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  1. There's a Walmart not even 20 minutes from the hotel. You could buy the ipod equipment....and return it after the wedding for a full refund
  2. Easy to work with: not really. I got Emma and she tried to charge me almost double of what was previously agreed with the previous wedding planners. My suggestion: get everything in writting (email) and bring copies with you. And for some reason there is no supervisor> Her excuse, "he's currently in Russia for business"- Yeah right. For the DJ, we also gave a DJ we love a list of songs and he mixed them for us on CD. It was perfect! We got married Sept. 10th 2011. We got our reception at la fondue and the tropical fruit cake. Everything was delicious. except the wine and champagne-yurk! They tend to get back to you when your wedding is close. You can make some of the final arrangements when you get there-except for the welcome supper which has to be setupin advance if you want one. Thank God the restof our vacation went prefectly besides the wedding planning issues, the resort is absolutely magnificent.
  3. Hi VancityBride, If you're there a few days before your wedding, go to the club they have there, it's the same DJ. He's gonna play basically what he plays in the club at the wedding. He's also the technician if you decide to on ly get the equipement. At our wedding we had my brother in law taking care if the music using his computer. The best man did his speech during the reception with the cordless microphone provided with the audio equipment. For the ceremony the miusic is loud enough for the guests to hear the music and you can bring your own music. U can have background music if you like during the whole ceremony Hope this helps : )
  4. Ladies, I absolutely love your pics!! Just got mine from our photographer. you can check them out at www.doleyres.com
  5. hi kasiab I guess she forgot totell you that u also need a technician 50$+tx. If you want to use the audio system inthe gala room it's 125-126$ instead of 600$ if it's on the beach
  6. Hey ladies Finally back from my wedding at GSP and let me tell you, Emma doesn't know what she's talking about. I knew her price list better than she did. My wedding would have been a nightmare if it wasn't for 3 of my friends. She gives general explanation, no details, she was trying to charge 600$ me for the CD player at the ceremony. She refused to allow us on the beach for a semi-private unless I took the bar for 2 hours (25$ per person even though the site claims it's 10 or 15$ per person). She didn't even ask for our marriage licence since we got married in Canada first. They basically tell you yes,yes,yes when you befor you get there and then it's: No, you never confirmed with me. Ladies keep your e-mail, I'd even suggest to print them out and bring them with u when u get there. The wedding itself was wonderful, since none of the guests knew how the ceremony and reception were suppose to be, it was pretty transparent to them. But I"m pretty sure Emma willnot last long as their WP.
  7. My wedding is on Sept 10th! And we're now considering getting a DJ. I'm waiting for priciing and infos regarding everything. hopefully Emma replies today. I,ll pm u as soon as I get the info Kasiab
  8. Elizabeth no longer works there. Emma is my 3rd WP!!! An my wedding is in less than 2 weeks. You can use the same e-mail address you had for Elizabeth, it still works. I think they're going by WD (wedding date). Emma emailed me 5-6 times already in 4days. She's pretty quick.
  9. You were right!! I was stressed out for nothing. My new WO seems to be better than the previous one. Thanks Hdinsmor : )
  10. The countdown has begin!! 11 days left and ... got a new WP !! And remember ladies: RELAX
  11. I'm freaking out!! My wedding is in 15 days and my WC is not answering my e-mails! I jujst hope and pray they're not once again changing my WC when my wedding is so close.
  12. Thank you so much for the quick reply : )
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