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  1. Alux was amazing, they took us for a tour and then we sat down and ate. It's a dry cenote so it's absolutely beautiful to see. We didn't have a DJ but there's an add on you can opt for to purchase live entertainment if you want to. We actually ended up going back to the resort to the disco and dancing there all night after dinner. We had a local transportation company take us there, wait a couple hours and take us back. We had 30 people so we had to rent 2 buses. If you send along your email address I can forward you all the pricing information that I received.
  2. Since I thought it was ridiculous that the GSP was going to charge me to eat and drink at an ALL INCLUSIVE resort, I ended up going off site for my reception. My guests enjoyed it and it was a really nice change from the resort food. We all went to Alux: http://www.aluxrestaurant.com It was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had 26 people in all for dinner and our coordinator at Alux gave us a group menu with special pricing. It was worth it
  3. Hey ladies, My wedding was a couple weeks ago and it was beautiful! I opted to pay the day pass and bring in a local photographer. I've received a few photos, because I wanted to have 10 upfront for our local reception... AND THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Well worth the money. I would suggest SAVING ALL YOUR EMAILS. Literally print them out. You'll thank yourself later. The prices for a lot of the items I purchased changed throughout the planning process. They were very willing to change the price if I had the printed emails, but I threw a lot of them away and was stuck having to pay. Also, if you are opting for the INFINITY PACKAGE you'll need to arrange everyone's trip through the same travel agent. I had a couple families book on their own and I had to argue for a while with them. They didn't want to give me the free package with all of my booked rooms. If anyone has any questions I'm happy to help. I can remember how stressed I was when I was planning, with the long lapse between emails, I was really uneasy getting there. I can promise it all works itself out when you're there **Also I would suggest getting your dress cleaned while you're there. WAYYY cheaper than back in the US.
  4. So... just got an email from Pilar saying Araceli would be my new WC. THIS IS MY FOURTH WC AT SUNSET PRINCESS!!! So frustrated with this whole process!!!! Anyone else get a WC change? I've had to restart this process each time I get a new one!!!
  5. I still haven't heard back from the hotel, who just recently told me that the time we had agreed upon is not doable. Now my photographer is telling me that they won't have the photos ready for me when Ieave the country. How are you ladies dealing with the photos? I'm now being told it will be 60 days until I get anything. Anyone have a photographer to recommend? I can't deal with people agreeing to something and after I give them a deposit going back on what they have agreed to. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!
  6. Oh my goodness!!! My fiancee and I visited last year. I'm sure you'll be much more at ease when you sit down with her there. Good luck with everything. Make sure that take plenty of pictures. Good luck!
  7. Just got an email from whoever is the coordinator now... they want to change the time of my ceremony, but I didn't catch her name. Grrr!! So frustrating! They drop a bomb like this on you and then don't return any emails you send them. What time is your ceremony? I know it's still early and I shouldn't stress out, but I do. I'm using Sweet Caribbean Photo. I actually went to the hotel and visited last year. I met with the photographer and LOVED his stuff. They also are REALLY reasonable with their pricing. I can't wait to start planning fun stuff, like choosing the flowers! I may end up doing dinner at one of the a-la-cartes.... haven't really decided.
  8. That's awesome!!! I'll PM you my email address so that we can keep each other in the loop. My wedding coordinator is Mayra... but they've changed so many times I can't really keep track. (Before her I had Vanessa) So far all I've done is given my deposit for the date, reserved the time for the ceremony and put a deposit down with a photographer. So... I know there's ALOT to do ... it's a little overwhelming, considering they take FOREVER to return my emails. Have you gotten an official contract yet?
  9. Hey Ladies, Having my wedding at the Grand Sunset Princess, August 18, 2012. We've having the reception back home when we return, so I'm not quite sure what we'll end up doing after the wedding ceremony. We opted to have our ceremony later and forfeit the a-la-carte dinner. 4:30 was just wayyy to early. I feel like I'd really hot in my dress. Just wondering what other 2012 brides are doing after ceremony.
  10. SDSteph, would you mind PMing me the restaurant menus? For some reason I'm unable to download it. I was hoping to get in at the Thai Beach Restaurant. Also are any of you ladies having trouble with the wedding coordinator? I've given my deposit, haven't received a contract yet and she's now informed me she's booked another wedding at the same time. The other bride has not yet given a deposit. Patricia is very slow to respond, so as you can probably tell I've become very frustrated!! When I call the number says its "not a working number." Do any of you have her direct line?
  11. My fiancee and I would like to get married next June in the Maya Riviera. We have a site visit next month and are staying at the Grand Princess. We'd like to see some of the wedding options at GP, but are also looking at visiting three other potential locations. Any one have suggestions for a great all inclusive with semi private beach. (We're only inviting immediate family, so we're looking for something that's a little more intimate.) We have a little ringer bearer, so must be family friendly.
  12. Sweet Caribbean Photo

    Pros: extremely creative, on time, professional, reasonably priced
    Cons: none
    We booked Jose over a year in advance. I read about him in a post on the Grand Sunset Princess forum. We absolutely LOVED our photos. He did our wedding ceremony as well as a trash the dress in Tulum. The people back home haven't stopped complimenting us about how gorgeous they are. I would highly suggest Jose. He's friendly, professional and extremely creative. I'm happy to share any other details and some photos if you message me.
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