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  1. Wow. Totally love it. If i had less class i would steal it!
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    New to site!!!

    hi Welljen, I've got my travel agent checking on Dreams Palm Beach right now. I've fallen in love with it, and hope it comes within the budget we've set for the trip. Fingers crossed! I don't know much about the others, but in the end I get the feeling that there are lots and lots of great resorts out there. It's just a matter of picking the one that's right for you, the wedding you want, and the guests you are having. For example, I don't like it when the hotel rooms are all in one big towering building - i prefer smaller villa type accomodations. I'm sure a lot of other people wouldn't really care about that so it's not like one is good and one is bad. Pick the one that feels right to you. Best of luck! K.
  3. Our song will be It Feels Like Home by Edwina Hayes. We first heard it in the movie My Sister's Keeper and we both love it. Here's a youtube link to the song. Obviously the video attached isn't so wedding-y, but the song on its own is perfect for us. YouTube - Feels like home , my sisters keeper
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    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    I love this show. FI hates it, so I watch it after he goes to bed. It's actually season 3, so not so new, but it just gets campier and more hilarious every season.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Canadiansandy Congratulations and welcome! We are actually getting married at DPB as well (May 4 2011)! If you have any questions let me know, we've done lots of planning already Thanks, CanadianSandy. I'd love to hear about your experience so far with DPB. I'm concerned we're going to be too late booking! It's soon, but I don't want to wait it out through the summer. Going to the travel agent Tuesday! Wish me luck. K.
  6. Hi everyone, We just got engaged and we're looking at an April 2011 wedding. I've fallen in love with Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana and have read good things about it. Going to visit the travel agent this week. So exciting to get started! I hope everyone is having as good a time as I am being engaged. K.