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  1. Did anyone getting married in Costa Rica purchase wedding insurance? I can't seem to find an insurance company that will cover weddings in Costa Rica. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Ask.Costa Rica. I sent an email to Liquid Weddings to ask that they check again that the beach is reserved for us. How are the beaches reserved in CR? That would not be a good start to a wedding. Do you have any recommendations for good musicians? We are looking for bongo drums or calypso for the ceremony then something more upbeat and danceable for a portion of the reception. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. I am getting married in Tamarindo in Juy 2011 and have chosen Sueno del Mar (very close to Barcelo) as the place for the ceremony. It is a small B&B which sleeps about 16, so my immediate family will be staying there and we will be recommending other places for guests to stay. I am using Liquid Weddings as my coordinator, and so far they have been great, although I am still fairly early in the process. Congrats, and good luck! Finding a place for the wedding was incredibly challenging for me!
  4. Kashad, Thanks for your response. I would love to see some pictures, especially of the set up at Cafe del Mar. My email is carleywedding@gmail.com. Thanks!!
  5. I am getting ready to sign the contract for PA for 5/28/2011 but was curious about the reception sites (Cafe del Mar vs. Sabor). Can anyone who had their wedding there offer any feedback? For example, my contract states, "These restaurants are formal points of sale from the Privilege Aluxes Hotel, and are open daily for hotel customers and destination visitors, it is understood that for no reason the hotel can guarantee that either of the locations can be reserved totally for a private event,". How private were your receptions? Elba said they would move us away from the regular hotel guests but I am a bit concerned about this. Would you have had your reception in the same place? I initially selected Cafe del Mar because I thought it would be nice to be on the beach, but am worried about the dancing/dj setup if we have it there is there a dance floor?). Any feedback is appreciated!
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    Hi all. I am having a destination wedding, hopefully sometime in 2011, and am on here to help me narrow down the many choices. I want a beach wedding, so right now am considering Mexico, most likely Cancun, due to the fairly inexpensive plane flights and choice of hotels. The process is a bit overwhelming!
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