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  1. Hey everyone, I'm getting married at GSP on July 24th and wondering what to wear for shoes!! I'm having a beach cermony and wondering if anyone has worn heels for their beach cermony or if I should just stick with flip flops? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on photographers. I feel like the resorts photography packages are too pricey and wondered if it would be better to get an outside photographer. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm glad to hear that the resort is going to be ok! I have been trying to get a hold of the new coordinator for weeks now to select our date. She has gotten back to me finally, but now that date we originally wanted is taken! We are now getting married on July 24, which is a sunday! I was told that they do not hold ceremonies on Sundays; does anyone know if that is true? Also, is anyone using destinationweddings.com as their travel agent...or does anyone know of any good travel agents that deal with this resort? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone...I haven't been on this site for a while!! I've been busy planning for my summer 2011 wedding!! i am having a hard time gettting ahold of the resort to confirm our date! Is anyone else having difficulties. I keep sending them the wedding form with the date that we are hoping for and they email me back that the date is still available, but they keep tell me to send them the form!!! I don't know what else to do!!! Any suggestions??? Kelly
  4. I am currently trying to plan our wedding for next summer and was planning on using a planner. Has anyone used destinationweddings.com to help with the arrangements???
  5. I just returned from GPS, which is the sister resort. I highly recommend Las Tapas for dinner. It is the Mediterranean on the resort. It was fabulous and you may get a surprise performance from the flaminco dancers; we did when we ate there!! It was great! Hoep that helps!!!
  6. Angie, thank you for the downloads, but I can't open them!! HAHA! I would love to know what packages are available to me; it would be amazing to get married there!!!
  7. Congrats on your engagement and location!! It is beautiful!! I actually just got engaged there in June....I would recommend having your reception at Las Tapas resturant if you decide not to have it at the Thai resturant. It is their Spanish themed resturant and when we ate there, there were flaminco dancers and a guitarist; it was great!! Let me know if you have any questions about the resort or want me to email you some pictures!!
  8. Thank you so much for the advice! I will be sure to look at their portfolios before choosing! We are considering the Fairmont again thanks to you!! Ill keep you posted with our final decision!
  9. Thanks ladies for your input! We did look at the Faimont as an option, but the website did nto give much info on their packages! Was your daughter able to use local vendors that were not supplied by the resort; I have found that most resorts make you use their vendors. I'm just worried about the photographer! SDSteph~~ We actually got engaged at the Grand Princess!! It was beautiful!! We were thinking about going back there for our wedding at first, but I couldn't really find any details on packages and could not figure out where the ceremony would take place! Let me know if you w
  10. We were actually looking at the Fairmont! We definetely do not want to have extra expenses! The website didn't really give much info on teh packages they offer; is it all al la carte? Also, a lot of the resorts force you to use their vendors, was your daughter able to pick her own? I'm mainly worried about the photographer!
  11. Hi ladies, I just recently got engaged at the Grand Princess Resort in Playa del Carmen. My fiance and I want to go back to Mexico to celebrate our wedding! We just have no idea where to start! Does anyone have any advice on where to stay and celebrate? The Grand Princess was beautiful inside and out, but I'm not sure if it throws a great wedding! Hope to hear from you soon! Kelly
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