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  1. I'm going to suggest a local photographer in my area... brendamurphyphotography.com She recently photographed my friends wedding and the pics are awesome!! And her prices and def. reasonable. Hope this helps.
  2. Take your own photographer. Sometimes, it's cheaper than hiring the site photographer. Plus, you'll get more of their time and get to know them on a more personal level than just someone you hire for a few hours. Just FYI: check out brendamurphyphotography.com - I love her work and her site says available for destination weddings.
  3. When booking photographer, check in your hometown or somewhere close by. Sometimes local photographers are willing to do your photos for just the cost of travel and stay. Which, in somecases, maybe cheaper than the destination photographer. Plus the local photographer will give you more of their time. Just a quick shout out: check out brendamurphyphotography.com She's one of my locals and I love her work.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashley* Just a thought, but i booked my photographer from my hometown. If I paid for her trip she would do my photography for my wedding...it was a good deal b/c the prices down there are comparable...just an idea for you! AGREED- A hometown photographer is sometimes cheaper. Even if paying for their flight and stay. Check around you or other local photographers, before committing. Check out a good friend of mine: brendamurphyphotography.com : I know she's willing to travel for destination wedding. Just an idea.
  5. Tequila or Cigars are great ideas for ALL of the OOT bags. Ladies love tequilla too For a local photographer willing to travel... check out : brendamurphyphotography.com
  6. LOVE THEM!!! wish i would have thought of this idea. who's your photographer. my hubby and I will be at the resort the 10th - 15th for delayed hunnie-moon - we're thinking of getting pics done while there.
  7. Good idea, but not in lou of a real photographer. As mentioned, your guests are there to enjoy this special moment WITH you. not capture it for you. As "MissNatalie18" said, ask your guests if one of the would be willing to be the designated photogher, maybe one of them have a little photography under their belt but don't share it. Or find a student or amature photographer or a cheap but good quality pro. Some will only charge the cost of flight and stay. Hope all works. Friend of the family photographer- I will always suggest: brendamurphyphotography.com
  8. A lot of people have flew their own photographers out to their destination. I wish I would have. They're more personal that way and you can have more of their time, not just 3hrs or 5hrs. Yes, it maybe a little more expensive, but it would be worth it. Here's a quality photographer: brendamurphyphotography.com She's in my area and I have reffered her to several people. Rates are reasonable too. If not her, find a local photographer to go with you. You'll get more than just the "standard" photos.
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