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  1. Still not sure of the location, but there's a photographer and a Maryland DJ I really would like at my wedding, so I am planning on having to pay more for transportation, etc. What kind of things will I need to shell out for? Flight? Hotel? Halp!?
  2. I guess my question then, is, how do I address it. I have 2 other bridesmaids and they would probably be jealous, but then again, they know they arent going to be maid of honor...
  3. Oh, and they both definitely want to be... is there any way to have them both?
  4. So, i basically have two best friends and we've all been friends for the same amount of time (about 9 years). I honestly can't decide who to choose, cause I don't want to hurt the other's feelings... Ahhh... what to do?
  5. Heya Sara, i'm sure you'll love Mexico... welcome to the forum
  6. andreawilson


    Welcome Chantelle! I've gotten tons of awesome advice from this forum, i know you will too
  7. heya, I'm pretty new too, just wanted to say welcome
  8. welcome to the site... I'm so jealous of your wedding in Jamaica. I went there once and it was amazing
  9. people always wait til the last minute, i would put some fire under 'em and reach out
  10. Ladies, found this list of marriage quotes today. Why are people always knocking marriage? I mean I know it's like the thing to joke about, but I feel like I know so many couples that have been married for quite some time that still think of their marriage as the best thing in their lives. Thoughts?
  11. what an awesome idea... I once read on BridePOP's wedding blog a story about someone who did something similar, with flowers. They chose a different flower for each table and set up the place cards in the shape of flowers. Anyways, this is too hard to explain, I wish I could find the link to that story. Maybe in your case, you could use actual leaves?
  12. In my experience, morningtime weddings have been great. I've been to two, one was by a ski resort, so after the ceremony, everyone went skiing and then met up for lunch, hot chocolate, and more skiing. The other one was outside and was a beautiful day. There's just something about the weather and atmosphere in the morning.
  13. Wanna get your thoughts on this: http://hubpages.com/hub/5-Ways-to-Save-Money-on-Your-Wedding-Day
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