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  1. Wonderful idea! My wedding is next November and I will inquire at Dreams PV to see if it will be available!
  2. Hi Jess, So I booked DD for my wedding in November 2011. I am trying to decide if we should have our reception on the beach versus the terrace? Was the beach very windy at night? How was the DJ and the dancing, could the music be heard very well? Was it cold at night by the water in November? Thanks for any info! Erica
  3. Such a wonderful review, Karen! I always wanted a bonfire on the beach instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner so I am happy to see another bride is like-minded. My wedding date is 11-20-2011 at Dreams PV. Your review has confirmed that we made the right decision, thanks for the info!
  4. I am so glad for this thread, I was really wondering what was the best month to go to Dreams PV! Thanks All!
  5. Soooo beautiful! I am absolutely inspired by the decor!
  6. Hello and Congrats Everyone! I will be tying the knot at Dreams PV on 11-20-2011! I am sooo excited for us all!
  7. Congrats! Despite everything, you were a beautiful bride and the pictures look stunning!
  8. Erica&Rohan2011

    FoxyBride's Past Due Planning Thread

    I loved your planning thread, excellent job! Looks like you put a lot of thought into it!
  9. Erica&Rohan2011

    Newbie Hello! Mexico or Hawaii?

    Thanks so much for all the helpful tips!
  10. Erica&Rohan2011

    Vegas wedding on august 5th 2009

    congrats and welcome!
  11. Erica&Rohan2011

    Las Vegas Baby!

    welcome and congrats!
  12. Erica&Rohan2011

    My Vegas Planning Site

    I really LOVE your vegas planning Bio! The FI and I are getting legal in Vegas and I am still looking for a place to have an in-suite reception! I love your ideas though!
  13. Erica&Rohan2011

    Vegas Wedding-Michigan Reception

    Congrats on your Vegas wedding! Welcome!
  14. Erica&Rohan2011

    Wedding cermony and reception ideas

    Great ideas! I am looking as well, thanks for the info!
  15. Erica&Rohan2011

    Newbie Hello! Mexico or Hawaii?

    Thanks, everyone for all your comments and tips!