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  1. It's just my fiance and I - that's the way we wanted it. I think I am going to do my hair half up half down, too, but I haven't decided yet. That is great that your son's girlfriend is doing your hair - I am sure she is honored! I signed in to my Macy's registry today, the first time I've seen a countdown in MONTHS...couldn't believe it when the counter said 84 days..
  2. Thank you, SunStarsMoon. Our days are really coming up quickly. How many others are you having at your wedding? I just booked my salon appointment, it seems so soon all of the sudden!
  3. @Marlena - thank you! it is very light, but there is a layer of crinoline under the skirt. i think i want it removed, but i haven't decided for sure yet. if it's not there, i'm afraid it may be too clingy. i'll have to do some research, we'll see! chiffon is so pretty. my dress is ivory as well.
  4. Ladies - got my dress recently and I thought you'd like to see it. It's pretty casual but I tried on everything from big ballgowns to drop waists and this dress was so much "what I pictured myself in" on the beach vs. a more traditional gown. It's Alfred Angelo 2171.
  5. SunStarsMoon - I definitely will. I know I wish I could see everyone's pics before I go, so I will be sure to do that for you guys Hah, I had to cringe at the thought of that! That would be sooo awkward!! Hopefully that doesn't happen!
  6. I am doing my ceremony at 10am, since it seems like the least chance of rain and it's only my fiance and I so I don't have to worry about guests not wanting to wake up early. I read somewhere that the sunset ceremony is not worth the extra $. JRs...I am not sure what to tell you! It seems like the most popular slots at 10am, 11am, and 4pm. My wedding is 5/5/2011 at CSS. SunStarsMoon - You will be able to get more than an eyeshadow for $75! I love makeup (and I buy the good stuff, lol) and you will be able to buy your whole "face" for that much. That was a nice gift! I am still unsure about TTD. I am totally up for it, but I think I might be self conscious of my dress clinging to me. Lol. That probably sounds weird, but it's the only thing holding me back. I'm not exactly a 0! My photographer would be willing to do some TTD shots, so it's just up to me and what I decide.
  7. JRs -I haven't seen any makeup pictures, either! I've read mixed reviews. I think I'm going to splurge on some nice makeup before I go and just do it myself!
  8. MrsLowUFO - I am May 5. I feel like it will be here before we know it! JRs - There are pictures/reviews of the spas at Couples in the Couples Resorts Message Board. Have you been there yet? Lots of good info! I am planning to get my hair done at CSS for my big day. From everything I've read, they do an amazing job.
  9. WeddingAway, thank you so much! It gives me a much better idea of where the gazebo is and what exactly it looks like. You have no idea how much that helped! Thank you! It is beautiful! SunStarsMoon , 25% makes a big difference, glad you got such a good deal! It sure is a gorgeous dress. Also happy to hear you fell in love with CSS. Sometimes I doubt my decision because of what I read on the Couples message boards (about the beach being dirty and such) and never having been to Jamaica I wasn't sure which resort to pick , but CSS seemed most beautiful to me, at least from pictures. MrsLowUFO - How did you hear about Couples? I was looking into Sandals and I saw a forum post about Couples. After doing some research, I decided to definitely go with Couples. I have never even heard of Couples until I read that forum!
  10. sunstarsmoon - that maggie dress is so, so beautiful!!!! i absolutely love it! i am paying for my dress myself so i have a very low budget, but i know there is something out there for me. we've had a few negative reactions at the "it's only the 2 of us" bit, but most people are positive about it. weddingaway - i am glad to hear that CSS is such a special place! i would LOVE to see more pics - no problem with guests not being able to see in the gazebo, because our wedding is just us! i am so excited to go. it's coming up quickly!
  11. SunStarsMoon, I am thinking the gazebo, but I can't decide for sure until we see it! I too have the 10am wedding slot! Here's to hoping for sunny skies for both of us! Wow, it sounds like you have some really nice plans! I browse the Couples message boards as well, so I know what you're talking about. Our wedding is only the two of us, but our families know about it, so I guess it's kind of like a planned elopement! I haven't bought my dress yet but I know I need to get to it soon! Yes, so nice to meet another CSS bride!
  12. So exciting! I will have to write a review w hen I get back so you can see how it is Who is your photographer?
  13. hey ladies! i am getting married 5/5/2011 at CSS and can't wait...
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