same boat as you!! Our wedding is on the 5th of December 2011 and reading these posts with such organized ladies (and gents too) on here makes me nervous. Hope your wedding is wonderful and that we all have great weather that week in December!
  3. Hi Ladies, I'm planning a December wedding which feels way closer than it should! And I'm stressing now. I need a calm down moment from any of you girls who've been where I am. Can any of you share a list of items I should be tackling in the next month or so to keep our planning on track? I'm expecting between 60-70 guests so it feels like a bigger endeaver for a destination but this could be a hyperventilation moment! I've so far, found the love of my life (check mark number one), bought the dress for myself and the bridesmaids and maid of honor, sent out send the dates/invites and signed up about 40 guests. What I haven't done yet is communicate directly with any wedding coordinators at the resort. Am I really scr*wed ladies? So far they've not responded to the two emails I've sent. Is this normal? How can I get in touch with them if they don't email back? Do you girls recommend I call and set up a conference call? Thank you tons for any advice you may be able to share to calm me down. I've read through a few posts here and it feels like there's a really nice community with shared ideas. I look forward to being a contributing member and providing the "calm down" advice too if anyone needs anything later from me! Congrats to all of you on this forum on your engagements.
  4. Hi mwhite, I`m in the same boat as you in attempting to get out of the deposit fees for our guests due to the change in our plans (we`re going to have the wedding elsewhere) Can you tell me how tough it was to get Sunwing to reimburse you the $100... I`m being told it`ll be next to impossible but I want to try. We`re a Canadian couple who`s changed our wedding location (or hope to!) due to guest response. I don`t want tell guests that they are out the entire amount for the deposit and would really appreciate any info on what you did to achieve any money back for them. I tried to PM you but some weird error message keeps popping up. Sorry if I spammed you a few times with the same message. I can`t tell if it went through! Thanks tons in advance for any guidance on this. We have 36 confirmed guests and the savings would be worth a fight! Starfish
  5. Thanks for the price detail. I had someone email me just now to let me know that the same details but that the 1.5 hours are not strictly enforced. Is that something anyone has had any experience with? Is there a reason this one would be less enforced than the 1.5 hour rule at other restaurants?
  6. Any chance I can get a copy of this from you as well? I'm at smfard@gmail.com. Much thanks in advance!
  7. Oops... meant to write that in response to another bride! Guess I haven't gotten the hang of this forum yet!
  8. Hi There, Just noted you're one of the only brides with a big guest list. Ours is similar in size (between 70 and 90). I was wondering if you could tell me a tad more about the beach reception and how it turned out for you two. If you have any advice for a fellow bride also booking a large wedding, I'd love to read about it. I can be reached at smfard@gmail.com. Much thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. Hope your June wedding was stellar and everything you dreamed of.
  9. Hi Robyn, Can you send me the pictures also? I'm in the process of starting to plan. Let me know and I'll send my email your way! Cheers!
  10. Hi ladies- I'm planning a May 2011 wedding at this resort and am excited to see a whole lot of info from other brides on here. Hope you're all having a fantastic time with planning. If anyone has any info on costs of booking the Thai Beach restaurant (private vs. semi private... not sure what the difference is!) I would appreciate receiving it. Also, did anyone have their reception at this venue? If so, can you send some photos my way or let me know what your thoughts were? Much thanks in advance. Look forward to reading about all your experiences at this resort!
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