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  1. When are you travelling and where are you getting married ?? And yes I would not be a happy bride if this strike goes on....at least we only have to pay in full March 2011 so if it would not be settled at least we would only have lost 100$ per person.....that would really stress me out...something I don't need for sure !!!! Happy planning for your wedding...
  2. I really this doesn't happen , my wedding is only in May 2011 but I already have 41 guests booked through Transat so that would really suck...
  3. Will be getting married there on May 7th 2011 ( day of my birthday ) couldn't ask for a better birthday gift !!!
  4. Other question on my mind...who is the Wedding coordinator there now...I know it has changed a bit so would like an update on that if anyone has it.
  5. Hi everyone...our decision is finally made , we chose NH Real for our wedding in April 2011...anyone has an idea about their wedding packages, I have the price for last year...just wondering if they have change...thanks and happy planning everyone !!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by primavera Hi everyone, My name is Hanna and I just became a member after browsing the forum for a while for information for our upcoming DW. We are getting married in April-May 2011 in Mexico, Riviera Maya. As my subject line states I'm trying to choose a resort and it is so much harder than I ever thought. We are looking for an affordable AI resort with a very nice beach and preferably some kind of gazebo for the ceremony. We have guests from all over the world so we really want something everyone can afford. Any suggestions are appreciated Hi Hanna , I am myselve trying to find a resort in that area too. So far i've narrow it down to Marina El Cid and Spa, prices seems affordable and for the wedding packages too. Looks like a nice place if you have children going also. Here is the resort wedding coordinator email, her name is Eva, weddings.cancun@elcid.com.mx. If you are a group of only adults as we are, I am also looking at the Catalonia Royal Tulum, the name of the wedding coordinator is Jacqueline and here is her email ; royaltulum.rrpp@hoteles-catalonia.es. She was pretty quick to answer my questions, responded just a half hour after i've wrote to her. One more resort I am looking is the Sandos Playacar Riviera, prices are affordable and they have a nice set up on the beach ...the only thing I don't like is they have different section of hotel...VIP etc....I am not a big fan of that... Congratulations for your wedding to come !! Hope this help Annick
  7. Anikoni


    Quote: Originally Posted by lisadias Hi Annick I am getting married at the Now Jade Riviera Resort. Reasonable rates for hotel and the most expensive package accomodates for 25 people at 3000$ us funds. Check out their website at Now Resorts & Spas - Live in the moment. and select jade. Congrats and happy planning. Hi Lisa Thanks for the info. We did look at Now Jade i'm waiting for my agent to give me some prices, taking flight in Halifax so I think the prices are going to a little high but will see. I do have a 2 questions for you if you're able to answer: with the 'Eternity wedding package' it says 'upgraded photo package and wedding album', so you know exactly what it includes ? Other question : Does your package fee includes the legal requirements and blood tests ? Thanks and congratulation to you for you wedding to come Annick
  8. Hi everyone I'm a April 2011 bride and strongly thinking about getting married at the El Cid but like you it seems there is not too much information or pictures out there of weddings. SBOONE, how is it going to work for your group with the wedding package, everything in there is for 10 guests..do they charge you more for having over 10 ? We are going to be a group of about 20-30. Thanks and you must be so glad your day is coming up pretty soon ...can't wait for mine Annick
  9. Hi everyone !1 I am a March 2011 Bride in Mayan Riviera, just don't know which resort to book, it's either good prices for travel and high cost wedding ceremony or high cost travel and free or low cost wedding ceremony, so for those getting married in mexico what made you choose your resort...there is so many I can't make up my mind... thanks in advance !! new bride to be here and just started planning ...
  10. Anikoni


    Hi I am a newbie here My name is Annick and I am getting married in March 2011 in Riviera Maya just haven't decided on the resort yet , any suggestions anyone ? We are going to be a wedding group of 20-30, I want something that will stay affordable for my guest and I don't mind paying extra for the ceremony. So if there is some of you that have any suggestions, I am ready to read them as I need some big help to decide where to go... !! Thanks in advance... Annick
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