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  1. Thanks for the info Donie! I'll have to contact both Cabo Mar and Sunrider and see what rates I can get. Â Who is everyone using as their photographer? I feel like I need to get on this next task quickly and book a photographer but I'm not sure who to go with, and who has a reasonable price. Â Any suggestions?
  2. I'm not a June 2011 bride.. but a July 1, 2011 (close enough right?). I've just booked at Dreams Los Cabos! I'm relieved and excited that the date and venue are set, this has definitely been a stressful process! Â Donie- If you don't mind me asking what rates did you get for the Cabo Mar for a welcome dinner? I really wanted to do this little cruise but I'm not sure if it will be in our budget. Â Also, for those brides who were having a hard time getting in contact with Mariana, I spoke to her about a week ago and I know she was out sick with the flu so she was slow on returning my emails. I finally did speak to her and she was very nice!
  3. Congratulations and great review! Your wedding looked amazing! Â One question the chairs at your reception, are those chivari chairs? If so, were you able to rent those through Dreams or did you have to use an outside vendor?
  4. Hi Heather, Â Thanks for the great review! Did you rent the chivari chairs through Oxten as well? If so, how much did they charge per chair? and are these the chairs that were used for your reception as well? Â thanks!
  5. Thanks soo much for the contact info! I'm eager to know if Le Meridian will be affordable or not!
  6. Are most beaches in the Playa del Carmen area NOT swimmable? Or does it depend on the resort??
  7. Hi, Can someone give me more information on the packages they have available? Unfortunately I can't open attachments yet. I've email Jessica Pantajo and I have yet to hear back from her and it's been a week. Is she still the WC? Is there someone else I can contact? Any help or info would be great!!
  8. Thanks for the great review! I had a few questions... - Does anyone know what the additional cost per person for dinner is if you have more than 20 guests? (with the Draems of Love or Dreams Ultimate package? - I really love the clear water that Cancun has to offer, is the water always murky in the Riviera area? - And lastly... is it better to go with a travel agent or have guests book on their own? sorry for all the questions! I'm still in my planning process and feeling overwhelmed!
  9. Hi, I'm new to the thread and was wondering what other resorts everyone was considering before finally deciding on Now Jade? There are soo many choices out there I don't know how to narrow down since I haven't actually been to any of them! Jade looks amazing but I'm not quite sure how to narrow down my choices. Any advice or suggestions??
  10. Hi Mon&Tad, I'm also in the process of looking for a site for a 2011 (summer-ish) and have emailed a handful of places in Cancun but haven't heard back (it's been at least 5 days)! Would love to hear your thoughts on the different resorts you've visited. thanks!
  11. emmisa- Is that $175 per person an all inclusive rate? Thanks for sharing.. this at least gives me a general idea!
  12. ekang88

    Cancun Palace

    Hi and Congrats! I'm starting to look into different resorts in Cancun to plan for a wedding next year. Can anyone let me know what the package costs are for Cancun Palace? I'm been deciding between Cabo and Cancun (I prefer Cancun) but want to make sure that the pricing isn't too high. thanks!
  13. ekang88


    Hi, I'm also looking into Cancun venues and would love to hear what you find! I'm trying to decide between Cabo and Cancun based on the best deals I can get. Does anyone know which resorts offer all inclusive in Cancun?
  14. Hi! I've been in contact with Mariana by email but haven't received any information on group rates for the hotel. Does anyone have an idea what the rate would be per night? I'm still comparing Dreams to a few other venues and wanted to compare prices. Any info would be great!
  15. Hi, Congrats and welcome! I'm also new to the forum and considering Dreams. I would love to see pictures of the ceremony site and of Dreams itself. Would love to hear about all the info you get on your site trip! Good luck!
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