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  1. I got married at the fountain. It was beautiful. Blue beach bar for the cocktails and the bamboo room for the dinner and reception. The room is wall to wall windows to the outside with a terrace area to sit down. It overlooks ocean and the courtyard where the fountain is. I thought it was perfect. IN the bamboo room you can have the dancing as well. The dj brought dance/disco lights...all included in the divine package. I did not see any receptions on the terrace. However it was quite windy when i was there. Most weddings chose to move the receptions inside. Here is a link to just some of my pictures from the wedding. These are from the hotel photographer. I dont have any reception photos yet, but as soon as i get them i can post those as well. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=31402&id=100000338765826&l=e8972d426b Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. No, they seemed okay with it to let me through. I was carrying a wedding dress with me and i had about 25 travel mugs and other things with me.
  3. I did travel mugs as well. I brought an extra suitcase with all my gifts and additional things for the wedding. However....I did get questioned at customs in the airport about why I had all the mugs and if i was planning on selling them.
  4. I just had my wedding at Now Jade on 12-2-10. It was beautiful. I did the fountain for the wedding and I did the bamboo room for the reception. It was awesome. The bamboo room has two walls of windows that overlook the courtyard and the ocean.... it was perfect. After seeing the resort, I think it is the best choice for dinner and reception. I brought my chair bows and table runners. I did not get charged the extra charge for ironing.... but I let Pilar keep the bows and table runners. I got them so cheap and didnt want to haul them back home with me.
  5. Hi there, My wedding is at NOW Jade on 12/02/10. So far i have been able to make the following exchanges: I am bringing my own minister so I got $100 in flowers credit. I also got $50 more dollars towards flowers for not doing the romantic dinner for 2 on the beach that was included. I am still working on exchanging the videographer for more photography time. Only the ceremony is included in the package. I am trying to figure out if that means 1 hr of time. Pilar said they would exchange 1 hour of photography for the videographer included in the package. I just emailed back to see if I could exchange for 2 hrs instead. I have been reading that they have been doing the reverse. Exchanging the photographer for 2 more hours of video time. So we will see what she says. I will more than likely bring my own bows/flowers for the chairs. I can find them for 0.60 to .85 a piece over the $5.00 per chair the resort charges. Let me know if you have any other questions. Jenny
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SKing24 I am doing OOT bags for the guests, and with 65-80 guests it's going to be so much stuff! I have no idea how we'll get it down. And I want to do a sand ceremony too so i guess i'll have to find a way to fit the vases. I would love to bring my own decorations but i wont have any room. I'm thinking maybe chair sashes for the ceremony since they cost $4-5 a chair if you purchase them through the hotel. Has anyone thought about doing the TTD session? I never heard of it before joining this forum but the more I think about it, the more I love the idea. Any ideas for what you are putting in the OOT bags?
  7. Is anyone brings their own favors/decorations? I am curious to hear what types of things people are bringing!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by magirl is anyone getting married on a weekday? I was thinking a Tuesday would work best. We get there Saturday, have sunday to welcome guest, monday do something fun, tuesday wedding, wed relax, thursday leave to another location for honeymon, although not sure we want to do that yet.... Hello, yes I am getting married on a Thursday. Most my guests including myself/groom are flying in on Sunday. We are going to do some excursions and prep for wedding and then the groom and I fly out to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon on Friday afternoon. All the guests are actually staying a full week through the following Sunday. Orbitz has a coupon code $200 per room through yearend. It is 200ENTERTAIN.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jawhite77 I had the most amazing wedding here on May 15 and I am putting all the pics and stuff together. I will post my review here shortly. Honestly, it was the most amazing week of my life and all 65 of my guests loved it. We are thinking about having a 1 year anniversary party here next year I had some doubts when I was planning since the resort name changed 3 times in 6 months and the original wedding coordinator went on maternity leave 3 weeks before I was planned to be married, but in the end, there was NOTHING I would have changed. I can't even believe that it was better than I could have ever imagined. I will post a full review here shortly (my best friend is getting married next weekend in Vegas, so I am short on time), but if you have a specific question, you can def. ask me thanks Hi there, I am getting married at the NOW Jade on Dec 2, 2010. Do you have any pictures to share, advice, or review? Which package did you select? Where was your wedding and dinner locations? Did you use the resort photographer? Were they any good? Thanks for any information you can give me!! Jenny
  10. Hi there, I am getting married at the NOW Jade on Dec 2, 2010. Do you have any pictures, advice, or a review that you could share?
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