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  1. One more question, do you know where I could get waterproof labels made up? Thanks!!
  2. Oh that's a great idea! I didn't know if I'd be able to find waterproof labels! That might be perfect! Thanks!
  3. I'm having a rather small wedding. So far only 10 adults and 3 kids. Possibly another 4 adults and another 3 kids coming. So I really don't need much. I'm also quite last minute as we're getting married in January. I'd really really like to get some mugs and get them personalized. Is there any way to get things personalized other than ordering them that way? It's just so expensive for so few mugs....does anyone else have any ideas?
  4. I have a price list (they sent me these prices a few weeks back): Basic36 $540 USD 36 Paper Photos Size 6X8 (Optional on CD INSTEAD of Printed) Ik50 (Wind) $850 USD 50 Photos con CD AND 15 Paper Photos Size 6X8 1 Paper Photo Size 8X12 Kib75 (Soul) $1,300 USD 75 Photos on CD AND 20 Paper Photos Size 6X8 5 Paper Photos Size 8X12 1 Paper Photo Size 12X18 Been100 (Plenty) $1,700 USD 100 Photos on DVD AND DVD Slide Show OR 30 Paper Photos Size 6X8 6 Paper Photos Size 8X12 1 Paper Photo Size 12X18 Men120 (Moon) $2,000 USD 120 Photos on DVD AND DVD Slide Show OR 40 Paper Photos Size 6X8 6 Paper Photos Size 8X12 1 Paper Photo Size 12X18 Kaban140 (Knowledge) $2,300 USD 140 Photos on DVD AND DVD Slide Show OR 50 Paper Photos Size 6X8 10 Paper Photos Size 8X12 1 Paper Photo Size 12X18 1 Handmade Photo Album Lamat160 (Sunset) $2,850 USD 160 Photos on DVD AND DVD Slide Show 40 Paper Photos Size 6X8 10 Paper Photos Size 8X12 2 Paper Photos Size 12X18 1 Handmade Photo Album 1 Handmade Picture Frame Akbal180 (Night) $3,200 USD 180 Photos on DVD AND DVD Slide Show 60 Paper Photos Size 6X8 15 Paper Photos Size 8X12 3 Paper Photos Size 12X18 #Guests ‘Thank You’ Photo Size 5X7 1 Handmade Photo Album 1 Handmade Picture Frame
  5. I think we're just having a small wedding...just 13 of us total. So far, I think probably another 2-4 people will book though. Any suggestions on what we should do for after dinner? I don't know if I see the point in having a 'reception'. Unless we can bring our own ipod and speakers? Do you know if the plugs are the same as north america? Would they allow us to play our own music? Would it be silly having a little reception for just us...I'm just not sure where else we'd be able to go with children after dinner. Thanks!
  6. Personally I think the guys (at my wedding I mean) should be able to wear shorts if they want. We chose a destination wedding because we didn't want to do what was expected...so I figure people including Fiance can do what they like! I tell him all eyes will be on me anyway, so doesn't really matter what you're wearing! lol.
  7. I'm 100% unconfused now! We've booked at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba! It looks perfect, can't wait! Thanks for all your advice ladies!
  8. We're doing something a little different, as we're getting married in Mexico in January, when we get back at the end of the week it'll be FREEZING! So we've decided to rent a log cabin (with hot tub of course!) at one of the lakes close by....we can go ice fishing (FI's fav winter activity...not mine) skating, drink hot chocolate. have a fire etc...it'll just be us, no one else. We have a son together and he'll be about 19 months old by then. I have no desire to leave him, but if I must for a little honeymoon, this is our best option. A few nights away and him tucked up safely with my parents!
  9. We have just booked it so far...just made our decision on friday! So you can give me some ideas! lol Is it a private dinner? Or just the all-inclusive meal? And if you don't mind me asking, how much is the poolside reception? We were looking into that, but I haven't been able to get any answers yet from Paloma! We're waiting to see if FI's brother is coming to the wedding, he's a fantastic photographer so that would be perfect! I haven't even seen the prices on how much their photographer is? We're trying to stay within a low budget. That was the point for us on going away, so we don't want to spend too much on extras! Which package did you pick? 42? That's a lot of people! People are just booking now, so far there's about 15, expect probably another 10 or so? Should be a good crowd. I wasn't expecting too much as I hadn't given anyone much time to prepare! lol.
  10. Hi Waybuloo, We've picked the beach location. It was a tough choice, but the picture Paloma sent us of the beach wedding made our decision a bit easier! It's only 5.5 months away! Can't believe it!! You're coming from England? Do you have quite a few relatives going over for the wedding?
  11. I've just booked my rooms...some of them and have sent in an email to the wedding coordinator for Bahia Principe Coba!! January 18th!! I'm so excited!!!
  12. I have a question as well. We're thinking about going with Sandos caracol as well, but I'm a little concerned as they seem to have some bad reviews out there. I'm curious about the rooms, were they nice and in good shape?
  13. Hi! I'm so glad I found this forum! I'm just starting to plan our wedding and I'm just so confused over everything....mostly where to go right now! We're looking into the Mayan Riviera and looking at mid january, 2011. Hopefully I will be able to update soon with a location! Thanks Ladies! If anyone has any suggestions on hotels that are great for our budget, great for kids and have beautiful rooms I would be soooo happy to hear from you!
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