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  1. She said that because a cocktail hour is different from the servers bringing drinks to tables during the reception, its considered a separate event that I would have to pay for in addition to the reception.
  2. Ok, so here's my email to Tiara asking her if we could do a free cocktail hour in the Seaside Grill since we will have already paid for it and the bar service and just serve dinner later, as our ceremony is at 5pm. I wanted to give the guests something to do prior to our arrival while we're taking pictures. How can I make this question clearer? Tiara, I really don't want a separate event. I just wanted the guests to have something to do before dinner. I thought we had the restaurant to ourselves from 6pm so I assumed we could customize that time frame how we wanted it, since I'm already paying for the bar service and the ceremony is late in the evening. I just thought that I could have them have drinks while we're taking pictures before serving dinner and serve dinner once we arrive.
  3. Thanks, I just emailed Tiara to ask whether I could do a free cocktail hour at the Seaside Grill prior to dinner while we are taking pictures since our ceremony is at 5pm. Here's to hoping she agrees.
  4. Dana, So, when I pay the $8 +26% per person for the bar fee, does that include the cocktail hour or would I have to pay for that separately? Can anyone help me with that if Dana doesn't know?
  5. Kamala, The price of $1,000 + 26% includes a meal (your choice of two entrees from the Seaside Grill Menu) and then you would have to pay for the additional bar coverage. The $1260 covers 60 people. My fiance and I chose the Seaside Grill because we didn't want to pay more for food that was already included in the price of the hotel. So, this was the cheaper option for us. It is possible that you could pay to rent out the Seaside Grill and still do the "silver" plated dinner but it's going to cost more. For us, since we're bringing a large party, we will have to pay $20 per person over the 60 count for the meal but it saves us a lot of money. Dana - I've made sure to get everything in writing. I'm afraid that I'll get there and everything changes. I'm just a little paranoid.
  6. Ladies, just as a FYI, I emailed Tiara regarding the price change and the original quote she gave me for the place. Basically, she said, until you receive a form that looks like this, your price is subject to change. WTF?
  7. To Kamala and the other ladies. I sent Tiara this email on July 17th and these are the questions and answers that were provided. The answers are in blue. Unfortunately for me, even though I sent over the paperwork for my date to be reserved in March, they didn't process my payment until May, so she is not willing to honor the old pricing of $1260 covering everything. That really sucks big time though. Dear Danielle: In that case, please check my notes below, and if you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 1. How much is it to rent out the space for the evening?This will cost you USD 1,000.00 + 26% up to 60 guests. Additional to the 60 guests, you will be paying USD 20.00 per extra person. 2. How many people can it accommodate?The whole restaurant could accommodate 242 guests. 3. What is included in the rental of the Seaside Grill for the evening?You will have the meal included. This meal will be selected from the normal menu of the restaurants. You will have to pre-select the menu. We will give you two options as main courses, so your guests can have more than 1 option. 4. What is the menu for the Seaside Grill?Please see enclosed the actual menu. Take the notice that this information normally change every 4-5 months. 5. Would we, my fiance and I, have to pick the menu for our guests?Yes. 6. We are expecting 100 guests. If this number is over the alloted number for the meal at the Seaside Grill, do we have to pay per person?As I mentioned above, you will be paying for the extras people after the 60 guests. 7. If we have to pay per person, how much is it?If you decide to pay per person, you will be paying the cost of the menu selected, that could be from USD 30.00 + 26% per person. 8. Is dancing permitted?Yes. 9. Can I bring an ipod docking system to play music?Yes 10. Will we have the entire restaurant to ourselves or only a portion?If you rent out the Seaside Grill you will have it for yourselves. 11. Can you provide me with a list of outside florists?We use different ones, if you want to quote any special floral arrangement, just let us know so we can handle this with our suppliers. Please take the note that you will be paying for the bar service that is USD 8.00 + 26% per person, additional to the cost of the meal. Enclosed you will find a list of the drinks that will be included on your wedding reception.
  8. Hi ladies, here are some pictures of decorated tables and chairs that Tiara sent me a while ago.
  9. The price changes are also pissing me off. However, for the ladies wondering what the tables look like, here are some pictures that Tiara sent me a while ago.
  10. Thanks! That's the part I really wanted to come out nicely. It was a lot of hard work but it's worth it in the end when you get compliments on your work!
  11. DomoniqueAmber, I purchased the labels from onlinelabels.com and it came with free usage of templates for 3 months with the purchase. I uploaded the picture to the template and created my own basically. I hope your FH agrees with the idea. Mine wasn't very receptive to the idea but thanked me in the end when he saw how fabulous they were and he said "I'm glad I let you run with it because these are FIRE!" LOL!
  12. Thanks ladies. Until I can get my other account back working, I'm going to have to respond using this account. Coco, it took me about a week to do the pearl circles. I used 6 of the large cream pearls (JoAnn's) and placed them on wire (Michael's) and used an earring back (JoAnn's) to secure them. I pulled them tight with wire cutter. The part that actually took the longest was putting the ribbon onto the save the dates. It was a shocker for me ladies that postage on this was SO expensive. It was $1.39 for each one because it was considered a small package that couldn't bend or go through the machine. So, I mailed the ones I had to and hand delivered the ones I could to save on postage.
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