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  1. The owner of L'Escape is a really old friend of mine. As much as I hate to tell you to book through someone else besides us, I'm sure they'll do a fabulous job!! Tell Raun that Becky says hi thanks!!
  2. Hi Sarah, I think we might've talked in the past?? I was at Steeles Travel and am now downtown Vancouver with Blue Petal Weddings. We're in Yaletown if you want to come see us? becky.parmiter@bluepetalweddings.com Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon, Becky
  3. I edited this post with a link to sign up. I also forgot to say that there's a Grand Prize Draw as well for a 3 night trip to Preview your chosen Destination!! Hope to see you all there
  4. Hopefully one day I can have them in other cities in Canada. We`ll see how this one goes I`d love to have one in Toronto!!
  5. Hi Everyone, I posted this over in the Vendor forum, but wanted to make sure that no one missed it!! It`s a great opportunity for those of you that don`t know where you`re getting married yet and want to meet all the hotels you`ve been reading about Please see my link here for details: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/67959/destination-wedding-information-night-vancouver-february-3rd Hope to see you all there!!
  6. Hi Everyone, For those of you that don`t know me, I`m the Canadian Destination Wedding Specialist for BDW. Some of you will know me from working with me at Steele`s Travel. I will still be working closely with Steele`s, and continue to manage my existing files for the next few years to come BUT, I have very exciting news!!!!! I`ve decided to go out on my own, and partner with a local Destination Wedding company called Blue Petal Weddings. We`re going to be having a Destination Wedding night this February 3rd in Vancouver and this is the perfect opportunity for those of you who don
  7. Hi Maplesugar, Congratulations on your engagement!! I completly understand your fustrations with this situation. A lot of the internet websites make it very deceiving for Brides when they pick a property. What MissNatalie 18 said is true, they are usually selling off a few seats at that price but the likelyhood of you getting an entire group at that rate is next to nothing. If you were only expecting 10 guests maximum you MIGHT be able to get away with everyone booking online. I really don't want to see you leave it to your guests to book themselves and hope to get that rate
  8. Hi LisaandJeff, One of my favourite resort chains in the world is the Aman properties. They are excellent with providing unique cultural experiences, luxurious and romantic settings, unbelieveable service and food, and really just the most amazing experience you will ever have at a resort. I stayed at 3 different properties in India last Spring and I was beyond amazed. They have a great property in Bali, called Amandari. I think if you can fit it into your budget (and trust me, it's SO worth it) then this would be perfect for what you're looking for: http://www.amanresorts.co
  9. congrats and welcome to the forum!! I just took a look at that resort and it looks amazing It's always nice to see some new and unique places that people are getting married!! Good luck and happy planning!!
  10. Hi Ladies!! The Fairmont Pacific Rim has been VERY busy lately and they've had a lot of sold out nights, which means we're unable to view the nice rooms. They're expecting a slow December so they've asked if I'd be ok doing something then. I'm going to follow up with them when I return from Vacation on November 22nd, and set a solid date so I can post the information here and start to organize everything. If everyone can wait till then it will defintely be worth it
  11. Welcome and Congrats Manda123!! I'm the Canadian Travel Agent for BDW. Feel free to send me an email at becky@steelestravel.bc.ca. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your upcoming Destination Wedding. Happy Planning.
  12. Yay!! Great news Janine! I can't wait to see your pics when you get back
  13. Hi Hanna20, I think it would be helpful to me if you could explain your troubles in more detail. I of course think it's best to work though a travel agent however I'm not sure of what your specific situation is. I'd be more than happy to offer you advice. Please email me at becky@steelestravel.bc.ca and I'll work through things with you Hope to hear from you soon, Becky
  14. Thank you RandR, This is really helpful. We decided just to stay in Panama City for the night and fly out first thing the next morning as we didn't want to be driving in the dark. Getting pretty excited to go!! Thanks again for your feedback. So appreciated!!
  15. Congrats! Welcome! and great choice with a Dreams property. I organize a lot of Destination Weddings at Dreams properties and they always do an amazing job Â
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