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  1. Kim you looked amazing!!! The wedding came out beautiful --- you got me so excited -- I can't wait til May!!
  2. Thanks for the review ... I'm still undecided about Blue Lens but this info is definitely helpful
  3. Any brides choose the Steak and shrimp off the menu?? Just wondering how that was. I was at the Valentin last week and the steak was very good at the French Restaurant - but wasn't too thrilled with the one I tried for lunch at the restaurant by the beach. Any suggestions?
  4. great review!! I was actually at the Valentin last week - I arrived on the 13th. I loved the property and booked it for May 2011. So happy to see your pics, we were planning on booking the Trio -- I loved the pic you posted of them. Question - were your flowers included? I liked the ones you had, some of the suggestions Ariadna and Anita sent me I didn't like so much. Do your bridesmaids carry any flowers (happen to have a pic of those?) thanks --- YOU LOOKED AMAZING!!
  5. Hello new to this forum ... is there a section where I can find all the posts for Valentin Imperial Weddings?
  6. Hi everyone ... super excited to have found this site!! A little nervous about all the planning, especially since doing a destination wedding - but I know it will fun!!
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