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  1. Hi Everyone!!!! I just got married on Saturday the 13th and everything was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that I would have listened to other brides and not stressed beforehand because it was really a waste! Pilar is AWESOME!!!! Don't fret if she isn't getting right back to you because when you get there you get ALL her attention. She makes sure all your needs are met and everything goes off without a problem. We had 55 guests and everyone was saying it was the best wedding ever. I'm on my honeymoon, but when I return I will write a detailed review and post pics. Derek Campbell was my photographer and I totally understand why he is rated #3 in Cancun. Lorena his assistant was AWESOME too and if anyone is thinking of using her for makeup and hair, I would say go for it! We had Alex as our DJ and he was FANTASTIC!! My gusts were so pumped they continued the party in the sports bar and we shut it down!! ok I'm rambling but PLEASE feel free to e-mail me with any questions before I post my actual review. ADIOS!!!!
  2. What I meant to say was did you bring the tablecloths or did the resort offer those? lol!
  3. Everything looks beautiful!!!!!!! Did you bring the tablecloths or were those yours?
  4. Your picyures are gorgeous!!! I really like your flowers, were they from the resort florist?
  5. Hi Irishdonna- I stayed at the resort during my site visit in mexico, and the bamboo room is a good size for a larger party. The festival terrace is a lot more intimate for your group size. I think the terrace is a beautiful location. The beach is right behind you, but it is covered so even it (God forbid) it rains, you are still covered. Hope this helped :'| Good Luck! Lesa
  6. Does anyone know if the resort offers tiffany chairs? I didn't see it in the wedding book.
  7. Congratulations Erin!!!! Can you post some pictures? Did you feel the private bar was necessary? I'm debating if this is something we can cut out. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know if we can have rectangular tables during the reception, or only round?
  9. Ur a woman after my own heart!!! My groomsmen are wearing the same suits! Everything looks great. Congrats!
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