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  1. Hey everyone, I finally had time to get back into "normal" mode... we had our AHR a week after we got back so we've been crazy busy. I'm going to type up a review and post it soon... Honestly, I couldn't imagine having my wedding any other way, Kelley is AMAZING and regardless of location, I would work with her ANYWHERE. I'm not a very good planner and I hate coming up with ideas, and Kelley made everything go great. I'm still waiting on pro pics, so I'll post them when I can. To all of the future brides, don't stress out! Have a great time and enjoy yourself, the day goes SO fast!
  2. choeft201, I had the wedding the day after yours! We found some of your maracas and they were beautiful! Also, they were able to use some of your leftover orchids in my flowers, they were awesome! Your pictures look great!
  3. adventurelovers, We actually opted out of having a cake because I have heard that no one eats it. There is so much food and great desserts that a cake wasn't missed! If you wanted to cut something, you could cut the tiramasu - a lot better than paying 3.5 pp for something no one will eat.
  4. I was going to do something like that, but I know the majority of my guests are going to be wasted when they get back on the boat. I don't want to buy anything that is going to be left on the tables. I have decided to do donation cards. I am giving the money I budgeted for favors to a local organization in PV (I'm a teacher, it focuses on education) and putting a card at each place. Just a thought!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm just under the 3 month mark too! I feel like there is so much for me to do, but I have no idea! Actually, I'm more stressed about the AHR! Anyway, I need help with programs for the wedding. Does anyone have a template, or do you get information from Kelley? I don't know where to start with that. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks girls!
  6. We are getting there the 13th and leaving the 21st... the wedding's the 19th. We are staying at Dreams PV. We stayed there in August and the price just couldn't be beat with how nice it was!
  7. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some help... The bridesmaid dresses I chose are multi-colored: any suggestions on what my "colors" should be or what kind of flowers? I was going with a "tropical" theme and I love bright gerber daisies and I was thinking of the centerpieces with cut-up limes. I'm kind of all over the place and don't know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. the purple on the dress is a lot more vibrant in person.
  8. OK, so my FI and I have been back for about a week and we miss it already! We were going to go see Dreams Villamagna and Vallarta Palace, but we got to dreams and liked it so much that we didn't want to see anything else. We heard from the staff that the "Older tower" is being renovated and the rooms will be done by June. That combined with the price did it for us. Â Our visit to Caletas with Kelly was fantastic! It really is so beautiful! After talking to her, I think we are just going to go with their photographer as well. Kelly made the point that it's easier for that photographer to position himself better because he knows the beach and the area. Â Hope everyone's planning is going well!
  9. We're in contact with a photographer from here so we'll see. We are staying at the Dreams PV for this trip (we leave tomorrow) we are also looking at the other Dreams and the Vallarta Palace while we are there. I can share any info I find when I get back too. Thanks!
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married June 19th on LC! We're all going to be back to back! Where is everyone staying and an advice on photographers from PV?
  11. psuelisa


    Hey Everyone, My name is Elisa and I'm getting married in Puerto Vallarta (Las Caletas) June 19, 2011 (hopefully). We will be visiting PV in 10 days! We are very excited to get things rolling! We have been engaged since March 2007! This site has already helped me out so much!
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