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  1. I'm confused.com here! Can someone please bring me up to speed with what is happening with the photgraphers? Our photos and video are a really really important part of our blessing to us.
  2. KevnAnna, I ave everything from underwear, flowers, barefoot sandals, hair make up etc on my list (I'm an excel freak ha ha). I also have a wedding budgeting one if you'd like a copy. http://www.cancun-weddings.com/Traditional_Maya_Wedding/. Here's the link I found for the ceremy we would like. It's not a legal service though but as we're already married and just having a blessing it's perfect for us.
  3. Thankyou for emailing the info. Jennster_04. I'm really pleased with what I see and will definately be booking him to do our photography as well as a video. Aother tick off my never ending list :-)
  4. Hiya I stay smack bang between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It's really rural so I'm relieved to find somewhere to talk weddings ha ha as I think my hubby is a bit deaf with it all! Your dresses look lush heres mine http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?line=d&page=1&style=SD5230. Not having such a great day - my stroppy 15 year old is a pain in the butt!
  5. Thanks for that, we weren't sure if it was away from the main beach or not, so that's really put my mind at rest. Also has anyone had a Mayan Ceremony? Any help mosy appreciated. My brain is in overdrive with colours, bridesmaids dress for my daughter, flowers, hairstyles, wedding meals, suits for hubby etc I have a list the length of my arm to get through before I go back to work full time Â
  6. Hi I'm from the UK too - we're having a wedding blessing in GBP June 2011 as I missed out on the big day over as I was ill, second time around for both of us - can't wait to do it all "properly" :-)
  7. Can I ask re the beach wedding (which we're opting for) what the actual location of it is like. Ok I know it's on the beach but is it busy or is it held in a quieter part of the beach?
  8. I'd heard about this as well although can't find anything about it, I'd appreciate any info anyone has as well. Â
  9. Hi! Newbie here as well I've been reading for a while, just never contributed. We've just booked today for June next year. We're already married but as I was ill at the time of our marriage we're haviing a blessing so we can have a "proper" wedding day - can't wait!
  10. I'm really glad I've found this forum. We're having our wedding blessing here in June 2011 as we made the mistake of jumping into a registry office over here and regretting it. What a great place for information this is. Hi from a Newbie :-)
  11. Hi, Just found this forum and wow what a great place! We're having a wedding blessing in June 11 in the Gran Bahia Principe, Mexico.
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