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  1. Thank you so much for all of the posts, we decided to go with Kodak and so far it has seemed very easy to use. The wedding is in just over a week, so I will post again after people have tried to use it. Thanks again!!!
  2. VERY cute, what a great idea! Too bad I already shipped them to my wedding site!
  3. Just wanted to share a couple pictures of our programs. I ended up using a thick scrapbooking paper with a coating on it that you cannot run through a laser printer, but was able to find a local printer that ran them and cut them for me, for FREE! Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â
  4. Thank you so much, that is such a creative idea! Michaels here I come! :-)
  5. We are having a fall themed destination wedding in Daytona. We have a head table with 12, and 6 round tables with 6 - 8 people at each table. I have decided to name each table a different tree type. I am trying to come up with something cute to put out at the welcome table showing each person where their table / seat is. Does anyone have any cute ideas? My Mother has embroidered napkins with leaves and their names on them for each guest which we are using as our placecards...
  6. Thank you for the ideas, we are struggling with our registry, we combined two households so there are not many things that we need. We have also been thinking about asking people to donate to a charity...Thanks again!
  7. Teeps

    Newbie here!

    Thank you for the well wishes everyone! We are so very excited and cannot believe how quickly it is coming! Has anyone attended or had a wedding at the Hilton Ocean Walk Village in Daytona Beach?
  8. We are getting married in Daytona Beach this coming September. We have hired "The Pros" for our photography needs. They were definitely the most bang for our buck, and we get full release to all of our photographs. They do more than just photography as well, I believe they have DJ services and videography services. The Pros- DJ, Video & Photography Wedding Services Also Salon230 is a fabulous little salon they do hair, make-up and have a spa! Salon 230 and Spa Above, Daytona Beach Florida Hair Salon & Spa Ask for Glenna, she is great!
  9. Thank you so much for sharing that, it will definitely help when creating ours!
  10. Teeps

    Newbie here!

    We are getting married in September at the Hilton Ocean Walk Village in Daytona Beach, Florida!!! And, we cannot believe how fast it is coming!!! YIKES!
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