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  1. hi I booked with first choice for april and we re all staying at the coba?
  2. No he s not the resident dj but has djd 30 times there he s cheaper too an has a good website xx
  3. im hearing alot about 'oot bags' im from the uk and unsure. is this a favour? that youd give on the big day or is it a bag at the beginning of the trip? what do you include? thanks xxx
  4. we ve booked the mariarchi band for the ceremony dont know how it will happen 45 mins set?
  5. Ive booked dj bob he seems great and has positive reviews x
  6. aNYONE have any 4 inch ivory dainty wedges? I need to buy a pair of dainty sparkly ivory wedges for my day in April on the Akumal beach Mexico? Please help I need them shipped to UK?
  7. hey girls im getting married on beach in mexico in april. Has anyone got any ivory dainty diamante wedges? or knows where I can get a pair? I have searched net and found a pair on Bellisima although shipping fees are expensive to me in the UK! And a pair in Uk. HELP!
  8. Please help Im struggling to find 4 inch heel ivory wedges. Im getting married on the beach but I cant wear heels so Im looking for wedges to be delivered to the UK, where have you girls got wedges from? or can you recommend any? Im getting married 15th April arrhh so its getting close!
  9. katherinemurphy1@yahoo.co.uk sorry slight error. Any info on cakes and flowers very much appreciated! x
  10. we re getting married fri 15th at akumal too we ve then got a dinner at the arlequin. We wanted to continue the party so we've booked the 'jauzzi bar' at the coba and a dj 'dj bob' xx
  11. Hi just a question about La Hacienda shops/nightclub that are within the Gran Bahia resort, I'm guessing that entry to the nightclub is free, all inclusive drinks? Id read a review which stated $15 but my wedding coordinator didn't say that? Were staying at the Coba x
  12. Nor mine and we re off on the 8th april- big day on the 15th!!!
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