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  1. I actually found out about having the cocktail hour on the lobby from a bride on this website, and when we got down there and saw the lobby, I had to have it! It was a great resort, I will definitely be back there one day! And the staff, I thought, were absolutely amazing! For our wedding, Anabelle was incredible, we had given her a tip that morning, and after seeing everything that she did for us, we gave her more a few days later when we picked up our sand ceremony. One little thing was my husband was too cheap to get them to do our decorating for the reception, so I arranged for our 3 sisters to do it. They left the cocktail hour 15 minutes early with 4 of their kids in tow to help, and when they got down to the reception, Anabelle had already taken care of the decorations! I had left the bags of decorations on the chairs for my sister, and Anabelle saw them sitting there and got her guys to just take care of it. There wasn't that much, only 3 center pieces, name cards and favors, but I had 24 luminaries that needed to be placed around the reception area, the problem was that we needed to put sand in the bottom to keep them from blowing into the pool (that's where the 4 kids came into play), and Anabelle took care of all of it! She even arranged for me to have my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids dresses pressed with mine, and they had all three dresses as well as his clothes back in the room by 1130 (wedding was at 2). I just can't say enough about the resort and staff, in fact, we don't have one single complaint about the entire experience, not about the resort or the staff and facilities for the wedding. I too was very nervous about the wedding set up and making sure everything went as planned, and of course, not one problem! There was one little hiccup, but it was rectified right away, no questions asked! We had the video that was included in the Ultimate package, so when we went to pick up the video (the day before we left) they had spelled my name wrong (Cristal instead of Crystal) Small typo that could happen to anyone. We brought it back to them, they apologized and said they would fix it ASAP, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time to finish it before we left, but they took our address and said they would mail it to us. That was on April 1st, and it arrived at my house in Calgary today (can't wait to get home from work and see it). So what I am trying to say is that anyone going to this resort, that may be nervous about everything going according to plan, don't be anxious, during your first meeting with your coordinator, she will make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction, and she will do everything she can to make you feel a little more calm! Anabelle even arranged for a birthday cake for my nephew (he turned 14 the day before our wedding) She arranged it to be delivered to my sisters room (who hadn't even checked in yet) with enough plates and cutlery for everyone to have a piece! My nephew said it was the best Birthday cake he has ever had!!! I have put in a lot of detail here, but I wanted to pass on to you all, that they know exactly what they are doing, they will do anything to make you happy and make your day as beautiful as possible! They even delayed our ceremony about 10 minutes because we had very light rain a few minutes before we were supposed to start, and we just waited for it to pass. So that's it, the resort is more amazing then I can describe and as for the wedding, I wouldn't have changed a thing!
  2. Sorry, I selected attachment instead of image on previous post, I'm still new to this website! But here are the pics...
  3. We were just married on March 28th and we had our Cocktail hour on the Lobby Terrace, and I absolutely loved it! There was a nice breeze and shade for a break from the sun, everyone thought it was a great location! We had the Mariachi band and the whole hour was incredible, I wished it would have lasted longer. Our reception was by the Dolphin pool, I would not have changed it at all, it was perfect! Just enough lights that I didn't have to pay for extra lighting, which you may have to do if you have it on the beach. Our room faced the beach ceremony location and we saw several beach receptions, and it looked as though they had to rent extra lights. For our reception by the pool, there was just enough wind to keep us cool (but we did luck out with the wind), we also rented the sound system and had our iPod hooked up throughout dinner and after, and there was plenty of room for us to dance and have a blast for a few hours, as well I loved the fact that at the beginning of dinner, we could see the ocean and had the incredible view. On the other hand, I did see a few receptions at the sea side grille that looked absolutely amazing! If the wind is strong that night, you could have the wind breaks, and if not, then you could have the entire restaurant open with the nice little breeze. I would have like the sea side grille (after seeing it for someone elses wedding) but it wasn't in our budget. I included a few pictures of the Lobby Terrace, our cocktail hour on the lobby terrace and a view of our reception by the pool, sorry the last one isn't great quality, but it is the only picture I have of it right now. Hope this helps a little.
  4. I too never had a problem with that email. Our wedding was at 2 PM, I made my appointments for 10 am and was back in my room by 12:30, I had my hair, make up and nails done. For me, it was plenty of time!
  5. What day was your wedding? We were there March 24 - Apr 1 and our wedding was on Monday March 28th. If your wedding is the one I am thinking of, it was absolutely beautiful! Well all of the weddings we saw were beautiful, but I think I know which one yours was. Our Room was in the building right behind Sea Side grill and one of our balconies faced the wedding location on the beach, where ours was, and I remember being on the balcony the one day, getting ready to go to Tulum, when a wedding was starting, I wanted to watch, but I felt that I shouldn't be watching someone's wedding like that, so we went to our other balcony, but I do believe I saw you coming from the building to take your place for the ceremony, and I said to my husband right away that you looked absolutely wonderful! Your dress is incredible. I can't wait to read your review and to see what you thought about the experience. I am trying to get mine done, hopefully soon!
  6. Mine are wearing silver flats. They were going to go barefoot, but we talked about how hot the sand can be, so we decided to just go with simple flats. I have two little girls in the wedding party, so heels were definitely out! And the women didn't want heels in the sand, so it worked out for everyone!
  7. I was told that did not include the cocktail hour! Which is outrageous! But I have 26 people but 6 are children, so I was told that I could use the 20 as the adult meals, and all of the extra meals will be kids meal, which are only $25/person.
  8. I too am doing only the Symbolic ceremony and would love any suggestions anyone has for the program, I am not creative at all!!! Thanks for any help.
  9. I asked the same question and I was told yes, I can set up my own decoration for free. I am going to have my Mom and niece set up the reception decorations for me, we are only having about 30 people. I asked about the gazebo and hanging lanterns, but for those you will have to pay the $150 to get them to do it. They told me that it was a safety issue, they don't want a guest to be on a ladder on fall and break something! But for any decorations that you don't need a ladder for, you can do it yourself. I received this response in August of this year, so it was very recent. If anyone has the 2011 copy of the wedding guide I would love to get a copy please, our wedding is March 28th and I would like to know ahead of time how much they are raising the prices!! Hope this helps!
  10. Can anyone tell me what beach decor is included with the Ultimate Wedding Package? I just reserved for March/2011 but am trying to decide on which package. Any help would be great!! Thanks
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