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  1. I forgot to mention this to you and im sure this will excite you!! He has a wedding cordinator that works out of chicago! I dont know her details but ask Erica, I believe she mentioned she is working with her
  2. I agree with Erica, I sent her his way and so far it seems shes very satisfied. My wedding is comming up, im not on here to often and i dont post my progress but everything is going well Jimmy will work in every direction for you. He is well known and has connections to many outside vendors. Your possibilites are endless with him and his venue. You wont be disapointed! Promise PM me if you have any questions or concerns. Let him know you were referred to him :0 He loves referrals
  3. Amazing photos of your wedding!! You have great taste I just ordered the same dress last month!!
  4. Amazing photos of your wedding!! You have great taste I just ordered the same dress last month!!
  5. Hello, i just noticed your having a wedding coming up I am planning mine in PV as well... I look forward to hearing how your day went Best of luck to you both
  6. Hello, I am trying to get some feedback from past cruisers that may have used the spa service on their ship! I am planning my wedding on the 7day mexican riviera Feb 2011 and I am having a hard time making a decision on if I should take the chance using the spa service that the ship provides. I am having my wedding In Puerto Vallarta so I have time to use a local service when I get there, the only problem is, if it doesnt turn out, I am SOL..I figured when I arrive on the ship on Sunday, I can go straight to the spa service and do a "trial"run. If all turns out well then I can use them the day of my wedding. Obviously this makes more sense but I dont know how well their services are. Has anyone used the spa services before? If so, how was your experience and were you satisfied? Thanks for the help
  7. Hi Ladies, my wedding is fast approaching and I still dont have my mind made up on flower choices and decor for my wedding. I finally decided to go with the modern and fresh look of yellow/black. Yellow is my favorite and my event will mostly take place in a garden. I wanted a clean look and also want the garden to speak for its self to add the extra colors while still being able to focus on the yellow! I have looked through the forums and I havent seen to many ideas that fall into place with my color scheme. If anyone can help, that would be much appreciated Thank You Ladies ps..im really digging the dark teal, i wanted to use the teal as an accent to certain things like the favors and maybe even a little taste in the centerpieces
  8. Im not sure if I said this before but Ivan Luckie has some amazing work and his prices are affordable! I will be hiring him as soon as my cruise ship is REPAIRED!! My ship happens to be the same carnival ship that had the engine Fire! Talk about nerve racking
  9. Hi Erica, im sorry for the delay! Its been a while since I have signed on! Yay!! save the dates??? Your getting closer My cordinator is Laura. I actually just started working with her for the details. Its taken me a while to figure out my plans and ideas, she is sending me over all her thoughts soon My dress just came in and the bridesmaids dresses are on their way. I decided to go with a yellow/black/ivory theme with some hints of a deep teal...I wanted something really fresh and modern looking sense the main event is in the garden and not the beach. I love the crisp look of yellow on the ground...I still have a lot to do and my wedding is in a little over 3 months!! Im trying not to get carried away with ideas because I really want to stay in my budget. So what did you guys decide on for a date? Glad to hear its all coming together for you
  10. Yes, that is the best way to do it for the guests who cant travel aboard. Happy planning
  11. I know! Are you friends with Jimmy on facebook? He was like a kid in the candy store posting his excitment all over his page. I was so happy for him
  12. Hello ladies, I thought I would share some media news with you about my venue for my destination wedding. Jimmy (owner) is fantastic in every way! He can make all your dreams come true I am sure of it Click on the link and view the beauty http://bit.ly/cTvL5L
  13. Hi there, Im glad i found you ladies. I am also getting married when we arrive in PV. My wedding is March 2 2011..Have you found a location yet?
  14. I am departing Feb 27 2011 leaving from long beach on carnival splendor I am having my wedding when we arrive in PV
  15. Hey ladies. My venue in Bucerias was featured on the news in Texas. I would like to share their clip with you so you can view the beauty and endless possiblilites http://bit.ly/cTvL5L
  16. Glad to hear he is working with you what is the name of the cordinator he put you in contact with? I have so much to do still and im running out of time! haha, im glad he is doing the hard work for me though. I still cant decide on colors! what a mess
  17. Hey there, I will check out your recommendations. I havent booked Ivan yet, I have been off track this last month with the wedding (lol) I need to hurry up and do so but before I do, I will check yours out! Thanks for the tip
  18. Sorry to hear of the news! I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do. My guests and I are taking a cruise and when we arrive in Puerto Vallarta (first destination) we are having our ceremony and reception take place their. Obviously a legal marriage wont work out in my situation because of the time limit, so we decided to have a legal ceremony when we get back. I felt the same way as you did, if I had a ceremony before my dream wedding, it would take away the special excitment we are supposed to feel. Now I am excited because I get to wear my dress twice We are having a garden wedding when we return 2 weeks after our trip. His family is not attending the cruise but they will all be at the ceremony that will take place when we return. We are not having a reception because i dont want to pay out twice, we are just having the ceremony and refreshments and light trayed foods for a social hour. Good luck with what ever you decide
  19. Hi Erica, i was just thinking about you the other day. I hope everything is going great for you!!! The planning is going. I havent done much lately. I am trying to find simple and keep in my budget! haha. I have found some pretty neat things on this website and some cool ideas. I sent the deposit over 2 weeks ago and I have received confirmation and receipts. I am working on booking my photographer (should have already done this) I should hear from Jimmy this coming week on which cordinator will be assisting him so i can submit my ideas Im not sure if Laura was able to work with my budget I will let you know more as i progress So have you made a decision yet?
  20. Annete, thank you for sharing your photos! Your day looked beautiful. Who did you use as your photographer? And I love your hair!!!
  21. Thank you ladies for the tip. I am getting married at Martoca Beach and Garden. I may have to check out the hotel salon. Which hotel are you referring to? adcarter41-where are you getting married at in Sayulita? Is Bucerias close? I am not familiar at all with the area but have heard great things about Bucerias in general. I have natural curly hair as well but its not thick anymore, so hair is my worry. I just want it simple and pulled back but I cant even trust myself to do something with it (lol). Keep me posted with what you decide to do
  22. Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good stylist in the pv area? My biggest fear is my hair!!! I will not be able to do a trial run because I am arriving the morning of my wedding day...any suggestions, pictures or websites? Â Â Â Muchos Gracias
  23. Hi there! Congrats on the cruising wedding idea!! You are the first I have sound since I joined this website. I am doing the same idea as well only I will be on the Carnival Splendor (7 day mexican riviera) I live in Ca and all of my family and guests do as well. I wanted to do the exact cruise your going on but the flights would have been to much for my guests. We sail out Feb 27 and return March 6 2011. I have decided to get married in Puerto Vallarta (1st stop). We are there from 9am till 10pm, easily allowing me to have a wedding in that time frame. All the other stops didnt offer a stretch like pv did. So I am thinking about having a "after party" on the boat when we return or a rehersal party the evening before. How has the cordinators been so far? What are their prices like? Â Cheers to a wonderful wedding and all the fun of planning
  24. Hi there, I have heard a lot about L&A. I think they do a lot of weddings at the Marriot in PV..I did contact them but they were a little over my budget. I found a lot of info about them on this website..Good luck There are a few in pv that you I would check out as well if you want to do a comparison. Ivan Luckie & Michelle Turner. Ivan has amazing prices and has amazing talent. Michelle is very helpful and talented and very well known around the PV area. She does a lot of weddings at Playa Fiesta
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