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  1. I only have proofs for the rest of the photos right now so I'll post more whenever I get my disc! Proti - the sunset was unbelievable and that night was the lunar eclipse! Sunsets in Cabo really are incredible.
  2. Hey ladies. I just got some photos back from the amazing Gilda Badillo, so I thought I would post a couple of them here. She was incredible!
  3. I finally posted my review along with a few pictures! Let me know if you have any questions. I'll make sure to post the professional pics once I get them back. Kiwibride, I really recommend having the palm trees lit up. I paid for 8 palm trees, and I think there were 10-13 lit up. It really looked incredible. If I had to decide between having the palm trees lit and underlit tables, I would definitely choose the palm trees! The underlit tables looked pretty good but the palm trees make a much bigger statement and are so much more noticeable!
  4. Quote:Originally Posted by Teira1031Â ALadies I'm having second thoughts on our reception location!!! I have it set for the cascade terrace but we don't have as many people coming as we originally thought we would, only about 17-20 so I'm thinking that space is too big for such a small group of people where as the oceans terrace is smaller and more intimate but I love that the cascade is overlooking the ocean. Where are you all have your receptions at? Please help!! Â Teira, We had 24 people total and we had our reception on the Cascade terrace. It was beautiful! We had 3 dinner tables set up on the higher level of the terrace, and it was nice and roomy, but it didn't feel empty. The bar was also on the higher level. On the lower level, we had the dance floor,which was outlined with Chinese lanterns. This was where DJ Ricardo was set up and where Lunas de Fuego performed. The reception was beautiful, the coordinators work hard to make sure it looks right. I'll post a full review and pics when I get the photos!
  5. Hey ladies! I'm back from Dreams and the wedding was incredible. I'll post pictures and a review very soon!
  6. I hope it'll look good and add enough to the reception to make it feel festive! Our reception is on the cascade terrace. The tables will be set up on the level of the terrace that's closest to the pool and the DJ/dance floor area will be closer to the beach
  7. Thanks Erika! Teira, it's $55 per tree and you can choose to have 4 or 8 trees lit up. I'm not doing big centerpieces or anything like that so we wanted to do something else to really make the terrace look festive! I'll post pictures once I'm back.
  8. Hey ladies! My wedding is exactly 3 weeks away - holy crap! I just thought I'd update you all on what's going on. I posted earlier about Yarai still taking a week or so to answer e-mails. I sent her a quick message letting her know that I was worried about not being able to cover everything in time. Since then, she's been e-mailing back within 2 days. I decided to just send a bottle of champagne to each room with a nice welcome letter instead of doing OOT bags. I'm not a creative person, and I'm currently taking 18 credits in my last semester of school so I just don't have the time to pick up every thing and put it together. I think this will be a nice treat and a nice way for our guests to start their vacations! I'm also having the stationery company that did our invitations put together the place cards and the pashmina tags. This should be done by the end of the week! Most of our guests are arriving on Saturday the 18th, and we'll have an informal "cocktail party" that night at the lobby bar. This won't be a private event - I really wanted it to at this bar because I love the area, and unfortunately, they can't do private events there. The rehearsal will be at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, with a rehearsal dinner at 7pm at the Portofino terrace for all of the guests. The wedding is at 4:30 on Monday afternoon on the beach with the reception on the Cascade terrace. We have Gilda Badillo coming as the photographer, we've booked DJ Ricardo and Lunas de Fuego, and Lola from Florenta is doing the flowers. We're having Dreams do hanging lanterns over the dance floor, underlit tables, and 8 palm trees will be lit up in hot pink by LED lights. We're also doing sparklers for all of the guests to hold for the first dance. We were going to do the cigar roller, but we wanted to have them do good Cuban cigars. We decided that the price of having the cigar roller and Cuban cigars was just too much, so we're going to go into town on the 17th to buy some Cuban cigars. If we can't find any, we'll have to hope that Yarai can book the cigar roller really quick! That's all I can think of! Let's hope it all goes smoothly.
