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  1. I looked at both myself (although from the beginning I wanted the ones from home): The ones from home I'm paying for the least expensive package plus air and hotel. And there's 2 of them. I also get the engagement shoot. And they will be attached to the hip with us/family/friends for 3 days in mexico The local photographers I looked into had a huge range in prices with the most expensive (and of course the one I liked the most) coming in at pretty close to what the home ones cost (plus air/hotel). I'm really excited about using my home ones - they will be taking pictures on the plane with our guests too! (we are going a day ahead of time)
  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one There is no reason why they would think my parents would be footing the bill. From the beginning we told them (and everyone) what to expect for 2 people for 3 nights plus air. I have no idea why its such a surprise now. Plus - there are no other resorts in the area are less expensive. There is no way I'm having anyone stay in the hotel zone in Cancun during March/spring break. For right now FI is set on canceling the whole thing - its supposed to be 150 - 200 people. Once you add in the band, flowers, cake (which I don't want - this isn't a wedding) it gets expensive. I know its for the family - they feeling is that it is FI's parent's turn to throw a big wedding. Hopefully everyone will come to an agreement so I can order supplies and start making invites!
  3. I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue (plus need to vent!) Once the wedding plans were announced (DW in Mexico), FI's parents planned on a reception in MI (me and FI live in FL) as he has a large family that all would not be able to attend. From day one we were not totally on board with the whole large reception hall, band, etc. Basically it was a regular wedding reception - we said something at the house would be fine but nope, hall and band were booked. Fast forward a few months and something happens where his parents are asking about other places to stay that are less expensive (keep in mind we told them what the budget for the weekend in Mexico - $2k for room and air). Things have now blown up. I can't get to the bottom of it (its between him and his parents) but I think they were thinking my parents were going to pay for them to go down there, or maybe that they would help pay for the reception (btw my parents are paying for the entire wedding, honeymoon and for my sister and BFF)? I have no idea and neither does FI (or he's not telling me). But now FI has told his parents he is cancelling the reception up north which of course has upset them. But its going to end up costing them somewhere around 15k - 20k for what? A dinner? Has anyone else gone through this? I'm trying to keep my distance. I've said my part to FI - that we could do a family party at his parent's house and I would be fine with that. All I know is that I'm glad I have not started printing the invites yet.
  4. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any less expensive (sub $300/night for 2) places in the Rivera Maya/Cancun area. We have our resort which could be an expensive issue for people and we need to look into an alternate place for those guests. It needs to be in that area, all inclusive, and not in the "hotel zone" as our wedding is in March (spring break season). Thanks for any help/suggestions!
  5. We did a wire transfer and there were some issues as well with not having an actual receipt to send to them but it was all sorted out in a few days. I think the majority was a language barrier - but you have to expect that. I'm doing the full package (can't remember the name). There's a big difference in the actual invites and who we know will come. There are approx 70-80 invites going out because they will include our reception in the states however we expect about 30 people for Mexico.
  6. Yay! Someone else going to that resort - and I thought I was the only one. I haven't been there but my parents were there about 6 weeks after it opened and it is beautiful - very clean and modern looking which is different than most resorts. I am working with Lizzette - she's very nice. I have lots of info if you need any.
  7. I'm March 10, 2012 and all set at Secrets Silversands. I haven't been out there yet but my parents have been to many resorts in the area so I trust their opinion and pictures!
  8. I'm anxious this will be me. I had a dress on that I thought was fantastic. In the store everyone agreed - it was a showstopper. But because it was a lot more dress than I had thought I wanted for a destination wedding (it has a long detailed train) I decided to think about it and maybe look around some more. My mom sent me the pictures from that day's shopping and I couldn't believe how awful I thought I looked in it!!! Not one of the dresses that were a contender looked good when I looked back on them. Now I have to start from scratch again and am getting anxiety over this!
  9. I have it pretty easy - I'm going to buy my girls a piece of jewelry (there's only 3). We are having a tough time though on something for the guys (3 again). The tradition groomsmen gifts would not really work here (cufflinks - they aren't wearing suits, flasks - done too many times with the rest of the weddings they have been in) - so what are some unique gifts for the guys that work for destination weddings?
  10. Thanks everyone! I love the idea of adding a thin pink ribbon to the outside @lovepea - will bring that pop of brightness. I haven't found the exact ribbons yet (what is on there now is white from a friend's invite). We figured I need to make 70 of these so I should be ordering supplies soon so I can get cracking!
  11. Evening ladies! I'm slowly getting back on the exercise wagon (was in a car accident 3 months ago and had to take it easy). So I'm just riding my bike right now. I tried P90X in the past and it was tough - I know it would be too high impact for my back now (boo injuries). How high impact is the Jillian Michaels Shred that everyone is talking about? From what I'm seeing its only a 30 min workout? Unfortunately I haven't been able to shape up for my first dress outing in 10 days however I do have 9 1/2 months until the big day so I have time
  12. Well my deposit is in for my date. I'm just designing my invites now - that's the fun part!
  13. This is a mock up of my invites (done with pieced together scrapbook paper and printer paper - don't mind all the tape!). I feel like its missing something but not sure what. I've looked at some online but most have flowers/swirls which is not me. The envelope will be silver and the band will be silver as well to tie into the modern look of the resort. Does anyone have any ideas on how to spruce them up? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!
  14. I have the same issue! We are doing March wedding in Cancun and a reception in April in MI (where his family lives - old school Italians). We are sending 1 invite that includes Cancun on the main invitation and a separate "Reception" card with the info for the MI reception. I'm stuck how to word the RSVP card myself. How did you do it? I'm also trying to figure out how to word the "Accommodation" card with the resort info and how to book.
  15. Same here with the gazebo - the one thing I'm not fond of is that its right in the middle of the property by the pools. I'm worried I'll be up there, turn around, and there's a guy in a speedo watching. But I love its modern look. There is a third location (besides the beach) that they can set something up but I can't tell where its at. I'll tell you one thing though - the wedding coordinator Lizette is great. She has answered my emails in about an hour after I send them.
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