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  1. I think I used shapes to make the circle and then "formatted the object" and changed it to dotted lines.
  2. You could still use a monogram like this! Instead of having each of your names and the initial of your new last name, use each of your first name initials. Overlap them with each other, and then spell out each of your names next to them. You don't even have to use the last name at all.
  3. Thank you everyone! And here's a great idea - I purchased Avery 1" round labels (Avery Template 5112) and printed our monogram on them to make stickers that we can use for all kinds of wedding things!
  4. Thank you everyone! Here's a really great idea - I purchased Avery 1" round labels (Avery Template 5112) and printed our monogram on them to make little stickers that we can use for all sorts of wedding things!
  5. I like the second ones too! Very cute! We are getting married on the beach as well, but I believe there's a sidewalk aisle so I may go for a higher heel. I haven't started looking yet, but I have a whole year!
  6. Our colors are fuschia and orange as well, and I plan to rock the fuschia shoes! I think it's gorgeous when you can throw in little pops of color here and there. Not to mention fuschia is my favorite color anyway!
  7. How has the planning been going for you? Which wedding package are you doing? We just booked the Ultimate Wedding Package, and now I'm trying to figure out what extras we can afford. The prices are a bit steep!
  8. Very interested in the parasol! Do you still have it? Also, where is the bridesmaid dress from? It is exactly what I'm looking for!
  9. Check out this tutorial. It really helped me! How To Design Your Own Monogram In Microsoft Word - Project Wedding
  10. Thank you! I absolutely love the orange and pink together. Orange is his favorite color and pink is mine!
  11. What do you think? After getting lots of ideas from others on here, I did this in Microsoft Word.
  12. We are going to get married at Secrets Wild Orchid July 13, 2011. I CAN'T WAIT! The resort looks absolutely beautiful.
  13. Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay, and my fiance and I will be getting married at Secrets Wild Orchid resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica on July 13, 2011. I'm so excited to start planning!
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