  9. Thanks girls! I'm trying not to stress out about it and tell myself everything you guys said. The only issue is that we planned this wedding in less than 4 months, and I feel like there's so much to be done. I have a clear idea of exactly what I want, I just have so many little questions about costs and options. Thanks for all of the quick responses I'll post some of my questions here and see if anyone has answers: Does anyone know how much the cigar roller Dreams uses is and how much they charge per cigar? I know there's tons of threads on here regarding the cigar roller but I can't find a clear answer anywhere. Did anyone decide not to do the OOT bags and send anything to the guests rooms instead? I'm the least creative person ever and I just can't imagine spending the time and money on little things that don't get used often. I'm thinking of having a bottle of sparkling wine sent to every room with a nice note instead. What do you girls think? Thanks again for all of the input and kind responses! Emelie
  10. My wedding is in a month. I'm freaking out a bit because it's still taking Yarai about a week to reply to my e-mails. Has anyone encountered this before? I feel like there's so much to be done and it can't get done through only 4 more e-mails.
  11. emmisa


    Ok ladies, here's my confession. I'm not a big fan of FI's family. His parents did not raise him, have never supported him (financially or otherwise), and are not a big part of either one of our lives. However, my FI is the best and most genuine person in the world and does everything for them. To make sure that those that are "closest" to FI can attend our wedding in Cabo, my parents will be paying for his family's rooms for 3 nights. This includes his parents and his 2 brothers and their girlfriends. I'm overwhelmed by my parents' generosity, and I just wish that his family would show some gratitude. They have not said thank you at all. His brothers just keep complaining about the costs of their passports and their flights. His brother's girlfriend acts excited in front of us, but tells FMIL that she doesn't understand why we would get married in Mexico and why they have to spend money to come. His father is saying that he's not coming at all. FMIL (my least favorite) is surprising me by telling them all to shut up and to be supportive. I keep telling my FI that if they keep complaining, than he needs to tell them that they can choose not to come at all and save us all some money! Ahhhh it drives me crazy. I'm just embarrassed by their behavior, hurt that they have such a hard time supporting FI, and angry that they cannot say thank you to my parents. I hope that none of them come. Now I feel guilty for saying that.
  12. Also, I posted a site visit review for Dreams Los Cabos under the reviews page as soon a while ago and I just realized that I never mentioned that in this thread!
  13. Jodi, Dreams Los Cabos is amazing. Honestly, the service is better than any other resort I've ever been to (and I live in a resort city). Dreams is also much better than it looks in the pictures on the website. It just has a very casual, fun, and relaxing feel all at the same time. When we first walked through the room corridors, we were a little concerned that it looked like a motel. After 5 minutes, we realized that its an incredibly charming resort, and not at all motel-like. I met with Yarai and David, and they were both excellent and so helpful (as well as incredibly busy, I don't know how they do it). They're willing to do anything to make sure that your wedding will be amazing. I also met with Lola from Florenta Flowers, and I met with 3 different photographers. Lola was incredible, she was our easiest vendor meeting. I think we're having DJ Ricardo. I've e-mailed him, he seems very nice and he's gotten great reviews. His prices are also pretty reasonable, but I would book directly through him instead of through Dreams. I haven't sent him our deposit yet as my wedding is a bit last-minute and I just finished our room/wedding contracts as well as the invitations. I'm 99% sure we'll be using him though, so I need to send him a deposit ASAP! For hair and make-up, I think I'll just stick with the Dreams salon services offered in our wedding package. I'm getting my hair done here the day before I leave, and I'm having my hairstylist style it the way I want to have it for the wedding, and then I'll take a thousand pictures to give to the salon. I think I'll do the same thing with my make-up, and just go to a makeup counter or makeup artist here in town and take a bunch of pictures after. I have tons of pictures from our food tasting and from our stay at Dreams, and I'd be more than happy to PM you the link to those pictures. Also, feel free to ask any more questions! Emelie
  14. A rehearsal dinner at the Portofino terrace is $15/pp.
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